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Flights to Benidorm

Benidorm has lots of exciting attractions and landmarks for everyone to enjoy. No matter what you decided to do, you’ll find that Benidorm meets and exceeds all expectations that you might have. Those who are travelling to Benidorm from the UK can expect the short-haul flight to average at approximately 2h 40min. Most airlines fly to Benidorm and it’s accessible from most airports in the UK! If you’re travelling to Benidorm, then you can benefit from the convenient use of an e-ticket.

Flights to Benidorm will commonly either reach Valencia Airport (VLC) or Alicante Elche Airport (ALC.) Flights to Alicante Elche Airport are more frequent to those who are visiting Benidorm as it’s located closer to the town. It’s still common that your airline will choose to fly to Valencia Airport, and you can find that the distance is commutable. Most flights will be direct, but it is sometimes common that you have to transfer. Transfer locations are commonly either Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, or Dusseldorf.

British Airways to Benidorm

British Airways offer flights to most places around the world, not just Benidorm. When travelling with British Airways you can travel with the comfort that you’re travelling with one of the world’s leading airlines that offer great service to passengers on and offboard flights. British Airways promise efficient and reliable travel that’s frequent and always on time. They are accommodating to all kinds of passengers and offer additional support to those with reduced mobility access. Travelling with this leading airline will also mean that you can benefit from a large number of useful facilities onboard like charging points for your electronic devices, comfortable seating, as well as much more! As well as useful facilities, you can also benefit from the easy and convenient use of e-tickets.

EasyJet to Benidorm

EasyJet is part of the UK’s leading airlines and travels from most airports in the UK and reaches most destinations in Europe. EasyJet promises budget-friendly fares at a low cost whilst still remaining punctual and frequent in their travel. You can access the onboard facilities free of charge and at the price of your ticket. You can find charging points for your electronic devices and spacious room for all of your hand luggage. The staff onboard also promise great service onboard and offboard of the aircraft. If you’re a traveller of reduced mobility, then you can expect that the staff will go above and beyond in their efforts to make you feel comfortable and will help you onto your seat on the aircraft. You can also benefit from the use of a paperless mobile ticket.

Benidorm Sea Church. Source: Shutterstock

Main flight stations in Benidorm

Flights to Benidorm will most likely be arriving at the airports, Valencia Airport (VLC) or Alicante Elche Airport (ALC.) Alicante Elche Airport is the closest located airport to Benidorm and is the more frequent and more popular airport of choice for those wanting to reach Benidorm. Valencia Airport is still a frequent option of airport choice, but it simply lays at a little bit of a longer distance. The journey is approximately 1h 26min for the 145-mile (90 km) trip. There are a lot of frequent and direct flights to Benidorm but rarely you might need to transfer your flight.

Flights will most commonly be done at locations like Barcelona, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Madrid, and others. They will commonly require only a quick stopover. Most major airlines fly to Benidorm and you can travel with the likes of EasyJet, RyanAir, British Airways, and many others. They all offer a great number of facilities, as well as the use of e-tickets.

Onboard facilities to Benidorm

Despite being a quick and short-haul flight, you will still find a large number of useful facilities that you can enjoy on your flight. The onboard facilities tend to be similar among all airlines but they can differ slightly depending on the airlines that you’re travelling with so it might be beneficial to check beforehand. Onboard flights like EasyJet, British Airways, and RyanAir, you can enjoy the likes of comfortable seating, budget-friendly fares, lots of spacious room for your hand luggage, charging ports for your electronic devices, along with many others. Depending on the airline that you’re flying with you will also have the option of low-cost snacks and beverages since meals aren’t included in the price of your ticket like you would find on a longer flight. Water is accessible at all times on the flight. And in addition to these facilities, all of these airlines offer additional support to those travelling with reduced mobility and can offer extra help to and from the aircraft.

Flights to Benidorm: Useful to know

Flights to Benidorm will commonly reach one of two airports, Alicante Elche Airport (ALC) or Valencia Airport (VLC.) It’s easy to find a quick and direct flight through Omio for the short-haul 2h 40min approximate flight. You can find flights from many major airlines and can do so from most airports in the UK. You will find airlines like British Airways, East Jet, RyanAir, and many others. If you plan to fly with any of these airlines, then you can benefit from the eco-friendly and paperless use of an e-ticket. An e-ticket can be shown on any electronic device of your choosing and don’t worry about it running out because all aircraft are equipped with enough charging points to keep your battery high on all of your devices. Before reaching the airport make sure that your e-ticket matches the name on your passport. If the names don’t match then you will be refused access to the aircraft.

Benidorm Aerial View Church. Source: Shutterstock

There’s a lot available that is promised to keep you entertained on your trip to Benidorm. Whether you’re wanting to visit the many attractions that the town has to offer, or you want to discover the history with the historic landmarks, or you simply want to enjoy the aligning of cafes, bars, and restaurants, you’re guaranteed to be spoilt for choice.

If you’re looking for something fun and entertaining for the children, then why don’t you consider Aqualandia Benidorm where your little ones can have fun at the water park rides or even the TirolinasGo Alicante Forestal Park. Appreciate the beauty of Benidorm with attractions like Cala Tio Ximo and La Creu de Benidorm.

If you’re wanting to explore everything that Benidorm has to offer and are curious about how to get around, you will find that the easiest form of travel is either by public bus or to pick up a local taxi.

There are lots available to you that you can do to enjoy your time in the town of Benidorm. It’s intriguing to all kinds of tourists and visitors. Whether you’re looking for the perfect romantic getaway or you’re looking for a holiday with the family, there are lots available to keep you entertained and intrigued to come back.

Enjoy time in Benidorm with exciting attractions that are fun for all of the family or enjoy the landmarks that will allow you to see a further insight into the history of Benidorm and the secrets that are waiting to be unveiled. No matter how you choose to spend your time in Benidorm, you’ll eagerly be waiting for your return. And Benidorm is excited to have you.

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