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Northern Rail: Routes

Northern Rail trains provide transport to tens of thousands of people across the north of England. Many people commute to work and use Northern Railway trains daily. The Northern Rail network is the biggest in England, with its train services going to around 500 train stations in England (that's 20% of all train stations in England), including major cities including Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle.

Northern Rail: Stations and destinations

Northern Rail trains travel around the north of England and in its network, it includes destinations such as Blackburn, Bolton, Bradford, Buxton, Carlisle, Hull, Leeds, Kendal, Lancaster, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Southport, Wakefield, Wigan and York, to name a few.

Northern Trains: Tickets and timetables

There are two class types available: Standard and First Class. In First Class, you can expect some added extras, such as comfier seats. With Northern Rail, you can buy Advance tickets easily which is an excellent way to make savings—however, its good to note that they are only valid for that specific train.

Besides the standard Anytime, Advance and Off-Peak tickets, you can buy railcards which gives you discounts on Off-Peak tickets. If you need more clarification on which ticket to buy, see our Train Ticket Guide to get a breakdown of the different ticket types.

Northern Rail run a regular timetable, with major routes operating frequently each day. However, some services run less often at the weekend. When you search your route on Omio, you can filter by time and see the timetable of your Northern Rail train for the day you searched!

From Liverpool to Manchester
From Halifax to Manchester
From Preston to Manchester
From Manchester to Sheffield
From Manchester to Bolton
From Manchester to Leeds
From Poulton-le-Fylde to Manchester
From Manchester to Lancaster
From Manchester to Buxton
From Halifax to Manchester


About Northern

Northern Railway is known for its sprinter trains which usually have two to three carriages and have a retro feel. Northern has announced that there will be a £1bn investment to update the trains themselves so the state-of-the-art trains can travel up to 100mph. Northern is part of the Arriva group, which is responsible for providing passenger transport outside of Germany (from the Deutsche Bahn (DB).


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Northern Accessibility

Northern trains have a service called Passenger Assist which aids older and customers with disabilities board the trains in comfort. Seats can be reserved or spaces can be found to fit in wheelchairs; the service helps less mobile passengers enjoy their journey. The helpline is available 24/7, 364 days per year. Call +44 800 138 556 to make your reservation. There is another service called Blue Assist for those who have difficulty communicating. Staff are trained to help respond to passengers' questions which are written on a card.

Northern Luggage

You can bring up to two items of luggage measuring 30cm x 70cm x 90cm as well as a bag that fits on your lap. You can store suitcases safely in the luggage compartment as you enter the carriage. For smaller items, you can use the luggage racks overhead to place soft items, small shopping bags and laptops; alternatively place them under the seat infront of you. Make sure your luggage does not disturb other customers or block the aisles or exits.

Northern Rail: Wifi and Services

Northern Rail trains have Wi-Fi on them, but there is often a small fee to being able to use it.

Northern Rail: Pets onboard

You can bring small pets such as cats, dogs and other small animals on board Northern Rail trains, but only up to two per person. Cats or other small animals must be kept in a pet carrier and dogs must be kept on the lead. Pet carriers should stay on the floor or on your lap if they are small enough. The animal must be able to comfortably stand or sit within the pet carrier.

Northern Rail: Lost and Found

Should you lose any luggage or items of clothing or coats onboard a Northern Rail train, make sure to report where and when you think you lost the item via the Northern Rail website. Their customer service will contact you if they retrieve it, or if it in handed in. Similarly, if you find anything on a train or at a station then hand it in to train station staff. Remember to keep clear of unattended luggage and inform a member of staff right away.

Northern Rail: Bicycles

Folding bicycles and pushchairs are considered standard luggage so they can be folded away and stored in the luggage racks for safety. Its best to cover your bicycle in a protective cover in the interest and safety of passengers, but also to protect your bike. You can bring a bike on a 'first come, first served' basis.

Northern Rail: Cancellations and modifications

Most Northern train tickets can be cancelled if you change your mind. Go to the Omio Cancellations' page to amend your ticket or cancel it entirely. It depends on your ticket flexibility options, if you have an Advance ticket, this will be non refundable. Contact customer services for refund or visit the contact page.

Northern: Children

Although there is no minimum age for a child to travel alone, advice to parents is to only have children who are confident to travel on their own and who know the risks of train travel. If a member of staff is concerned about a minor travelling their own, they will contact the British Transport Police.

Northern: Refunds

If your train is delayed, compensation could be given. There is a system called Delay Repay and its where trains, which are cancelled or more than 30-59 minutes late, result in 50% of the cost of a single ticket being refunded. For longer delays the amount reimbursed will, be higher. Please ensure to inform us within 28 days of your journey so we can issue the refunds.