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About Avanti West Coast Trains

Launched in 2019, Avanti West Coast trains operate high-speed trains on journeys leaving from London Euston Station to major destinations in the North of England, Wales and Scotland. Formerly Virgin Trains, FirstGroup and Trenitalia, an Italian train company, took over the West Coast Mainline routes. One of Avanti’s flagship journeys is between London and Edinburgh, with around 41 trains completing the journey daily.

Avanti West Coast Timetable

Avanti West Coast routes connect London to the North of England, Wales and Scotland. All routes have Avanti trains running daily, with a higher frequency on busier journeys. Find out some of Avanti West Coast’s other popular routes in the table below.

Avanti Trains
From London to Birmingham New Street
Avanti Trains
From London to Manchester
Avanti Trains
From Stafford to Manchester Piccadilly
Avanti Trains
From Edinburgh to Crewe
Avanti Trains
From London to Edinburgh
Avanti Trains
From Birmingham to Blackpool
Avanti Trains
From Coventry to Preston
Avanti Trains
From Stoke-on-Trent to London
Avanti Trains
From Edinburgh to Milton Keynes
Avanti Trains
From London to Glasgow


How to get cheap Avanti West Coast tickets

Looking to buy cheap train tickets for your Avanti train journey? You’re in luck, as there are lots of ways to keep costs down.

Similar to other train companies in the United Kingdom, booking tickets in advance is the best way to find low-cost train tickets for Avanti routes. Tickets for Avanti trains get released about three months before the departure date. If you know the exact date you want to travel, then booking your tickets as soon as possible will mean you’ll get them for much cheaper.

Travelling off-peak (not during commuting hours) is another way to save money. If you can travel during the middle of the day, you’ll find lots of cheap tickets available.

Finally, look out for any relevant railcards or group travel deals as they can often make the most expensive Avanti West Coast train tickets up to 25 per cent cheaper.

You can find out more about how to keep costs down on our cheap tickets page.

Avanti West Coast train stations and destinations

Avanti West Coast will take you from London Euston to long-distance destinations in the North of England, Scotland and Wales such as Glasgow Central Station, Edinburgh Waverley, Liverpool Lime Street, Blackpool North, Manchester Piccadilly and Holyhead. You can also take Avanti trains to the Midlands, including Birmingham New Street, and Shropshire. The primary hub is at London Euston where most Avanti trains depart.

Avanti West Coast train routes

Avanti West Coast’s most popular routes are the London Euston–Manchester Piccadilly and London Euston–Edinburgh Waverley. However, Avanti also offers routes all over the UK including London–Birmingham New Street, Birmingham–Blackpool and Edinburgh–Crewe. Most of Avanti West Coast routes are operated by either the Pendolino—think cool, tilting trains—or the Super Voyage, both of which are high-speed, allowing Avanti customers to travel the length and breadth of the UK much quicker.

About Avanti West Coast classes

Avanti West Coast trains have two class types: Standard and First Class.

Standard Class is the cheaper of the two options. Even so, you’ll still find comfortable seats, access to Wi-Fi, plug sockets as well as catering options and toilets.

First Class is the more expensive class but it means bigger seats, complimentary food and drink, free Wi-Fi and the option to use the Avanti West Coast First Class Lounge before departure.

Popular Avanti West Coast trains to London

Avanti West Coast’s main hub is based at London Euston Station, meaning most of their journeys depart or arrive here. The most popular Avanti routes are between London Euston and three of the UK’s biggest cities: Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham. If you find yourself in any of these cities, thanks to Avanti, you discover plenty of train tickets—including season tickets—to London. Find out more Avanti train routes to London in the train timetable below.

Avanti West train types

Avanti West Coast has two types of trains, the Pendolino and the Super Voyager, both of which are high-speed. Loved for more than just its snazzy name, the Pendolino is a tilting train that allows for faster travel speeds. The Pendolino runs on all Avanti West train routes, except on journeys to North Wales and Shrewsbury.

The Super Voyager is also a tilting train but no longer uses this function, however, it can still travel at high speeds. The Super Voyager is predominantly used for routes between London and North Wales, Shrewsbury and Blackpool.

Discover The North and Scotland by train

With big industrial cities, friendly hospitality, and plenty of places for a long walk, The North of England and Scotland are great places to take a holiday. Avanti West Coast trains will help you get from London to The North of England and Scotland. Find out about some of their most popular destinations below.


Scotland’s capital takes less than five hours to get there by train from London. For shopping fanatics, amble down the Royal Mile, or Princes Street to find a souvenir. For history fans, there’s plenty to discover from Edinburgh Castle to Mary King’s Close, and for those who really like to stretch their legs, a hike up to Arthur’s Seat is a must. Last but not least, The Edinburgh Fringe, which happens every August, is the place to be for theatre lovers.


One of the most popular cities in the North of England, you can get to Manchester by train from London in just over two hours. This old industrial city, which is now a hub for students, is known for its warm hospitality, lively nightlife and being home to some of the UK’s biggest bands—like Oasis and the Stone Roses. Take a stroll around the small but perfectly formed city centre before heading to the Northern Quarter, where you’ll find cool shops and cafes in old factories.


In the west of England, Shrewsbury is the biggest city in the county of Shropshire and is just two-and-a-half hours from London with Avanti West Coast trains. Founded by the Romans but nurtured by the Tudors, Shrewsbury became an influential market town. The town centre sits in a loop of the River Severn and consists of lush gardens and medieval streets. The town has 660 listed buildings and is the birthplace of Charles Darwin, meaning a visit to this peaceful town will surely delight.

Avanti West Coast trains FAQs

Can I get help if I have decreased mobility or have a disability?

Wheelchair help is available for anyone with a disability, the elderly and injured who require assistance when getting on or off the train. Call the Journey Care team for more details on 08000 158 123 prior to your travel.

What is the baggage allowance on Avanti trains?

Each passenger is allowed two items of baggage measuring 30cm x 70cm x 90cm as well as a small bag that fits on your lap.
You can store suitcases safely in the baggage compartment as you enter the carriage. For smaller items, you can use the baggage racks overhead, or, alternatively, place them under the seat in front of you. Make sure your baggage does not block the aisles or exits.

Is there WI-FI available on Avanti Trains? Is it better than Virgin trains?

Avanti offers free Wi-FI on board its trains, with better connectivity than ever and, according to the Avanti, even when you go through a tunnel! Read messages, reply to emails or scroll through social media whilst you’re on the way back home or going to work. Avanti aims to offer a more reliable Wi-FI connection than Virgin Trains.

Can I take my pet with me on Avanti trains?

Small cats and dogs are allowed on Avanti trains free of charge. They need to be kept on a leash or in a carrier no bigger than 85cm x 60cm x 60cm. All animals on board Avanti trains need to be well behaved and not take up space meant for passengers. If passengers have more than one pet, there will be a fee of £5.
Guide or service dogs are allowed on all Avanti trains for free; for more information please call 0345 528 0253.

What if I’ve left something on an Avanti train?

For lost baggage or items left on trains, Avanti recommends contacting its customer service team with all the relevant information about where the items were lost.

Can I take my bike on an Avanti train?

Bikes are allowed on Avanti West Coast trains. Folding bikes can be stored in the baggage racks to save space. Each Avanti train has space for four normal bikes. To reserve a space free of charge, contact Avanti on 0345 528 0253 before departure.

What if I want to cancel or amend my Avanti train ticket?

Avanti West Coast is the first UK train company to remove the £10 fee for amending or refunding Advance train tickets. Tickets changes are allowed up to 24 hours before departure at no extra cost.

What are the upgrades compared to Virgin Trains?

By 2022, Avanti aims to increase its services by adding 23 new trains to its fleet. Existing trains will be refurbished, meaning 25,000 seats will be added to Avanti’s current trains. Other improvements include more reliable Wi-Fi and better catering options.

How can I get a refund?

Want an Avanti West Coast refund? Refunds depend on circumstances and ticket type. Advance tickets cannot be refunded unless the train is delayed by 15 minutes or more—even then, refund amounts vary.
Anytime, Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak tickets can be refunded if requests are made no later than 28 days after the ticket’s expiry date. An admin fee of £10 will be charged.

How fast do Avanti trains go?

The fastest Avanti West Coast trains can travel up to speeds of 125mph.

Who owns Avanti trains?

Avanti West Coast Train is jointly owned by transport company FirstGroup and Italian train company, Trenitalia.