Rhaetische Bahn: Tickets, Timetables and Facilities

Wed, 24 Jul
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Rhaetische Bahn train tickets

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Rhatische Bahn
Lucerne station
11:55Interlaken Ost
0 changes
Rhatische Bahn
Lucerne station
12:55Interlaken Ost
0 changes
Rhatische Bahn
Lucerne station
10:55Interlaken Ost
0 changes
Rhatische Bahn
Lucerne station
09:55Interlaken Ost
0 changes
Rhatische Bahn
Lucerne station
11:04Interlaken West
1 change
Rhatische Bahn
Lucerne station
11:20Matten b. I.,Hertigässli
1 change
Rhatische Bahn
Lucerne station
12:20Matten b. I.,Hertigässli
1 change
Rhatische Bahn
Lucerne station
10:04Interlaken West
1 change
Rhatische Bahn
Lucerne station
10:20Matten b. I.,Hertigässli
1 change
About Rhaetian Railway
Rhaetian Railway Timetable
Rhaetian Railway Routes

The Rhaetian Railway, also known as the Rhätische Bahn, is one of the oldest and most famous railways in Switzerland. It was first built in 1889 and used pioneering techniques to traverse the difficult Alpine terrain. The Bernina Pass, part of the Bernina Express route, is known for its beautiful views and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Buy tickets for the Rhaetian Railway conveniently & easily at Omio

Through Europe with the Rhaetian Railway. From southern regions across the Alps to the glaciers – this journey will leave lasting impressions. With Omio, you’ll find just the right tickets for this spectacular adventure with the Rhaetian Railway. The extensive Rhaetian Railway network takes you from St. Moritz in Switzerland to Como in Italy and many other interesting cities. Pass through dozens of tunnels and enjoy the view from almost 200 bridges – the Bernina Express and the Glacier Express make it possible. Thanks to the easy-to-understand and well-structured overview, you can plan your train journey through Switzerland and the neighbouring countries perfectly. Omio informs you about all relevant arrival and departure times. You find out whether and how often you have to change trains and immediately see which connection is the fastest. Booking tickets for the Rhaetian Railway couldn’t be easier than with Omio.

Rhaetian Railway: Find affordable tickets with Omio

The prices for the cost of living rise year after year. To prevent travel from becoming an unaffordable luxury, it pays to look out for cheap offers. If you’re planning a trip with the Rhaetian Railway, it’s therefore important to keep an eye on the cost of tickets. With Omio, you can be sure of the best value for money. If you want to travel from icy heights to southern climes as cheaply as possible, Omio is the right choice. All you have to do is enter your planned departure point and destination, as well as your desired timeframe, in the search mask, and Omio will show you not only the cheapest but also the fastest connections with the Rhaetian Railway. Of course, you will also find out how long you will be travelling and whether and where you can interrupt your journey. Omio always offers you the maximum service for the minimum price! Enjoy the unique comfort of Omio and make your journey with the Rhaetian Railway an extraordinary and relaxing experience, from the initial planning all the way to your arrival at your destination.

The Bernina Express on a viaduct

The Bernina Express on a viaduct. Credit: Pixabay

Everything you need to know about the Rhaetian Railway

The Rhaetian Railway is a Swiss railway company headquartered in Chur. The Rhaetian Railway was founded by the Dutch owner of a hotel in Davos: Willem Jan Holsboer laid the foundation stone for a railway connection between Landquart and Davos in 1888. Today, the Rhaetian Railway serves a network of 239 miles (384 kilometres). The Rhaetian Railway owes its name to the former Roman province of Raetia, from which today’s Grisons (Graubünden) developed.

The Rhaetian Railway, also known as the RhB (Rhätische Bahn), is home to the largest network of private railway operators in Switzerland. Most of the network is located in Grisons/Graubünden and a small part in Italy. It runs between many towns that are popular with tourists. Whether it’s St Moritz and Davos in Switzerland or Tirano in Lombardy – the Rhaetian Railway creates connections. There are a total of 103 different stops. Among the most impressive and busiest routes are the Bernina Railway (Berninabahn) and the Albula Railway. Both have been UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2008. The most famous trains of the Rhaetian Railway are the Bernina Express and the Glacier Express.

With around 1500 employees, 58 locomotives and 3 steam locomotives, the Rhaetian Railway has a turnover of almost 350 million Swiss francs. The Rhaetian Railway has 19 railcars, 297 passenger coaches and 489 freight wagons and carries almost 10 million passengers every year.

In October 2022, the Rhaetian Railway attempted to set a world record for the longest passenger train in the world. Seven locomotive drivers drove the 100-carriage train over the 24,930-metre   route from Preda to Alvaneu. The journey, which was crowned with an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records, took 45 minutes. At almost 1.2 miles long, the train had to overcome a difference in altitude of almost 800 metres.

Rhaetian Railway: Train ticket types

The Rhaetian Railway offers different types of tickets. This ensures that every traveller receives an offer tailored to their needs.

The usual ticket

This ticket is perfect for all those travelling at short notice or who travel less. Simply buy tickets for 1st or 2nd class and off you go. You can choose between a one-way ticket and a return ticket.


FAIRTIQ is a ticket app that you can use on the entire route network of the Swiss transport association. It is very easy to use: swipe Start when boarding and Stop when alighting. The route you have travelled is calculated by determining your location. The amount due for your ticket is then invoiced to you and debited via the means of payment you have previously saved. 

Day tickets

For those who want to save money, the Rhaetian Railway offers low-priced day tickets. These tickets allow you to travel freely on all trains, buses, trams and ships for one day. The day ticket can be used everywhere where the so-called General Abonnement is also valid. The tickets are available for 1st and 2nd class. Day tickets are available in different versions. For example, there are day tickets for adults, for children, for dogs and for bicycles.

Multi-ride tickets

A multi-ride ticket is valid for six journeys on the same route. It is valid for one year and offers you a saving of 20 per cent.

The Graubünden Pass

The Graubünden Pass is valid for seven or fourteen days. It is valid for the south region, the north region or the entire region. You can save even more if you travel with your family and buy a family pass. What’s more, the Graubünden Pass is available not only for people but also for bicycles.

Group tickets

Larger groups of ten or more, such as school classes, can secure a 30 per cent discount with the group tickets. These tickets can be combined with special conditions for group luggage.

Dog tickets

If you would like to discover Grisons (Graubünden) together with your dog, you should purchase an appropriate discounted ticket for your four-legged friend.

The UNESCO World Heritage Pass

With this ticket, you have the opportunity to explore the World Heritage Route between Thusis and Tirano for two days. You can travel as often as you like on the Bernina Express and the Glacier Express and go on a voyage of discovery with the help of the RhB UNESCO guidebook that comes with the ticket.

The Rheinschlucht Ticket

Are you already familiar with the Grand Canyon of Switzerland? With the Rheinschlucht Ticket, you get a whole day to explore the monumental Rhine Gorge with all its streams and forests. Fascinating rock formations and much more await you between Ilanz and Reichenau.

Different classes on the Rhaetian Railway

You can make yourself comfortable in 1st or 2nd class on both the Bernina Express and the Glacier Express. The Rhaetian Railway offers you good comfort and plenty of legroom in both classes.

In 2nd class, there are comfortable seats arranged in groups of four. Generous tables are available to you for putting bits and bobs on. In 1st class, you can expect comfortable single or double seats and a generous amount of space. On the Bernina Express and Glacier Express, you can enjoy the magnificent view through extra-large panoramic windows. Seat reservations are obligatory here.

Rhaetian Railway: Bernina Express and Glacier Express

The Rhaetian Railway has a wide range of trains and serves both passenger and freight transport. The largest Alpine railway in Switzerland stops at 103 stations and connects a wide variety of cities across a total of ten lines. The Rhaetian Railway travels through magnificent landscapes and is also on the World Heritage Route. The two most important, and perhaps most beautiful, trains are the Bernina Express and the Glacier Express.

The Bernina Express

The Bernina Express takes you high up to the mountain peaks without the help of a cogwheel. There in the distance, where you can see the glaciers sparkling, all ascents are mastered effortlessly. Ride from Chur to St Moritz and enjoy pure nature and thousands of wonderful impressions. The Bernina Express offers you huge panoramic windows so that your view is restricted as little as possible. However, the Bernina Express doesn’t just travel through the Alpine world. The highest train in the Alps takes you deep into the south. One minute you’re in ice and snow, and the next one you're in warm Italy under palm trees.

One of the most striking routes taken by the Bernina Express runs from Thusis to Tirano via Val Poschiavo. It is considered part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Bernina Express has now been in service for 50 years. It was 1973 when it first amazed its passengers on its journey through the captivating Grisons Alps.

The Glacier Express

The journey on the Glacier Express takes you over 291 bridges and through 91 tunnels. In St Moritz, you’ll marvel at the glittering world of the rich and the beautiful before the Glacier Express whisks you away to the impressive Albu Valley. Would you like to visit Davos? The Glacier Express will take you there. Marvel at the world’s most photographed mountain through the spacious panoramic windows. The Matterhorn in beautiful Zermatt is waiting to be photographed by you. Visit the Rhine Gorge, often referred to as the Grand Canyon of Switzerland, and climb the Oberpass at an altitude of more than 2000 metres by train.

Don’t want to miss anything worth knowing about your spectacular journey with the Glacier Express? The Glacier Express provides all the relevant information, which you can easily listen to via headphones.

During the journey, you can indulge in culinary delights right at your seat. The Glacier Express’s on-board kitchen is just waiting to take your order. Fancy travelling in luxury? In addition to 1st and 2nd class, the Glacier Express also offers you the Excellence Class. The Excellence Class pampers you with an exquisite five-course menu in addition to many other amenities.

The Glacier Express

The Glacier Express. Credit: Pixabay

Vereina car transport: With your car on the RhB

Driving your own car through the Alps? That can be quite exhausting – and, above all, it’s hard to marvel at the fantastic mountain scenery if your eyes are on the road. The Rhaetian Railway offers all car drivers a perfect service. In just 18 minutes, the Rhaetian Railway takes your car swiftly through the mountain. You can have your car loaded and transported by the Rhaetian Railway through the Vereina Tunnel. Instead of having to wind your way through high mountains, you can enjoy the journey on the Rhaetian Railway and then get back into your car well rested. This service from the Rhaetian Railway is offered every half hour during peak hours. You can travel effortlessly this way from Prättigau to Engadin or from Engadin to Prättigau.

Timetable information: Timetables and timetable changes on the Rhaetian Railway

The Rhaetian Railway runs every hour on most of the routes on offer. The first trains leave in the early morning hours, and the last ones run late into the night. Depending on the route you choose, you can select from up to 15 or more different train connections. Omio always informs you about the current arrival and departure times. However, delays or changes to the timetable at short notice cannot be ruled out.

The Rhaetian Railway map: With the panoramic train through the Alps

The Rhaetian Railway operates regularly on eight different routes. These include, for example, the routes from Scuol Tarasp to Disentis and Pontresina, from Landquart to St Moritz and Davos and from Chur to St Moritz, as well as the World Heritage Route from St Moritz to Tirano and the routes from Chur to Arosa and from Filisur to Davos.

You can change trains at the stations Sagliains, Reichenau-Tamins, Andermatt and others. If you want to travel from Chur to Tirano, you can change trains in Samedan and Pontresina. If you want to travel from St Moritz to Disentis, you can change trains at Reichenau-Tamins. You can find the cheapest connections for you simply and easily with Omio. With the Rhaetian Railway, you can travel around Switzerland at your leisure and be inspired by the numerous sights and wonderful nature.

One of the most popular routes is the connection between Chur and Arosa. The Arosa Railway takes you to your destination in just one hour. On this route, which is only 10 miles (16 kilometres  ) long, the train climbs a difference in altitude of no less than 1000 metres. You will travel through the craggy rocks of millennia-old mountains and take home wonderful, unforgettable impressions. With the Arosa Railway, the journey itself is an absolute treat. It’s less about arriving and more about enjoying every moment. The same applies, of course, to a trip from Chur to Lugano. A look out of the window rewards you with picturesque landscapes, of which you will certainly take more than one photo. The magnificent panorama that presents itself to you is worth capturing for eternity.

The trip from Chur to St Moritz is also very popular. The idyllic St Moritz is an absolute highlight that you should not miss when travelling through Switzerland. Here, you will encounter a world of glamour, embedded in nature that could not be more beautiful. It’s not without reason that St Moritz is a magnet for all the big names. But it’s not just celebrities and the like who feel at home in St Moritz. The small town in Switzerland is a jewel that you should definitely see.

If you like your days to be sunny and warm, take a trip to Como in beautiful Italy. The small province lies in the middle of Lombardy, only a few miles from Milan. On the shores of the lake of the same name, imposing palm trees stretch their fronds towards the sky and provide welcome shade on hot days.

The Rhaetian Railway offers you an exciting programme of contrasts. In just a few hours, you can leave the world of the mountains and head south. For example, you can travel with the Bernina Express from Chur in Switzerland to Tirano in Italy in about four hours and, from there, continue with the Bernina Express bus to Lugano, where you will arrive after another three hours and numerous wonderful impressions of enchanting landscapes. Travelling on the Bernina Express or the Glacier Express is an experience not to be missed. With the Rhaetian Railway, you have connections to ParisFrankfurt and many other places in Europe. This makes travelling fun!

The sustainable way: Enjoy climate-friendly travel with the Rhaetian Railway

Travelling by train is an ecologically sensible decision. Individual transport by car places an extreme burden on the environment. So, why not enjoy the comfort of being able to relax during the journey? The holiday begins when you board the Rhaetian Railway.

The Rhaetian Railway stands for sustainable travel experiences. Protecting the environment is a top priority for the RhB. Active environmental protection is needed so that the beauty of the glaciers can continue to delight many generations to come. This also applies to travel. The Rhaetian Railway focuses intensively on the use of renewable energies and also supports regional electricity generation. When you travel with the Rhaetian Railway, you are making a good choice for yourself and for nature.

Tips for travelling by train with Rhaetian Railway

If you would like to travel with the Bernina Express, a seat reservation is required. If you book in good time, you can secure one of the coveted seats directly next to one of the large panoramic windows. But even if this doesn’t work out – the windows are so generously proportioned that you can enjoy an excellent view of the landscapes from every seat.

If you want to travel with a larger dog, the Rhaetian Railway offers you the option of booking a separate ticket for it. Smaller dogs can travel free of charge in a bag. The Rhaetian Railway even offers discounts on dog tickets, such as multi-tickets.

The transport of bicycles is handled in a similar way. There are also extra tickets for this, which you have to buy before you start your journey. And, of course, the Rhaetian Railway offers you special conditions for taking bicycles on the train, which will help you to save on your budget.

Discover the Swiss Alps with the Glacier and Bernina Express

Make your way across the Alps on the Bernina Express – a spectacular and thrilling experience that brings thousands of visitors to Switzerland year after year. On its route over the mountains, the Bernina Express rolls over the well-known landmark of the Rhaetian Railway company. The 65-metre-high Landwasser Viaduct has rightly been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy a journey that takes you over 196 bridges and through 55 tunnels on the route from Chur in Switzerland to Tirano in Italy. Along the way, the impressive Bernina massif spreads out before you, while the Morteratsch glacier sparkles in the light of the sun. Not to forget the famous Montebello Curve and the Brusio Ring Viaduct. Passing Alp Grüm and no fewer than three beautiful lakes – Lago Bianco, Lej Nar and Leij Pitschen – you won’t be able to stop marvelling at the numerous sights.

Through the tunnel with the Rhaetian Railway

Through the tunnel with the Rhaetian Railway. Credit: Pixabay

With the Glacier Express, often referred to as the slowest express train in Switzerland, you can enjoy a journey through the impressive high Alps of Switzerland. Deep gorges, high peaks, green valleys and idyllic villages come together in a colourful round dance and bring you into harmony with nature. Next to the Bernina Express, the most famous train in the Swiss mountains winds its way through magnificent landscapes that delight the eye. From Zermatt to St Moritz, a sea of beauty spreads out before you on your journey with the Glacier Express. The route takes you over a total of 291 bridges, and the number of tunnels you pass through is more than respectable at 91. To make sure you don’t miss any of the wonders of nature, the Glacier Express, like the Bernina Express, has magnificent panoramic windows.

Visit Como in Italy, experience an unforgettable day in Graubünden, or let yourself be inspired by the dazzling St Moritz – with the Bernina Express and the Glacier Express, every minute of your journey through Switzerland, all the way to Italy, is a real experience.

Rhaetian Railway: Offers and deals

Whether you want to travel to Como in Italy, explore the World Heritage Route or marvel at the glittering world of St Moritz – with the Rhaetian Railway you always have the perfect connection. Tickets for groups, multi-tickets, day tickets and numerous other discounts ensure that your travel budget is spared. Children under the age of six travel free on the Rhaetian Railway. Up to the age of 16, they only pay half the fare. If Junior Card holders, they travel free of charge when accompanied by an adult. If you travel frequently with the RhB, it is worth buying a ½-Tax Abonnement or a Swiss Half Fare Card, which allows you to travel at half price. In addition, both the Swiss Travel Pass and the Eurail Pass are valid. Omio offers you the perfect overview of how you can travel with the Bernina Express and Glacier Express at the lowest possible prices through Switzerland and into Italy.

FAQ: Rhaetian Railway

1. How much luggage can I take with me?

There are no luggage restrictions on the Rhaetian Railway.

2. Do the trains require reservations?

If you want to travel on the panoramic train of the Bernina Express or the Glacier Express, a reservation is required.

3. Can I exchange or cancel my Rhaetian Railway ticket?

Electronic tickets can be exchanged for a fee. Online reservations are not exchangeable.

4. Do I need a seat reservation on Rhaetian Railway?

In addition to a valid ticket, a seat reservation is required, which you can book a maximum of 90 days in advance.

5. Can I take my bike or skis on the Rhaetian Railway?

The Rhaetian Railway offers all sporty travellers the possibility of taking their bicycle or skis with them. Most trains have a storage facility for bicycles.

6. Is there Wi-Fi on the train?

No Wi-Fi is available on board the Bernina Express and Glacier Express.

7. What service does the Rhaetian Railway offer for people with reduced mobility?

People with reduced mobility travel at reduced fares on the Bernina Express.

8. Is it possible to take pets with me?

Smaller animals may travel free of charge when placed in a bag. Larger dogs must be kept on a leash and require their own ticket.

9. Are there power sockets at the seats?

There are no power sockets available.

Rhaetische Bahn destinations

Not sure where to begin your Rhaetische Bahn adventure? Check out these popular Rhaetische Bahn destinations for travel details and nearby attractions:

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