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About Wizz Air

Wizz Air is the low budget Hungarian airline known for its "simple service" model that was founded in 2003. It operates a ticketless service for its fleet of Airbus from the A320 family. Its all-leather seats can fit up to 180 passengers on one service, offering just one single-class, although some seats offer extra leg room. Wizz Air currently offers flights to 35 different countries, and around 140 separate destinations within these. The average age of a plane within the Wizz Air fleet is 3.9 years.

Where can I go with Wizz Air?

Popular destinations with Wizz Air across Europe

Wizz Air tends to operate from smaller, secondary airports, helping to further reduce flight costs and passengers waiting times. Some of the most popular destinations that Wizz Air fly to include Budapest, Stockholm, Milan, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Turin, Split, Brussels and Geneva.Wizz Air is now the eight largest airline group operating in the UK, with flights from 9 UK airports, including eight new routes for 2018 from London Luton to Larnaca, Tirana, Tallinn, Bratislava, Lviv, Athens, Keflavik and Bari.

Wizz Air FAQs

Wizz Air Tickets

Where can I buy Wizz Air tickets?

On the Wizz Air website, or here with Omio.

What are the different Wizz Air ticket types?

Although Wizz Air offers a single-class, there are numerous upgrades available to passengers. Wizz Xtra Space guarantees that the seat next to yours will be free, and includes priority boarding. There is also Wizz XXLong Extra Legroom, for varying prices on different flights.

Luggage on Wizz Air

Wizz Air offers two categories of cabin baggage: small cabin baggage and large cabin baggage. Small cabin baggage is free for passengers to take on their flight, providing the size of the baggage does not exceed 42x32x25cm. It must be able to fit under the seat in front.

Baggage which exceeds this but is under 56x45x25cm will be classed as large cabin baggage and be be allowed onboard for a small fee. This baggage must be able to fit in the overhead compartments.