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About RegioJet

RegioJet (formerly known as Student Agency) is one of the Czech Republic's biggest bus and train companies. Known for its excellent service, it is a popular travel option for both local and international travellers. RegioJet provides buses and trains not only within the Czech Republic but also to 16 major European countries. RegioJet tickets, for both local and international journeys, are available on Omio.

RegioJet bus timetable

Route Duration From
Prague – Vienna 4h425 £14
Vienna - Prague 4h30m £14
Budapest - Vienna 2h45 £8
Berlin - Prague 4h40 £13
Vienna - Bratislava 1h20 £5
Prague - Budapest 6h45 £14
Vienna - Budapest 2h45 £8
Budapest - Bratislava 2h35 £6

Regiojet buses go to 16 other European countries in addition to many local destinations in the Czech Republic. RegioJet services regularly travel to Germany, Austria, Croatia, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Romania and Slovakia. Popular and widely used are the bus links to major European cities. Whether it is driving to Bratislava, Vienna, London or Budapest there are a lot of cities to choose from.

RegioJet Popular Routes

Some of the most popular RegioJet routes for international travellers include: Prague to Vienna, Budapest to Vienna, Berlin to Prague and Vienna to Bratislava.

Company Information - RegioJet

RegioJet, was founded in 2009 as Student Agency but was renamed in 2016. RegioJet started out as a bus company running services from Brno, helping students get to their work abroad placements. It soon evolved into a carrier service for all types of passengers including further international routes and train journeys. What makes RegioJet unique is its ability to combine bus and rail connections on many on if its routes. RegioJet buses are easily distinguishable due to their distinctive yellow facade. With the relaunch of Student Agency to RegioJet, the company bought new buses, which are safer and more environmentally friendly.


Company founded

Countries served

Customers yearly
Almost 15 million

114 million miles covered
in ten years

RegioJet Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to buy RegioJet tickets?

You can buy RegioJet tickets directly through Omio online on either desktop our on our free app. You can make a payment using a credit card, a Pay-U or GoPay online payment method.

What is RegioJet's luggage policy?

If travelling within the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Germany you are allowed two pieces of hand luggage no bigger than 15x25x35cm and 2 pieces of larger luggage no bigger than 30x60x80cm free of charge. If travelling internationally from/to the Czech Republic then your luggage allowance is 1 hand luggage no bigger than 15x25x35cm and 1 larger luggage no bigger than 30x60x80cm. For both international and local journeys all bulky items such as bikes and skis must be highlighted when purchasing tickets to ensure they are allowed onto the vehicle. There can be a fee for these items, which varies from journey to journey,

What amenities are onboard RegioJet buses?

RegioJet (formerly known as Student Agency) pride themselves on having the highest quality equipment and services on board. All buses come with personal entertainment systems, free hot beverages, other purchasable refreshments, free newspapers and magazines. Aircon, seat belts and toilets are also on board. Free WiFi is available on selected routes. All services have a steward or stewardess on board to help with any queries you might have.

Can you take animals on RegioJet buses?

On domestic buses in the Czech Republic and Slovakia it is possible to transport small domestic and other small animals free of charge. The animals must be safely placed in transport cabinets, cages or bags with a watertight bottom which is intended for the transport of animals. Animals must be placed on the lap or under the owner's feet and must remain in the transport cabinets, cages or bags throughout their journey. On international bus services, animal transport is prohibited.

What discounted fares are there on RegioJet?

RegioJet offers discounted tickets for children under 16 and students who can prove their student card, all discounts apply to both domestic and international buses.

  • Children under 6: Children up to 6 years of age can travel on RegioJet buses free of charge. However, it is necessary to prove a valid card, such as a health insurance card.
  • Children from 6 to 15 years of age: Special fares are available for children under 15, with 50% discount off the price of an ordinary ticket. All children must have identification to prove their age when boarding the bus.
  • Pupils under 15: Pupils up to 15 years old can get a discount of 62.5%, but the discount is only valid with a student card. Applies only to Standard and Relax rates.
  • Students under 26: Students under 26 can get a discount of between 25-45%. The 25% discount for students under 25 is set by law. A discount of 40% can be obtained from selected deals. Applies only to Standard and Relax rates.
  • Can you take bicyles on RegioJet?

    It is possible to transport bicycles on RegioJet buses, but it is important to note the planned transport of the bicycle either during reservation or before calling via the infoline (+420 841 101 101). On each RegioJet, only two bicycles can be transported at one time. The bicycle must be folded and packaged in a package with a maximum size of 140 cm in length, 35 cm in height and 80 cm in height.

    Can you cancel or exchange RegioJet tickets?

    Each ticket has specific cancellation conditions that you can find directly on the ticket you have purchased. If you are unsure, contact us by phone or at a point of sale.

    What is the On Time Arrival Guarantee?

    A new service offered by RegioJet bus and train passengers from September 15, 2017. If there is a delay on your journey due to the company or to an external problem of 30 minutes or more you will be refunded a certain percentage of your ticket price. This will be done automatically and it is up to you whether you claim the money or use it to buy another ticket. You can easily calculate the exact amount by using a simple compensation table at RegioJet.