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SNCB: NMBS/SNCB is Belgium's national rail company. It was founded in 1926 and has been steadily expanding ever since. NMBS/SNCB is responsible for transporting over 200 million passengers every year on both national routes and on the Belgian legs of international journeys across mainland Europe.

NMBS/SNCB Ticket Types

There are two main ticket types when you travel with NMBS/SNCB: first and second class. First-class carriages are differentiated from Second-class on the exterior of the train by a yellow band. Inside, first class offers more legroom and a quieter environment. It is possible to upgrade your ticket onboard if there are First-class seats still available.

Tickets are often cheaper when bought in advance.

Popular Routes in Belgium

Train from Brussels to Bruges
Train from Brussels to Ghent
Train from Brussels to Antwerp
Train from Bruges to Ghent
Train from Charleroi to Brussels
Train from Brussels to Liege



What Services to SNCB offer onboard and at Stations?

There is a wide variety of different options when you travel with NMBS/SNCB. Book a single ticket, a return, or a connection. Opt for a three-course meal on board the train, or just purchase something from the refreshment trolley as it passes.

There are not usually designated NMBS/SNCB lounges at stations; however, as this is the national rail provider in Belgium customers are always free to make use of the station lounge when they make their journey to, or from any station in Belgium and beyond with NMBS/SNCB. Sometimes, but not always, there will be WiFi, both on board the train and at the station which passengers can take advantage of for free

Can Children Travel for Free on SNCB?

  • Children under 12 can travel for free when accompanied with an adult — valid in both travel classes and no extra ticket is needed.
  • An Adult can take up to 4 children on board free of charge
  • Children traveling alone will need their own ticket but it is half price of a normal ticket.

Can Pets travel on SNCB trains?

  • Small pets in baskets, cages or boxes no bigger than 30cm x 55cm x 30cm can travel for free.
  • Guide Dogs or Assistance dogs travel for free.
  • € 3 for animals on a lead with a pet ticket.
  • Dogs don't have to wear muzzles but conductors may request that you apply one to your dog.
  • Pets are not allowed on seats and must not cause inconvience to other passengers.

Is there assistance for people with disabilities on SNCB trains?

  • If you need assistance is it best to contact SNCB at least 48 hours before your journey.
  • If you have a visual impairment of 90% then you are entitled to free travel in 2nd class.
  • Carers can also travel for free when a Free Carer Card is present. They must be traveling with the person they are assisting for the card to be valid.

Popular Routes

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Showing prices for tomorrow, Friday, May 20

Amsterdam Centraal
SNCBBrussels-MidiAmsterdam CentraalDuration: 2h 50from £45
Charleroi Sud
SNCBLille FlandresCharleroi SudDuration: 1h 41from £15
SNCBLille FlandresBrugesDuration: 1h 35from £12
SNCBLiège-GuilleminsMaastrichtDuration: 0h 33from £6
Antwerpen Centraal
SNCBEssen (Belgie)Antwerpen CentraalDuration: 0h 36from £6
Amsterdam Centraal
SNCBLiège-GuilleminsAmsterdam CentraalDuration: 3h 15from £29
SNCBAntwerpen CentraalRoosendaalDuration: 0h 48from £5
Amsterdam Centraal
SNCBAntwerpen CentraalAmsterdam CentraalDuration: 1h 51from £40
Ghent St Pieters
SNCBLille FlandresGhent St PietersDuration: 1h 15from £10