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Amtrak Acela is the way to see America by train

Fast, efficient, and highly cost-effective, Amtrak Acela offers 500 destinations across the United States.

When it comes to long-distance rail travel, Amtrak Acela is America's primary train provider. For fast, environmentally conscious, convenient travel, there's nothing better. There are more than 23,000 Amtrak Acela route miles covered by Amtrak Acela's trains, serving 500 cities in 46 states. On an average day, Amtrak Acela runs 300 trains. Major Amtrak Acela routes include the spectacular California Zephyr between Chicago and San Francisco, and the Northeast Regional, which runs between Boston, New York City, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. Amtrak Acela trains are the swift and scenic way to travel in air-conditioned comfort, with superb views from a reserved seat and a generous luggage allowance included. For those keen on the finer things in life, there are regular cheese and wine tastings on the Empire Builder between Chicago and Seattle, and on the Coast Starlight, a spectacular West Coast adventure from Seattle to Los Angeles.

Amtrak Acela timetable

Amtrak Acela's journeys are clustered together in 30 main routes. There are 500 towns and cities served on the Amtrak Acela train schedule. It's easy to get to the big cities as well as the more out-of-the-way places. Chicago's Union Station is the main hub in the Midwest, while New York City's Penn Station is the busiest rail hub in America, with more than 10 million passengers a year. Washington DC's Union Station is an important hub, as is San Diego's Union Station. Three hundred Amtrak Acela trains run on an average day, with a departure at least every hour on the busiest long-distance routes.

Popular Amtrak Acela Routes

Trains from New York, NY to Boston, MA
Trains from Boston, MA to New York, NY
Trains from New York, NY to Philadelphia, PA
Trains from New York, NY to Washington, DC


Amtrak Acela ticket types

​​​The best advice for Amtrak Acela train tickets is simple: book as far ahead as possible for the best fares. These are Amtrak Acela's Saver fares, with a limited number of Amtrak Acela train tickets available on each route. Value fares are Amtrak Acela's regular tickets. Both Saver and Value fares can be changed or refunded, but there are some penalties closer to departure. There are no restrictions on Flexible fares with regards to changes or refunds. Business fares offer travel in dedicated coaches, while Acela First Class, on the northeast corridor, provides the most luxurious Amtrak Acela travel.​

Train facilities

Amtrak Acela WiFi is provided entirely free of charge on some, but not all, Amtrak Acela routes. Always check. Generally, free Amtrak Acela WiFi is available on trains through densely populated areas and on regional services. Be aware, though, that WiFi is often not available on long-distance routes.

Amtrak Acela FAQs

Got any questions about Amtrak Acela? We're here to answer them, whether the questions are about the best fares, on-train bikes, or pets.

How do I book Amtrak Acela tickets online?

Use Omio! The best deals on the many Amtrak Acela routes are here at Omio. Use the Omio app on mobile or desktop for the cheapest Amtrak Acela fares.

How do I find cheap train tickets with Amtrak Acela?

Book online at Omio! The Saver fares are the cheapest Amtrak Acela fares. They're limited and go quickly. Book in advance for the best deals. Amtrak Acela recommends at least two weeks before a journey.

Should I board Amtrak Acela trains without a ticket?

To avoid paying a penalty fare, it's best to book in advance with Omio before boarding the train. Amtrak Acela accepts mobile tickets on smartphones, so no need to print out your ticket. Download the Omio app to access mobile tickets offline without needing an internet connection.

How can I reserve a seat on Amtrak Acela?

Seats can be reserved with some, but not all, Amtrak Acela fare types. Always check. Amtrak Acela's four seating choices are Unreserved Coach, Reserved Coach, Business Class, and First Class.

What is the Amtrak Acela baggage policy?

Generous. Two personal items, no more than 25 pounds each, two carry-on bags, maximum 50 pounds each, and, if offered, four checked-in bags (two free and two charged), maximum 50 pounds each.

Can you bring bikes on board?

Yes, on some trains. Always check and book. There's a carry-on service, where bikes are on designated racks, and a checked-in service, where bikes are checked in like luggage.

Can I bring my pet on board?

Yes, with restrictions. Dogs and cats weighing up to four pounds are allowed, at extra cost, on journeys no more than seven hours on some routes. Always check and book in advance. Amtrak Acela is a fast, cost-effective, and efficient way to travel anywhere in America. With connections to 500 destinations, Amtrak Acela takes travelers where they want to go.

Popular Routes

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Showing prices for tomorrow, Sunday, January 30

Union Station
AmtrakPenn StationUnion StationDuration: 3h 30from £89
Penn Station
AmtrakUnion StationPenn StationDuration: 3h 15from £89
Back Bay Station, MA
AmtrakPenn StationBack Bay Station, MADuration: 4h 06from £87
Penn Station
AmtrakSouth StationPenn StationDuration: 4h 11from £67
30th Street Station
AmtrakPenn Station30th Street StationDuration: 1h 24from £55
Penn Station
Amtrak30th Street StationPenn StationDuration: 1h 24from £55
Union Station
Amtrak30th Street StationUnion StationDuration: 1h 53from £55
Old Town Station
AmtrakUnion StationOld Town StationDuration: 2h 40from £29