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EU Transport Strike Action and Industrial Action – How to Deal with Train Strikes, Bus Strikes, Air Strikes

Transport Strikes in Europe: What to do when you’re affected

In recent times, transport strikes have been on the up. It often feels like a week doesn’t go by, when there isn’t a train or airport strike in Europe. And when you’re travelling on affected days, it can add extra stress to your journey.

If your trip has been delayed or cancelled because of strike action, we’ll do what we can to help make things easier. From general rules about industrial action across Europe to what we can do to help manage your affected journey. 

How to stay informed on train strikes, bus strikes and air strikes

Omio is your go-to platform for staying informed about transport strike action, rail strikes and industrial action in the EU. We understand the frustration of having your travel plans affected by strikes, so we’re here to help you on the way.

At Omio, we keep you updated on train and railway strikes, bus strikes, air strikes and ferry strikes. Our comprehensive resources cover dealing with disruptions effectively, ensuring your journey remains as smooth as possible even during challenging times.

You can find more detailed information and guidance on service disruptions related to strikes through our dedicated Help Centre pages:

For a quick overview of our strike-related information, you can check out these pages:

We strive to provide you with the most up-to-date and helpful resources so that you can easily navigate any disruptions caused by strikes. Trust Omio to be your travel companion during challenging times.

Navigating travel disruption: smooth journeys despite delays

Travelling can be an exhilarating adventure, but it’s not without its challenges. From unexpected transport disruptions to unforeseen delays, your journey can sometimes take unexpected turns. At Omio, we understand the frustration that comes with travel delays and disruptions. We aim to help you navigate these obstacles smoothly, making your travel experience as seamless as possible.

Whether it’s addressing travel delays, for compensation or providing real-time updates on transport disruptions, we’ve got you covered. We strive to minimise travel disruption and rail strike impacts and keep you informed every step of the way. 

Train Strikes: Information on railway strikes

Train strikes are one of the most common transport strikes across Europe. Railway strikes are often a result of industrial action, which might lead to no trains or severely reduced services. 

If a train strike is called on the day of travel, it can cause severe disruptions to your journey. If a railway strike affects your trip, please check our help centre, as you’ll find the most up-to-date information about delays or cancellations there. 

Booked your tickets with Omio? Our Customer Service team will reach out to you via email. If you need to travel on a strike day, use the Omio app to find potential bus, flight or ferry routes to your destination. 

Bus Strikes information

Bus strikes, although rare, can happen and when they do, they’ll cause disruptions or cancellations to regular bus or coach services. If you’re travelling on a strike day, we suggest contacting the company you’re travelling with to get the most up-to-date information. If you bought a ticket through Omio, our Customer Service team will contact you with more details on the bus strike, and information about your ticket. 

If you need to travel on the day of the bus strike, use Omio to discover alternative ways to your destination.

Air Strikes, Airport Strikes, Airline Strikes and Pilot Strikes Information

Air strikes can severely impact your travel plans. If an air strike or airport strike is announced on the day you’re scheduled to travel, it can lead to significant disruptions in your journey. In the event of an air strike affecting your trip, we recommend checking with the airline or travel provider you’re flying with for the latest updates on delays or cancellations. If you’ve booked your tickets through Omio, contact our Customer Service team and they will help you. Should you need to travel on a day affected by an air strike, use the Omio app to explore alternative transport options such as bus, flight, or ferry routes to reach your destination.

Ferry Strike Information

Ferry strikes, although relatively rare, can disrupt travel plans, leading to delays and inconvenience for passengers. In the event of a ferry strike, passengers should first consult the official communication channels of the ferry company, such as their website, to get the most up-to-date information regarding the scheduled service. If you have booked your ferry ticket via Omio, you can contact our Help Centre. We also recommend exploring other transportation options, such as buses, trains, or flights, to reach your destination if ferry services are affected. 

How to reclaim your travel tickets in case of strikes and disruptions 

We’re here to help if a travel strike or service disruption affects your journey. 

If you’re travelling in Europe and the UK, you have certain passenger rights or possibilities to rebook or cancel your tickets. Usually, a solution can be worked out where you can claim compensation. In the UK, the national scheme Delay Repay helps reimburse passengers for unexpected delays, cancellations and disruptions. Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about strikes and disruptions in the UK and Europe below. 

FAQ – ticket compensation

How can travel union strikes cause disruptions?

One of the main reasons rail strikes, train strikes, flight strikes or even ferry and bus strikes happen is because a union called for a strike. This can be for many reasons, such as pay disputes or wanting better working conditions. For example, when a train driver union or pilot union calls a strike, the union members are expected to join the strike. This means there isn’t anyone to drive the trains or planes, and it can also mean there isn’t anyone to man stations or airports. This can cause disruptions to services, as well as have a knock-on effect on other services. 

Strikes and Industrial Actions FAQ

When Rail goes off the rails…

When Rail goes off the rails…

Disruptions happen, but they don’t need to stop your plans. If you still want to travel, but your train is cancelled, why not take the bus instead (or vice versa)?

If there is an alternate mode of transport available for your route, it will show in the search results tabs on our website.