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About SNCF

Suave. Niche. Chic. France! This is might not be what SNCF stands for but, in our opinion, it should. One of the oldest train companies in Europe, it’s far from slow and doddery. With an extensive high-speed TGV network covering the entirety of France and beyond, SNCF makes it easy to go from Calais in the north to Marseille in the south or even Spain or Germany. The company also offers sleeper trains

SNCF has its sights on becoming the first operator to offer carbon-neutral travel for no extra cost to passengers. Less waste=good taste, right?

Getting to know SNCF

Train travel in another country can be daunting, especially if you don’t know what to expect from the train company. To make things clearer, we've summarised some practical information about SNCF to help you get up to speed:

    SNCF tickets are cheaper when bought in advance
    SNCF allows luggage onboard for free.
    SNCF offer seat reservations for free and can be booked via Omio
    SNCF provides the same [amenities] that you’ve come to expect from most good train companies including free Wi-Fi, charging sockets, onboard bar and priority boarding.

How to Book Tickets with SNCF

On average, 10 percent of French trains are delayed or cancelled. If your SNCF train has been cancelled or delayed by more than 30 minutes, you may be entitled to compensation. Omio will automatically complete a compensation claim for you, by submitting the necessary paperwork for the affected journey. This way, you can get your money back quickly and seamlessly.

The compensation claim rules in case of delayed trains in France are as follows:

  • - 25% refund of the ticket fare if the train is between one and two hours late
  • - 50% refund of the ticket fare if the train is more than two hours late
  • - 75% refund of the ticket fare if the train is more than three hours late

Make sure to benefit from this feature by booking with Omio for seamless ticketing compensation.

Popular SNCF Train Routes in France

SNCF ticket types

SNCF almost has many different ticket types but don't let that overwhelm you. SNCF aims to give its customers as much flexibility as possible. Luckily, we're on hand to help you understand the different SNCF ticket types. Like trains in the U.S., train tickets are cheaper the further in advance you buy them so don’t dither and get yours ASAP.

Prem's & Loisir


    Cheapest TGV ticket type
    Available to purchase three months in advance
    Subject to availability
    Non-exchangeable or refundable


    Standard SNCF ticket
    Cheaper when bought in advance
    Can be exchanged or reimbursed up to the day before travel for a €12 fee
    Non-exchangeable or refundable after train departure

PRO & Normal


    Most expensive SNCF ticket
    Most flexible ticket
    Can be exchanged or reimbursed up until departure free of charge
    Exchange up to two hours after your original train has departed


    For short or medium distances
    Valid for TER or regional trains
    Valid for selected date only
    Non-refundable or exchangeable

Flex Tickets


    Valid for the France–Switzerland Lyria TGV train only
    Lowest price option
    Non-exchangeable or refundable


    Valid for the France–Switzerland Lyria TGV train only
    Can be exchanged until to departure for a €20 fee


    Valid for the France–Switzerland Lyria TGV train only
    Can be exchanged or refunded until departure for free
    After departure, printed tickets are 50 percent refundable if claimed within two months
    After departure, electronic tickets can be refunded 30 minutes afterwards

SNCF Offers

Although SNCF has only a few recurring offers, they do provide discounts for group travelers, which are available year-round! If you are traveling solo then we recommend looking out for the Prem's ticket as far in advance as possible to get the best deal.

Oui Tribu

    - 25 percent off group travel from four to seven people
    - Available as an e-ticket only
    - Tickets must be bought at the same time
    - Valid only when the entire group travels together
    - Valid for the France–Switzerland Lyria TGV train only
    - Non-refundable or exchangeable

Travel by Train with SNCF


The SNCF is the main railway company in France. All SNCF offers are available directly on the Omio website. You can find more details and information about the different SNCF travel cards so you can save money on your next train journey to France. You can also take a look at our app. When booking, you can choose the class, seat and type of ticket you want—whether it’s Prem's, Loisir or Pro). If you have an SNCF discount card , you can add it to your Omio booking and the discount will be applied immediately in the search results. Do you have questions regarding the changing or canceling of your SNCF tickets? Visit our help center and customer care—we’ll take care of the rest.

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SNCF Trains

SNCF is the main railway company in France linking a large number of towns and cities on its vast national and European network. With many different routes, different types of trains, train times with a variety of timetables, travelling with the SNCF is one of the most environmentally friendly, comfortable and often one of the quickest ways to get to your destination.

SNCF Routes and Timetables

The major stations operated by SNCF are all in France. Along with Paris Gare du Nord, the company runs services to Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux and Lille but also runs high-speed trains to international destinations such as Geneva or Milan.

SNCF route Schedule Price
Train Paris Lyon From 05:50 to 22:00 from £16
Train Paris Lille From 07:00 to 22:00 From £20
Train Lille Paris From 05:50 to 21:20 From £20
Train Lyon Paris From 05:15 to 22:35 From £15
Train Paris Nice From 07:20 to 21:20 From £16
Train Paris Toulouse From 06:30 to 22:00 From £28
Train Toulouse Paris From 06:00 to 22:50 From £28
Train Nice Paris From 07:00 to 20:00 from £21
Train Paris Marseille From 06:00 to 21:30 From £21
Train Bordeaux Paris From 05:00 to 20:30 From 15€


I've got a voucher, how can I print my ticket?

When making a purchase for a regional train (TER) or for a journey involving a bus leg, you will receive a booking number per e-mail, not the actual tickets.
This booking number will allow you to collect your tickets at any yellow SNCF self-service machine at a station in France. On the screen, simply choose "File and electronic ticket collection" and select “Collection with a file reference number”. Enter the booking number and last name of the buyer — as indicated on your voucher.
The credit card used to make the payment is be required.

Can I cancel or exchange my ticket?

Leisure (first and second class) The ticket can be modified and refunded free of charge, up to 31 days before departure and subject to a fee of 5€ from 30 days until 2 days before departure. The penalty rises to 15€ on the day before and the actual day of departure. Any price difference between the original and the new ticket will also have to be paid. The ticket can neither be modified nor cancelled after departure.
Pro (first and second class) The ticket is exchangeable and refundable for free until departure. After that, you can exchange it up to 2 hours after departure from the departure station. Any price difference between the original and the new ticket will have to be paid.
Prem's The ticket may not be modified nor cancelled.
Carte Senior+ / Jeune / Week-End / Enfant+: The ticket can be modified or cancelled for free up until two days before departure and with a 5€ fee on the day before and the actual day of departure. The ticket may not be modified or cancelled after the departure.

How much luggage can I take on an SNCF train?

Providing there is room, and it is not disturbing fellow passengers; an unlimited amount of baggage can be taken onboard, for free, on SNCF services. Each piece of luggage should be labeled with your name.

Can I take pets on a SNCF train?

The transportation of animals in and bag or basket of no larger than 45 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm and weighing less than 6kg, costs €7. If your animal weighs more than 6kg, the fare will be 50% of the cost of a second class ticket.
Exchanges and cancellations: you may exchange your pet's ticket free of chargeup until the day before departure. After that, a 10% modification fee applies, up until the end of its validity. Tickets may not be exchanged beyond this date. The ticket is refundable for a 10% fee up until the end of its validity.