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The best travel destinations for Gen Z

Gen-Z Travel Ranking: Must-See Places for Generation Z

The era of the Gen-Z globetrotter is well underway! To these young explorers, travelling is more than just sight-seeing. The best travel destinations are places that cater to post-modern values, offer big events, but don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Within the scope of a major study, our travel experts took a close look at a total of 100 popular cities in 40 countries around the world and analysed which cities best satisfy the interests and requirements of the new generation of travellers. The result is a ranking of the coolest and most appealing travel destinations for the 16 to 27-year old crowd of generation Z.

The best travel destinations for generation Z

Our ranking:

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1 Seoul South Korea 70th 15th Many shows 6 181 £4.73 11B £0.76 28% 125 Mbps
2 London United Kingdom 9th 27th Lots of shows 14 192 £7.58 44B £2.98 20% 41 Mbps
3 Los Angeles United States 35th 44th Lots of shows 18 79 £8.61 19B £1.56 21% 77 Mbps
4 Paris France 17th 22nd Lots of shows 7 50 £8.59 44B £1.80 13% 88 Mbps
5 Beijing China 70th 48th No top shows 6 60 £4.36 0.5B £0.54 39% 105 Mbps
6 Busan South Korea 70th 15th Rarely shows 2 70 £4.73 1B £0.76 28% 125 Mbps
7 Barcelona Spain 9th 14th Many shows 1 34 £7.73 71B £2.06 18% 37 Mbps
8 Singapore Singapore 70th 7th Many shows 9 136 £5.81 1B £1.16 19% 78 Mbps
9 Madrid Spain 9th 14th Many shows 2 112 £6.87 24B £1.29 18% 37 Mbps
10 New York United States 35th 44th Lots of shows 9 178 £9.39 39B £2.15 21% 77 Mbps
11 Tokyo Japan 62nd 22nd Many shows 9 100 £4.07 9B £0.82 19% 41 Mbps
12 Dubai United Arab Emirates 191st 11th Rarely shows 2 81 £6.81 74B £1.28 22% 200 Mbps
13 Hong Kong China 70th 48th No top shows 0 157 £4.50 3B £1.13 39% 105 Mbps
14 Atlanta United States 35th 44th Lots of shows 10 11 £7.83 1B £1.96 21% 77 Mbps
15 Berlin Germany 9th 19th Many shows 11 92 £8.59 25B £2.75 17% 57 Mbps
16 Buenos Aires Argentina 9th 69th Many shows 1 40 £3.91 6B £0.12 16% 26 Mbps
17 Amsterdam Netherlands 24th 5th Lots of shows 1 19 £8.59 7B £2.92 21% 108 Mbps
18 Stockholm Sweden 17th 4th Many shows 5 22 £7.18 2B £2.86 22% 97 Mbps
19 Vancouver Canada 2nd 17th Many shows 1 15 £8.16 5B £1.80 19% 81 Mbps
20 Chicago United States 35th 44th Lots of shows 1 63 £7.83 18B £1.96 21% 77 Mbps
21 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 56th 71st No top shows 3 80 £3.31 0.3B £0.23 29% 47 Mbps
22 Brussels Belgium 17th 10th Many shows 1 30 £8.59 1B £2.06 17% 67 Mbps
23 Copenhagen Denmark 4th 1st Rarely shows 4 13 £10.38 1B £2.77 21% 122 Mbps
24 Melbourne Australia 4th 19th Many shows 0 50 £7.65 8B £2.55 16% 86 Mbps
25 Oslo Norway 17th 2nd Rarely shows 0 16 £9.29 1B £3.03 26% 144 Mbps
26 Hamburg Germany 9th 19th Lots of shows 2 40 £7.73 7B £2.81 17% 57 Mbps
27 Dublin Ireland 17th 21st Many shows 0 31 £8.59 3B £1.72 20% 35 Mbps
28 Edinburgh United Kingdom 9th 27th Many shows 0 11 £6.96 2B £1.99 20% 41 Mbps
29 Seattle United States 35th 44th Many shows 9 18 £9.39 4B £2.15 21% 77 Mbps
30 Mumbai India 43rd 122nd No top shows 0 600 £3.31 2B £0.19 23% 43 Mbps
31 Vienna Austria 13th 12th Many shows 0 44 £7.95 3B £2.06 16% 79 Mbps
32 Cardiff United Kingdom 9th 27th Many shows 0 8 £6.83 0.7B £2.14 20% 41 Mbps
33 Montreal Canada 2nd 17th No top shows 4 40 £8.74 5B £2.04 19% 81 Mbps
34 Lisbon Portugal 4th 15th Many shows 0 13 £6.87 0.9B £1.46 9% 72 Mbps
35 Bilbao Spain 9th 14th No top shows 0 7 £6.87 1B £1.09 18% 37 Mbps
36 Valencia Spain 9th 14th No top shows 0 19 £6.87 5B £1.29 18% 37 Mbps
37 Groningen Netherlands 24th 5th No top shows 0 6 £7.73 0.3B £2.15 21% 108 Mbps
38 Antwerp Belgium 17th 10th Many shows 1 11 £8.59 0.3B £2.15 17% 67 Mbps
39 Cologne Germany 9th 19th Many shows 5 23 £8.07 3B £2.58 17% 57 Mbps
40 Winnipeg Canada 2nd 17th No top shows 0 18 £7.72 1B £1.82 19% 81 Mbps
41 Seville Spain 9th 14th No top shows 0 15 £7.20 0.2B £1.20 18% 37 Mbps
42 Kyoto Japan 62nd 22nd No top shows 0 32 £3.81 1B £0.82 19% 41 Mbps
43 Gothenburg Sweden 17th 4th No top shows 0 13 £6.97 0.1B £2.64 22% 97 Mbps
44 Aarhus Denmark 4th 1st No top shows 0 6 £10.38 21B £2.53 21% 124 Mbps
45 Mexico City Mexico 35th 75th Many shows 2 100 £6.42 1B £0.27 13% 27 Mbps
46 Marseille France 17th 22nd Rarely shows 0 21 £8.16 6B £1.63 13% 88 Mbps
47 Manchester United Kingdom 9th 27th Rarely shows 0 13 £6.96 7B £1.99 20% 41 Mbps
48 Porto Portugal 4th 15th No top shows 0 5 £6.01 2B £1.29 9% 72 Mbps
49 Perth Australia 4th 19th Rarely shows 0 15 £7.67 4B £2.30 16% 86 Mbps
50 Ottawa Canada 2nd 17th No top shows 0 24 £7.51 1B £2.18 19% 81 Mbps
51 Osaka Japan 62nd 22nd No top shows 0 61 £3.81 2B £1.19 19% 41 Mbps
52 Birmingham United Kingdom 9th 27th Rarely shows 1 23 £5.97 4B £2.39 20% 41 Mbps
53 Palma de Mallorca Spain 9th 14th No top shows 0 10 £6.87 0.3B £1.63 18% 37 Mbps
54 Athens Greece 35th 32nd No top shows 0 14 £6.87 2B £1.03 13% 70 Mbps
55 Bangkok Thailand 51st 79th Rarely shows 5 30 £4.45 7B £0.98 21% 40 Mbps
56 Sao Paulo Brazil 35th 94th Many shows 3 100 £5.99 9B £0.71 13% 44 Mbps
57 Prague Czechia 48th 34th Many shows 0 31 £7.09 1B £1.26 15% 53 Mbps
58 Boston United States 35th 44th Rarely shows 4 15 £9.39 8B £1.88 21% 77 Mbps
59 Toulouse France 17th 22nd No top shows 0 11 £7.73 2B £1.55 13% 88 Mbps
60 Glasgow United Kingdom 9th 27th Rarely shows 0 13 £5.97 2B £2.48 20% 41 Mbps
61 Linz Austria 13th 12th No top shows 1 5 £7.73 0.8B £2.23 16% 79 Mbps
62 Nantes France 17th 22nd No top shows 0 7 £8.59 0.8B £1.46 13% 88 Mbps
63 Munich Germany 9th 19th Many shows 0 34 £8.59 2B £3.18 17% 57 Mbps
64 Strasbourg France 17th 22nd No top shows 0 6 £8.59 0.9B £1.55 13% 88 Mbps
65 Rennes France 17th 22nd No top shows 0 5 £8.59 0.6B £1.55 13% 88 Mbps
66 Lyon France 17th 22nd No top shows 0 12 £8.59 5B £1.72 13% 88 Mbps
67 Salzburg Austria 13th 12th No top shows 0 6 £8.50 0.6B £2.15 16% 79 Mbps
68 Warsaw Poland 133rd 31st Lots of shows 0 38 £5.77 1B £0.85 13% 47 Mbps
69 Graz Austria 13th 12th No top shows 0 7 £7.73 0.4B £2.32 16% 79 Mbps
70 Istanbul Turkey 121st 65th No top shows 1 200 £4.34 26B £0.29 17% 33 Mbps
71 Cape Town South Africa 35th 97th No top shows 0 109 £3.30 3B £0.82 19% 78 Mbps
72 Innsbruck Austria 13th 12th No top shows 0 3 £7.73 0.2B £2.41 16% 79 Mbps
73 Leipzig Germany 9th 19th No top shows 1 14 £6.87 1B £2.58 17% 57 Mbps
74 Milan Italy 51st 13th Many shows 0 30 £8.59 12B £1.89 9% 48 Mbps
75 Stuttgart Germany 9th 19th No top shows 0 14 £8.59 4B £2.36 17% 57 Mbps
76 Geneva Switzerland 2nd 3rd No top shows 0 5 £13.38 0.4B £2.68 19% 93 Mbps
77 Naples Italy 51st 13th No top shows 0 20 £6.87 2B £1.12 9% 48 Mbps
78 Belfast United Kingdom 9th 27th No top shows 0 7 £6.91 1B £2.53 20% 41 Mbps
79 Jerusalem Israel 29th 22nd No top shows 0 21 £11.45 2B £1.27 17% 33 Mbps
80 Rome Italy 51st 13th No top shows 2 32 £8.59 3B £1.29 9% 48 Mbps
81 Frankfurt Germany 9th 19th No top shows 1 17 £7.73 5B £2.92 17% 57 Mbps
82 Tel Aviv Israel 29th 22nd No top shows 0 10 £11.88 0.6B £1.17 17% 33 Mbps
83 Auckland New Zealand 4th 25th Rarely shows 0 36 £7.11 2B £1.88 2% 66 Mbps
84 Christchurch New Zealand 4th 25th No top shows 0 9 £7.11 0.2B £1.32 2% 66 Mbps
85 Palermo Italy 51st 13th No top shows 0 16 £7.73 3B £1.20 9% 48 Mbps
86 Turin Italy 51st 13th Rarely shows 0 21 £8.59 0.3B £1.46 9% 48 Mbps
87 Kalkutta India 43rd 122nd No top shows 0 107 £2.83 8B £0.47 23% 43 Mbps
88 Bologna Italy 51st 13th No top shows 0 10 £7.30 0.08B £1.29 9% 48 Mbps
89 San Francisco United States 35th 44th No top shows 2 22 £9.38 4B £2.33 21% 77 Mbps
90 Bern Switzerland 2nd 3rd No top shows 0 8 £13.38 0.5B £3.17 19% 93 Mbps
91 Florence Italy 51st 13th No top shows 0 8 £8.59 1B £1.29 9% 48 Mbps
92 Basel Switzerland 2nd 3rd No top shows 0 4 £14.28 0.8B £3.21 19% 93 Mbps
93 Venice Italy 51st 13th No top shows 0 6 £7.73 2B £1.72 9% 48 Mbps
94 Budapest Hungary 84th 55th Rarely shows 1 44 £6.24 2B £0.78 8% 48 Mbps
95 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 188th 57th No top shows 3 39 £3.38 4B £0.52 23% 48 Mbps
96 Zurich Switzerland 2nd 3rd Rarely shows 0 9 £14.72 1B £3.93 19% 93 Mbps
97 Gdańsk Poland 133rd 31st No top shows 0 11 £5.44 0.4B £0.92 13% 47 Mbps
98 Doha Qatar 191st 54th No top shows 0 53 £5.34 7B £0.43 1% 183 Mbps
99 Denpasar Indonesia 159th 110th No top shows 0 21 £2.58 0.7B £0.36 21% 23 Mbps
100 Cairo Egypt 191st 109th No top shows 0 100 £3.80 4B £0.25 14% 26 Mbps
Row %1$d to %2$d of %3$d

*Position on a country level as per the Spartacus Gay Travel Index 2023. Dual assignments were possible during the ranking.

**Position on a country level as per the UN Gender Development Index 2021/22


A new generation of travellers is ready to go

What does a city have to have in order to win the hearts of Gen-Zers? Well, diversity and equal rights are at the top of the list. The 16 to 27-year olds of generation Z value all locations where they can live their lives under their true identity and without prejudice. High levels of queer acceptance and gender equality are not compromises, but must-haves.

For the youngest travellers, constant connectivity is indispensable – they rightfully require that their favourite apps function around the world. Destination cities with fast mobile Internet and digital payment options are especially appealing to them.

Affordable public transportation? Yes, please! As at home, Gen-Zers are eco-friendly and thrifty when travelling. As with preceding generations, the budget of these young adults is limited – being able to eat cost-effectively is a decisive factor in choosing a travel destination. This can be vegetarian or vegan: culinary innovations such as bubble tea and egg-drop sandwiches are very popular with young foodies.

Visiting museums and monuments? Perhaps some other time … For culture, the youngest generation of travellers prefers live concerts and action-packed events dealing with all things gaming and e-sports. Linking a city break with a concert by their favourite artist or playing the hottest game with like-minded individuals in an exciting location, is currently much more seductive than a visit to the Louvre, Buckingham Palace or the Museum of Modern Arts.

Skyline of Seoul
1. Seoul, South Korea
Seoul is the top travel destination for generation Z. This city offers everything that appeals to young adults: K-Pop, lively nightclubs, affordable prices, gaming cafes and e-sport stadiums. The technology is first-rate, with high-speed mobile Internet and widespread digital payment options. From a culinary standpoint, Seoul is a paradise with a large selection of dishes, from bibimbap to street food. There are also many options here for vegetarians and vegans. Seoul combines tradition and innovation and gives Gen-Z travellers the opportunity to experience Korean pop culture and to enjoy the hospitality of South Korea. In short, Seoul is the ideal travel destination for young adults.
London skyline
2. London, United Kingdom
The absolute must-visit city in Europe for Gen-Z is currently London. Things are really buzzing here, with lively concerts, hip food spots, cosy gaming cafes and the biggest e-sport events. In London, you can really pay anywhere with your smart phone - whether it is for underground tickets or in a popular cafe on the corner. Even street artists have recognised the digital trend and will gladly accept cash-free payments. London makes life super easy and convenient for Gen-Z travellers. The bonus: Nearly all top artists and bands make a stop in London during their world or stadium tours - the city vibrates with energy and entertainment.
Los Angeles skyline
3. Los Angeles, USA
Los Angeles in the USA is a paradise for generation Z. It has long been the case that everything is no longer about Hollywood stars and films here. The city is a hub for e-sports contests, with a minimum of 18 big events every year. A trip to Los Angeles is an incomparable experience: In addition to gaming events there are delicious food spots, exciting night-life hot spots and, of course, the classic Hollywood attractions, such as tours of the Warner Brothers or Disney sets and a walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The city offers the perfect mix of digital innovation and traditional glamour that Gen-Z travellers are so enthusiastic about.
Paris city and Arc de Triomphe
4. Paris, Frankreich
The city of love has re-invented itself for generation Z. The Louvre and Montmartre might be out, but Paris continues to attract young travellers with its cultural diversity. No world-class artist would miss a stop here while touring, whether it be in a small club or in the Stade de France. Like no other city, Paris connects Gen-Zers with the generations of their parents and siblings who also love Paris. During the day, you can explore art and history together and then, in the evenings, you can all dine in popular bars and restaurants. The culinary diversity ranges from classic French cuisine to international fusion dishes. Thus, Pairs is the ideal travel destination for young and experienced travellers alike.
Peking skyline
5. Peking, China
Beijing is the ideal travel destination for Gen-Z adventure-seekers who would like to learn more about the rising super power China. Here it is not about the classic sights, but about the culture of a nation that is becoming ever more influential on the world stage. A rich history and the post-modern world melt into one in Beijing. Historic sites such as the Forbidden City embody the fascinating past while high-tech gaming entertainment and futuristic architecture represent the innovative future. This city not only offers an insight into Chinese culture but also into the global trends of tomorrow. Beijing is a lively bridge between the old and new worlds and is therefore an indispensable travel destination for young explorers who are curious about the unknown.

The Top Travel Destination: Seoul in South Korea offers everything that the hearts of Gen-Zers desire

The exciting metropolis of Seoul in South Korea has the most state-of-the-art things to offer to the digitally adept Gen-Z travellers. Thanks to K-pop and K-drama series, this far eastern country is currently not just totally trendy among teenagers and young adults, it is even considered the most appealing travel city for generation Z according to an evaluation of ten criteria based on the requirements and interests of 16 to 27-year olds.

Seoul alley

K-pop fans can smile because Seoul is well known as the epicentre of their favourite genre of music. In the lively Gangnam quarter, night turns into day. Countless clubs and bars are
waiting to be discovered. At £4.73 for a fast food dinner and around £0.76 for a train ticket, Seoul is one of the cities with especially affordable prices – ideal for the small budget of young adults.

For gaming nerds, a small paradise also awaits them in Seoul. The city not only has its own e-sports stadium, but also has more than a hundred gaming cafes on almost every corner. At least six of the world’s biggest gaming events and e-sport contests take place in Seoul.

Also in terms of technology, Seoul is way ahead. Fast mobile Internet? Of course! In this city, everyone enjoys a minimum of 125 Mbps. Mobile payment methods are available almost everywhere, particularly in the smart konbinis – Seoul’s 24-hour convenience stores.

For young foodies, Seoul is a dream come true: From bibimbap and kimchi to the wildest street food creations, you can have a wild culinary celebration. Vegans can find a minimum of 181 vegetarian or vegan food spots, as any analysis of the gastronomic map of the city will show.

Seoul is a dream destination and unique interplay of tradition, innovation and current attitudes. Here you can experience the hottest trends, experience Korean pop culture up close and enjoy the hospitality of South Korea to the full extent. Seoul is thus without doubt the city that offers exactly what young travellers are currently looking for.

Dubai: The favourite on TikTok

Burj Al Arab in Dubai

With more than 74 billion views, no other city is as popular on TikTok as Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This city is the favourite of generation Z on social media and it leaves the dream destinations of older generations such as New York City (39 billion views) or Paris (44 billion views) lagging far behind.

Dubai appeals to Gen-Z because it offers an impressive mix of modern architecture, shopping and action-packed offerings such as indoor skiing and leisure parks. The city is also a technology hub with high-speed Internet and advanced mobile payment options. Some downsides to Dubai are of course the uncertain conditions for queer persons and the comparatively high prices.

Top Cities for Gen-Z in the United Kingdom

London bridge see through

In our global Gen-Z Travel Ranking, London secures an impressive second place. Among all the cities surveyed in the United Kingdom, the city has the greatest potential to captivate young travelers. London is recognized nationally and internationally as a hotspot for innovation and creativity and is often at the forefront when it comes to exploring new fashion and food trends.

Other cities in the country, such as Edinburgh (28th place), Cardiff (32nd place), Manchester (47th place), Birmingham (52nd place), Glasgow (60th place), and Belfast (78th place), cannot compete with London in terms of diversity and attractions for the new generation. In the Gen-Z Travel Ranking, particularly Birmingham, Glasgow, and Belfast rank lower and therefore have less to offer for young travelers.

Top stars like Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, or Harry Styles also visit Edinburgh and Cardiff, but none as consistently as London. None of the surveyed stars skip London on a world tour. Among all artists, Harry Styles performs most frequently in the United Kingdom. The only city he has skipped so far is Belfast.

In the gaming and esports realm, London is the epicenter, while Cardiff, Manchester, and others offer fewer activities in this regard. London hosts a minimum of 14 international esports competitions and events each year, making it one of the world’s largest gaming hotspots.

The attractiveness of cities in the United Kingdom is also hindered by a relatively slow mobile internet connection and limited availability of digital payment options. Gen-Z no longer tolerates this!

London impresses on TikTok with a whopping 44 billion views and undoubtedly ranks among the global favorites for Gen-Z online. In comparison, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and the other surveyed cities sometimes achieve less than two billion views on TikTok, with Manchester’s community being particularly active with about 7 billion views.

Top artists primarily go to London or Los Angeles for concerts

Los Angeles Venice

Concerts are extremely beloved among Gen-Zers. Gen-Z grew up in a heavily networked and digital world in which music is easily accessible. Live concerts offer a unique opportunity to experience music close up and to share genuine emotions with like-minded individuals – an experience that young people had to forgo during the Corona pandemic and which is just now being made up for.

Many great artists and bands are currently or have recently been on a world tour. They visit many cities during such tours, but none as consistently as London and Los Angeles. All of the top stars studied – Beyoncé, BTS, Harry Styles, Taylor Swift and The Weeknd – have played in both cities during their international tours.

Queers are relatively safe in Copenhagen, Vancouver, Geneva and Lisbon

Rainbow drawn on the ground

Safety, acceptance and freedom are of essential importance for queer travellers. Young queers have fewer worries in countries like Denmark, Canada, Switzerland or Portugal. Cities such as Copenhagen, Vancouver, Geneva and Lisbon are among the safer cities for the LGBTQA+ crowd, with popular homosexual and queer quarters for making one’s holiday or meeting like-minded people.

Unfortunately, not all travel destinations are so liberal-minded and hospitable. In Europe, in more than any other country, the situations in Poland and Hungary are the most worrisome. Discriminatory laws and a lack of acceptance make these places unsafe destinations. Other difficult travel destinations for openly queer travellers are Cairo in Egypt, Doha in Qatar and the allegedly so modern Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Top 3 Gaming Paradises: Los Angeles, London, Berlin

E-Gaming event

Gaming is an absolute must for generation Z. In a mostly virtually networked world of multi-player online games, e-sport events offer a unique opportunity to take risks in their favourite game up close with others. No city attracts e-sport fans as consistently as Los Angeles. The pulsing heart of gaming, with a minimum of 18 big tournaments, which are played out in front of an enthusiastic audience. Everything is a gamble – from Fortnite and FIFA to Minecraft.

In Europe, gamers will find the big e-sport events more in London or Berlin. London hosts approximately 14 events and tournaments, whereas around 11 big events can be found in Berlin, among these the League of Legends Championships and Dota 2 Major Tournaments.

Mumbai and Istanbul are a dream come true for vegan foodies

Streetfood stall with spicies

Mumbai is a genuine dream destination for vegetarian and vegan foodies. The city spoils locals and visitors with around 600 different restaurants and street food stands with purely vegetarian fare. Every bite between Pav Bhaji and Pani Puris is an adventure in taste.

The European alternative to Mumbai is Istanbul. The analysis resulted in a minimum of 200 vegetarian and vegan food spots in the city. Istanbul enchants visitors with its rich selection of vegetarian mezze dishes and delicious vegetable kebabs.