About Ecolines

Ecolines is the largest bus carrier in Latvia and the whole Baltic region, operating a fleet of over 250 buses and providing comfortable travel to 20 countries and about 205 cities on a daily basis on very competitive fares. They also have a strong presence in the Ukraine and offer road access to the picturesque Russian cities of Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg.

Ecolines: Popular Routes

Tallinn to Riga

St. Petersburg to Tallinn

Moscow to Minsk

Vilnius to Riga

St. Petersburg to Helsinki

ECOLINES offers bus routes in Eastern Europe. Whether its Riga to Tallinn or Moscow to Minsk, Ecolines will get you there for cheap.

Popular Routes

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Riga, Prāgas Iela
EcolinesTallinn, Tallinna BussijaamRiga, Prāgas IelaDuration: 4h 25from £15
Tallinn, Tallinna Bussijaam
EcolinesRiga, Prāgas IelaTallinn, Tallinna BussijaamDuration: 4h 30from £16
Riga, Prāgas Iela
EcolinesVilniaus, Autobusų StotisRiga, Prāgas IelaDuration: 4h 15from £17
Vilniaus, Autobusų Stotis
EcolinesRiga, Prāgas IelaVilniaus, Autobusų StotisDuration: 4h 00from £17
EcolinesWarszawa, Dw. ZachodniBerlinDuration: 7h 15from £24
Praha, ÚAN Florenc
EcolinesWarszawa, Dw. ZachodniPraha, ÚAN FlorencDuration: 9h 30from £24
Vilniaus, Autobusų Stotis
EcolinesWarszawa, Dw. ZachodniVilniaus, Autobusų StotisDuration: 7h 55from £20
Warszawa, Dw. Zachodni
EcolinesBerlinWarszawa, Dw. ZachodniDuration: 8h 05from £24