Merseyrail: Tickets, Timetables and Facilities

Sat, 20 Jul
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Merseyrail train tickets

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Mersey Rail
Chester station (CTR)
09:39James Street (LVJ)
0 changes
Mersey Rail
Chester station (CTR)
09:09James Street (LVJ)
0 changes
Mersey Rail
Chester station (CTR)
09:24James Street (LVJ)
0 changes
Mersey Rail
Chester station (CTR)
08:54James Street (LVJ)
0 changes
Mersey Rail
Chester station (CTR)
08:39James Street (LVJ)
0 changes
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Buy Merseyrail tickets easily and conveniently with Omio.

For all travellers in the Liverpool region, Merseyrail offers a wide range of train connections with a total of 66 stations. The network covers not only Liverpool City, but also the Lancashire and Cheshire areas with the Northern Line and Wirral Line. If you want to explore Liverpool and the surrounding areas, you can easily book your Merseyrail tickets online with Omio. With the right ticket, you can start your journey carefree and enjoy it from the very first minute

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Find affordable tickets for Merseyrail with Omio

Life is expensive enough – travel prices don’t have to be. With Omio, you can find tickets for trains, buses and planes at sensationally low prices. Of course, this also applies to tickets for Merseyrail trains. Omio will get you to your dream destination for little money. Let us surprise you! Take advantage of Merseyrail’s many discounts and offers. With low ticket prices, you’ll have more money left over for other great experiences in Liverpool. Omio offers you the perfect all-round service and helps you save big. Did you know that, with Omio, you can not only buy tickets but also book places to stay? Our partnership with allows you to find the perfect accommodation to go with your Merseyrail ticket booked with Omio. With Omio, you can enjoy maximum comfort at low cost.

Everything you need to know about Merseyrail

The Merseyrail map covers the whole of Liverpool city centre. Merseyrail also takes you to the pretty suburbs of this stunning city and many other places. With Merseyside’s commuter rail service, you can travel to stations throughout the Liverpool City Region, to Merseyside, Halton, Cheshire and Lancashire. 

Owned by Merseytravel Network Rail, a subsidiary of the consortium between Serco and Abellio, Merseyrail began operating in 1977. It currently operates a total of 57 trains, usually running every 15 minutes. At central stations, the frequency increases to every five minutes; in the more remote regions, the frequency can be reduced to one departure every 30 minutes.

Around 800 trains run daily, used by over 100,000 passengers a week. Due to increasing overcrowding at stations and on trains, discussions are underway about expansions to increase the number of stations in Liverpool city centre and other areas. Other plans include expanding above-ground services with trams and improving connections to John Lennon Airport.

Merseyrail stands out for its exceptional reliability. In 2010, it was named the UK’s most reliable train company with the highest satisfaction rating ever achieved.

Liverpool Station

Liverpool Station. Source: Pixabay

Train ticket types at Merseyrail

Would you like to know which different ticket types Merseyrail offers you and how you can benefit from maximum savings? We present you the different options:

Standard ticket

You can use your Standard ticket at any time of day. The price depends on the distance you want to travel. Standard tickets are available as Single or Return tickets. With an Anytime Day ticket, you have the flexibility to travel on the date you choose. Children between the ages of five and 15 receive a 50 per cent discount. Children under five travel free of charge.

Family ticket

Up to five people can travel with a Family ticket. It is valid for one or two adults travelling with children between five and 15 years. You can use the ticket outside peak hours without any restrictions. The rush hours are Monday to Friday between 6:31 a.m. and 9:29 a.m. Hop on the train with your family as often as you like and have a great day out. Visit the impressive sights of the Liverpool region to your heart’s content and enjoy the wonderful time together with your family.

Day Saver tickets

Day Saver tickets are valid for a full day on the entire Merseyrail map. Again, however, this excludes peak times Monday to Friday from 6:31 a.m. to 9:29 a.m. The price can vary, depending on whether you want to travel in a particular region or the whole network. Young people between the ages of 15 and 18 receive a 50 per cent discount on Day Saver tickets.

Saveaway ticket

If you want to use Merseyrail trains as well as other forms of public transport, a Saveaway ticket is probably a good choice. Saveaway tickets can be used on buses, trains and ferries. Saveaway tickets are also valid before 6.30 a.m. and after 9.30 a.m. Monday to Friday and all day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Enjoy maximum flexibility with a comparatively cheap Saveaway ticket.

Group Travel tickets

Are you travelling with a group of ten or more? Then take advantage of the Group Travel tickets to secure great discounts. With the Group Travel tickets, you save around 30 per cent compared to a regular ticket. Children even benefit from a saving of over 60 per cent.


The Railpass is an inexpensive season ticket that you can buy for a period of one week, one month or one year. The price depends on which parts of the Merseyrail map you want to use. You can also buy the Railpass as a "Trio" ticket. This means that you can use all public transport (bus, train and ferry) for a week, a month or a whole year under the same conditions.

Classes at Merseyrail

There is no division into different classes, such as first- and second-class seating, as with other rail providers. All Merseyrail trains are equipped with auditory and visual information technology. In addition, special seats are available for wheelchair users. A boarding ramp facilitates boarding. However, accessible toilets are not available on all trains. Assistant staff for passengers with limited mobility are also not found on every train.

Train types: Travelling with Merseyrail in Liverpool

Merseyrail’s trains are British Rail Class 507 and 508 electric multiple units, with Class 777 multiple units being introduced in 2020 to gradually replace the existing stock. Class 507 trains reach a maximum speed of 75 mph, and, likewise, the Class 508 trains and also the new Class 777 trains. However, the new Class 777 trains can accelerate faster, and, so, travel times can be reduced despite the same maximum speed. This is possible thanks to a significantly reduced weight and more efficient electrification, for example. At the same time, the energy consumption can be reduced by 20 per cent due to the modernisation.  

Class 507, 508 and 777 trains have been given different characterisations in recent years. They feature thematic advertising for the Beatles Story and John Hope University. Some trains have been given names such as Red Rum, Bob Paisley and Dixie Dean.

The two 750-volt direct current lines the Northern Line and Wirral Line, for example, connect the centre of Liverpool with Birkenhead. The 75-miles network (120 kilometre) takes you to 68 stations in and around Liverpool. In 2019, more than 30 million passengers used the approximately 800 Merseyrail trains that run daily.

Timetable information: Merseyrail timetables and timetable changes

Merseyrail trains usually run at very short intervals. The number of trains in service every day allows well over 10,000 passengers to be transported each day. The trains run from early in the morning until late at night. Thanks to the high frequency of the connections, delays, if they do occur, are usually not a major problem. There can always be incidents that make it impossible to keep to the timetable. Although this is not a frequent occurrence on Merseyrail.

But what happens during a strike? After all, these occur from time to time, especially with public transport. According to the operator, Merseyrail itself is usually not affected. Nevertheless, a strike at another organisation can also affect the smooth running of Merseyrail. Strikes outside of Merseyrail can also lead to timetable changes here. Omio always endeavours to keep you up to date.

The best of the Wirral Line and Northern Line: the Merseyrail route map

Merseyrail connects Liverpool city centre with towns and communities on the outskirts of the city region. These include Southport, Chester and Ormskirk. There are also a number of intermediate stops serving other parts of the city.

The network currently consists of two lines – the Northern Line and the Wirral Line – and is further connected to the City Line. The Northern Line runs from Hunts Cross in the south of Liverpool through the city centre to Southport, Ormskirk and Kirkby. The Wirral Line connects Liverpool with the Wirral Peninsula via the Mersey Railway Tunnel, with services to New Brighton, West Kirby, Chester and Ellesmere Port. Popular destinations include Liverpool Lime Street, New Brighton, Preston and Hunt’s Cross, with most branches on the network being served every fifteen minutes. Train journey times range from a few minutes to just under two hours, depending on the route chosen.

The three Merseyrail lines, in total, cross at three points. The Northern Line and the City Line meet at Liverpool South Parkway as well as at Hunt’s Cross in the south of the city. The Wirral Line and City Line meet at Lime Street, right in the heart of Liverpool. The Northern Line and Wirral Line cross at Liverpool Central and Moorfields. You can easily change trains at these stations to reach any destination.

Liverpool Lime Street

Liverpool Lime Street. Source: Pixabay

Plan your journey: The most popular routes with Merseyrail

The connection from Liverpool to Southport is undoubtedly one of the most frequented routes of the Merseyrail. You can cover the distance of approximately 26 kilometres in around 46 minutes on one of the 200 trains that run daily. The first train leaves early in the morning, and the last at around midnight.

The route between Liverpool South Parkway and Liverpool City Centre is also very popular. It takes about 25 minutes in total. Around 75 trains a day travel on this eight-kilometre route – from morning to night.

Want to travel from Southport to Chester? Make yourself comfortable on one of the 105 trains that run daily and enjoy the 100-minute journey on the Merseyrail. Unfortunately, there is no direct service for this 51-kilometre journey, so you will need to change trains once.

Another popular route is from Liverpool to Aintree. It takes about 13 minutes to cover this eight-kilometre distance safely and securely. You have a choice of 168 daily connections that will take you to your destination, from early in the morning until late at night.

The sustainable way: Enjoy climate-friendly travel with Merseyrail

All Merseyrail trains are electric. This makes Merseyrail a good choice for environmentally conscious travellers. The modernisation of the fleet means that further energy savings can be expected thanks to the latest technologies. Another positive aspect is the possibility of using tickets in digital form. Rail travel, as such, fundamentally stands for sustainable mobility. As you’d expect, individual transport comes off significantly worse in a comparison of emission values per passenger. By deciding to travel by train and public transport instead of using the car, you are making an important contribution to environmental protection.

Tips for train travel with Merseyrail

If you want to travel with your children, you can enjoy the fact that children under five years of age travel completely free of charge. For children aged five to 15, you get a 50 per cent discount. For young people aged 16 to 25, there are also some discounts under certain conditions.

Do you want to continue your train journey by bike? Provided there is enough space on your chosen train, this is no problem. Each train can accommodate up to two bicycles. However, there is no possibility of reserving the parking spaces. The transport of bicycles is free of charge. Motorised bicycles, tandems and other special types are not allowed.

Are you and your dog simply inseparable? You can take him or her with you at no extra cost. Of course, the same applies to your cat, rabbit or other small pets. However, more than two pets are not allowed. Of course, your pet must not disturb other passengers. Small pets must be transported in a closed box. Dogs that are too big for a transport box must always be kept on a leash.

The most important destinations: Discover Liverpool with Merseyrail

Fancy the roar of lions and animals? You love nothing more than monkeys? Or are you fascinated by the big, grey pachyderms with their impressive tusks? Chester Zoo has more than 20,000 animals across 125 hectares. The award-winning zoological garden successfully promotes nature conservation and helps to save endangered species. Let yourself be enchanted by the wonderful fauna and enter a house full of free-flying butterflies. Will one of the butterflies sit on your hand? Or have you always been fascinated by vampires? You won’t find Count Dracula here, but you will find an impressive bat forest plunged into deepest darkness. Experience a unique day in an impressive zoo. The zoo is just 15 minutes away by bus from Chester station.

Liverpool Cityscape

Liverpool Cityscape. Source: Pixabay

Shop until you drop? Why not! The designer outlet Cheshire Oaks awaits you with appealing fashion from the hottest labels. An Armani coat? A bag by Michael Kors? Or would you prefer something sportier with a new outfit from Adidas? Of course, you’ll also find a wide range of home accessories and household goods! Saving money can be so nice!
From the nearby Chester train station, you can be in a shopping paradise in just a few minutes by bus.

Southport Pleasureland is a theme park not to be missed. Numerous rides, magicians and actors give their all to make your day unforgettable. Indulge in delicious treats from the local eateries and maximise your fun with all the attractions. And the best part? Admission to the park is free! Big or small, there’s something for everyone! The park is just a short walk from Southport station.

Merseyrail: Offers and deals

Merseyrail offers you the usual group, seasonal, off-peak and other standard tickets, as well as many other offers. For example, full or part-time students can enjoy the benefits of the GEM Pass, which allows unlimited travel within a selected area. Season tickets offer you a special Trio option if you wish, which includes bus, train and ferry tickets. In the near future, Merseyrail will be introducing a “Walrus” smartcard and loyalty scheme that you can use on all public transport.

FAQ: Merseyrail

1. Do I need a seat reservation on Merseyrail trains?

Seat reservations are not offered on Merseyrail trains.

2. What service does Merseyrail offer for people with reduced mobility?

Special seating is provided for wheelchair users. Most trains have a disabled toilet.

3. How much luggage can I take with me?

There are no restrictions on how much luggage you can take on the train.

4. Is there Wi-Fi on the Merseyrail train?

Wi-Fi is only available at the stations.

5. Can I take pets with me?

Smaller animals may be taken along in a transport box. Dogs must be kept on a lead.

6. Can I take my bike on Merseyrail trains?

Conventional bicycles can be taken on Merseyrail trains without any problems.

7. Can I exchange or cancel my Merseyrail ticket?

If your train is delayed or cancelled, you can simply exchange your ticket. If there are other reasons for wanting to change your ticket, this is still possible within 28 days. However, there may be a charge for this.

8. Are there power sockets at the seats?

Unfortunately, there are no power sockets at the seat.

Merseyrail destinations

Not sure where to begin your Merseyrail adventure? Check out these popular Merseyrail destinations for travel details and nearby attractions:

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