Germany's biggest intercity bus provider, FlixBus, has now expanded into trains. FlixTrain currently runs two separate lines in Germany - one between Berlin and Stuttgart and the other between Hamburg and Cologne. Like with FlixBus, FlixTrain aims to keep travel costs low, meaning that now exploring some of Germany' biggest cities is cheaper and easier than before.

Omio always wants to offer the best possible prices for FlixTrain tickets across Europe. Search using our journey planner for the cheapest, fastest or most convenient routes. Book your Flixtrain ticket with Omio and skip the queues.

FlixTrain TIckets | Frequently Asked Questions


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FlixTrain Tickets

You can now book Flixtrain tickets simply by booking with the Omio app or on a desktop. The price of the ticket depends on the distance, the date of departure and how busy the train is itself. As a general rule: book early to get the cheapest tickets. The tickets will be sent to you in a confirmation email which you can print out or simply show to the ticket inspector on your chosen device. Take a look at some of the most popular FlixTrain routes for some inspiration.


If you have queries about travelling with FlixTrain then you've come to the right place. Check out our FAQ's on travelling with FlixTrain below.

Are FlixTrain's accesible to passengers with disabilities or mobility restrictions?

For passengers with disabilities, access is dependable on the model of the train and the accessibility at the departure and arrival train stations.

Passengers with reduced mobility should contact FlixTrain's customer service no later than 36 hours in advance of travelling so that the appropriate assistance can be arranged.

If no extra assistance is needed and the customer can use the standard seating then a normal ticket can be booked without forewarning.

Guide dogs are allowed onto all FlixTrains free of charge as long as sufficient paperwork is provided.

How much luggage can I take with me on FlixTrain?

Both hand luggage and larger suitcases are allowed on FlixTrains free of charge. Make sure that all items are safely stored in the allocated luggage racks and that they abide by the safety rules. Much larger, bulky items may not be stowed.

If you have booked a combination ticket with FlixBus, please double check the luggage policies for Flixbus, which can be found in the Flixbus FAQs, as luggage allowance may differ.

Are bicycles allowed on FlixTrains?

Yes, bikes are allowed on FlixTrains, however, an extra fee of £9 applies to each bike. E-bikes are also allowed on Flixtrains as long as the battery has been removed. Folding bikes can be put in the luggage racks but can also be stored in the bike luggage space for the standard fee. Make sure to reserve your bike space when booking your FlixTrain ticket.

Can I take my pet on a FlixTrain?

If your pet is the size of a domestic cat and is kept in an appropriate travel carrier then they are allowed on FlixTrains free of charge. Larger dogs are allowed on FlixTrains for the price of a child's ticket, but they are not allowed to sit on the seats.

Due to health and safety reasons any pets, except guide or companion dogs, are not permitted on FlixBus so if you have purchased a combination ticket then please take this into consideration. If you have a companion or guide dog then FlixBus must be made aware of it by phone before you travel.

Can I change or cancel a FlixTrain ticket?

Yes, all tickets can be changed or cancelled. Speak to the Omio Customer Service Team for help. Passenger names and contact details are allowed to be changed free of charge. However, if you would like to change the route of your ticket then you will need to pay the difference in cost if there is one.

If you decide to cancel your whole trip or part of the journey (with a combined ticket) then you will receive a voucher by email that can be used for your next trip with FlixTrain. Please note, there is a cancellation fee that varies depending on when you cancel your trip. If you cancel more than 30 days before departure, you will not pay any fees, less than 30 days but more than 14 days will incur a £1 cancellation fee. Cancel between 3 and 14 days before departure, you will pay £3 and if its less than 3 days, a £5 charge will be incurred.

Can I rebook a FlixTrain ticket?

Yes, if you have cancelled part of the trip and paid the cancellation fee (as above) then you are able to rebook a ticket. Again, speak to our Customer Service Team


Is there a discount price for children?

Yes, children up to 5 years old can travel for free and children up to 14 years can claim a discounted ticket. However, children using the discounted ticket must be either accompanied by an adult or have written confirmation that they are allowed to travel alone.

Where can I buy FlixTrain tickets?

You can buy your tickets between via Omio on the website or via the Omio App. Tickets are availalbe to purchase from between 4 to 6 weeks in advance.

Can I reserve a seat on FlixTrain?

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to reserve seats on FlixTrain.

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