Summer Isn’t Cancelled

Wed, 17 Jul
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Top Train Alternatives
Summer Train Travel Tips

Cancelled flight? We’ve found the best train alternatives to the most cancelled flights this summer!

We know traveling has been a hassle this summer what with all the airport chaos. We’re talking cancelled or majorly delayed flights, lost luggage, no ground staff, longer than long security lines. The list is seemingly endless. That’s why we looked at our booking data and came up with train alternatives for our customers’ most cancelled flights!

Trains are running fairly smoothly throughout Europe and they have the added advantage of no security lines, roomy luggage racks near your seat and helpful ticket agents on board.

Trains run across Europe and you can even take night trains to a variety of destinations. While it might be a trek to get from say London to Gran Canaria outside of a flight, you can still escape to somewhere amazing with the train. Barcelona is a popular destination, with travelers heading to the sunny Spanish city from London, Paris and Madrid. Other top routes include Paris to Nice, London to Amsterdam and Milan to Naples, to name a few! Omio has a slew of popular and exciting train routes, showcased in the table below, that are a great alternative to flying.

Summer isn’t over. Book your train now!


We looked at our data for most-booked mid-haul flights per market (mid-haul is anything less than three hours) as well as cancellations for these flights. We chose the top five routes per market that were also reachable by train based on this data, both international and domestic with a particular focus on beach destinations/routes. The booking time frame ranged from May 1, 2022-present with a travel time frame of May 1-Sept. 30, 2022.

Top Train Routes for Summer 2022

From To
1 London Paris
2 London Amsterdam
3 Paris London
4 Amsterdam London
5 Brussels London
6 London Brussels
7 London Edinburgh
8 Edinburgh London
9 London Glasgow
10 London Newcastle
11 Glasgow London
12 Aberdeen London
13 London Iverness
14 London Manchester
15 London Darlington
16 London Leeds

Summer Train Travel Tips

Everyone looks forward to their summer holidays. This year has been no exception.
But nobody expected airport chaos. Thankfully, we have trains to keep us moving throughout Europe. Here are some handy tips to make your summer train trip as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Summer Train Travel Tips

  • Book ahead
    Yes, it’s almost August but that doesn’t mean summer is over. After all, summer extends into September and Southern Europe in September is about as idyllic as you can get! Still, if you can, book your train journey as early as possible to ensure the best price and arrival/departure time.

  • Take a seat
    Getting a seat on a train often feels like a game of musical chairs. Opt for a seat reservation whenever possible. It’s worth the extra $$$ to travel comfortably, especially on long-distance trains.

  • Travel light
    Unlike flying, trains have no luggage limit and you don’t have to pay an extra fee to bring your baggage on board. Still, instead of a large roller bag with everything under the sun, opt for a smaller backpack that is easy to transport and store above your seat. Bonus: you’ll know where you bag is at all times.

  • Go local
    Like many of you, we’ve had our long-haul flights cancelled. (Ciao Tolo, Greece, we barely knew ya). But that doesn’t mean you should forgo a beach holiday. You’d be surprised at the crystal blue waters in your home country. From Germany to the United Kingdom, you don’t have to go south to find a beach worth exploring near home. And if you can’t go to the beach, there are lakeside retreats that offer a perfect summer respite.

  • Songs of Summer
    Traveling by train literally moves you but what would a train trip be without some dulcet tones to accompany the scenes from your window seat? Download a playlist to get you in the summer mood. We collaborated with Spotify to do just that with idyllic songs about France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

  • Find inspiration
    If you haven’t thoroughly mapped out your itinerary for your destination, magazines and blogs offer tons of inspiration on things to see and do across Europe and your train journey affords the perfect time to peruse them. We’re partial to The Window Seat, the Omio travel magazine that inspires, guides and delights. Discover guides to cities around Europe as well as first-person narratives, food and wine stories and practical tips about traveling in general.

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