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LNER: About the Company

LNER (London North Eastern Railway) serves the northern and north-eastern regions of the UK from London, and the major Scottish cities of Glasgow, and Edinburgh. The LNER timetable is very regular, with trains running throughout the day on weekdays and weekends about once every 30 minutes or so. This makes LNER a very reliable train company to use for the commute between these cities and London as well as more leisurely trips. As you can easily compare LNER train timetables, Omio is the ideal place to book LNER tickets from the convenience of your home.

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LNER: Company Information

LNER is owned and operated by the British Department for Transport. The company uses its Azuma trains on all routes, which borrow from Japanese bullet train designs and technologies. LNER runs the train lines on the east coast of England and Scotland, with its lines covering just under 940 miles in total, connecting London to Yorkshire, the East Midlands and Scotland—going as far as Inverness.

LNER: Stations and Destinations

The LNER east coast service travels to several major train station destinations. The Leeds route terminates at Leeds Station, stopping at Peterborough and Wakefield, or at Stevenage and Grantham. The York Station Route goes via Stevenage, Peterborough, Grantham and Newark. Trains from Edinburgh Waverley Station call at York, Darlington, and Berwick-upon-Tweed. Other primary destinations include Newcastle, Lincoln and Doncaster


LNER: Popular Routes

The most popular LNER routes are those connecting London with major UK cities in the north and north-east UK. The trains all use London King’s Cross Station as their departure and arrival point. LNER trains travel between London and Edinburgh. They run throughout the day into the mid-evening, seven days a week, at roughly half-hourly intervals. Another top route is from King’s Cross to Harrogate, with trains running at similar times and intervals. Other busiest routes are the ones incoming to Kings Cross from Leeds, York and Newcastle. These trains also have a regular timetable—to find out exact times, simply search your route with Omio and all your LNER train options with appear.

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LNER: Offers and Fares

Check on Omio for offers and fares, we provide real-time prices on train tickets and a comprehensive schedule of train departure and arrival times in our LNER timetable. You can compare fares at different times of day and see the approximate travel times. The LNER Perks loyalty scheme gives you free credit on joining and will earn train ticket credit to spend on all other LNER train tickets. You’ll also benefit from this when you book through Omio by using the LNER app to retrospectively claim your credit for all the trips you book.

LNER: Train Types

LNER uses Azuma trains which offer standard class and first-class carriages. The Azuma's bullet train design whisks you along at about 125 mph (200 km/h). A standard LNER seat reservation comes with extra legroom and more under-seat and overhead storage space for your luggage. Each seat has a power socket and free Wi-Fi is available. Every train has a Quiet Coach where you can relax, work or doze in peace. LNER first-class trains have wider, reclining seats with more generous legroom. The seats also have individual power sockets plus USB ports. You’ll be served complimentary food and drinks when available.

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1. I’ve got a voucher, how can I print my ticket?

  • Once you’ve booked your train ticket with Omio and redeemed your voucher, you can print it out and present it at the station if you wish, or simply download your eTicket to your mobile device to show it to them when you’re ready to board your train. Make things even simpler by downloading the Omio app, where you can book your LNER trains and store your tickets, all in one place.

2. What services are offered by the LNER company to people with reduced mobility?

  • The LNER Assisted Travel team is always available to anyone who has reduced mobility and you can call them directly at least six hours in advance of your departure to arrange personal assistance at the station. On board facilities include accessible toilets and audio guides to seats. Wheelchair space is provided, measuring 120 cm x 70 cm, and you can also bring a mobility scooter, as long as it fits within the allotted wheelchair space.

3. How much luggage can I take on an LNER train and can I bring my bike?

  • You can take up to three items of luggage on the train, limited to one large suitcase, plus a carry bag or a small handbag. The maximum suitcase dimensions are 90 cm x 70 cm x 30 cm. LNER loves to be green so you can carry your bike free of charge on LNER trains as long as you have a valid ticket and you have made a reservation for your bike. If you want to travel with a bike, you can store a foldable one with your luggage in the passenger area. If your bike does not fold, you can make a free bike reservation after you’ve bought your ticket.Spaces are limited and subject to availability.

4. What are the services on board LNER trains?

  • You can get locally-sourced meals on board, and a variety of hot or cold drinks, either at the train’s Café Bar or brought to your seat using the LNER Let’s Eat seat service. Hot and cold sandwiches are also available, plus a selection of wines and snacks. Free Wi-Fi is available and each seat has its own power socket.

5. Can I take pets on LNER trains?

  • You can travel with up to two cats, dogs or other small pets for free. They’ll need to be in travel cases or on leads and are not allowed on the seats. Additional pets can be brought for an additional charge. You can contact the LNER Assisted Travel team to arrange to bring a service animal with you, which won’t be any problem.

6. Why might a LNER train be delayed?

  • Train delays can be caused by multiple factors and although rare, can sometimes be unavoidable. Trains may be taken out of service for a short while for essential maintenance and to ensure that all safety equipment is working as it should. Unexpected passenger congestion can also cause delays as trains may have to spend more time than anticipated at a particular station.

7. My last train got cancelled, what should I do?

  • If your train is cancelled you can still travel on any other LNER train on the same day to the same destination. You merely have to show your original ticket to the train manager. You will, however, need to make a free reservation on the train you’ve chosen. You will get a full LNER refund if you can’t travel at a different time on the same day.

8. What should I do if my LNER train is late?

  • If your train is delayed for more than 30 minutes, you’ll be entitled to a 50% refund if you’d prefer not to wait for the train to arrive. You can get a 100% refund if your train is an hour or more late. These refunds apply to a single ticket or the leg of the return ticket that you’re travelling at the time.

9. Can children under 12 travel for free on LNER trains?

  • Only children who are under five can travel free of charge, to a maximum of two children with a fare-paying adult.

10. When do you have to make your group reservation?

  • You should make a group reservation through Omio as far in advance as possible, both to ensure that you can get all the tickets you need, and to take advantage of any early-bird discounts available.


LNER: Popular Routes Timetable

London Kings Cross - Edingburgh
Newcastle - London Kings cross
York - Edinburgh
Edinburgh - Leeds
Doncaster - London Kings Cross


LNER: Most Popular Destinations

LNER travels to some of the UK's biggest cities, however there are some routes that are more popular than others.