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The most convenient ferry routes ranked

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Choosing a destination reachable by ferry transforms the journey to a family vacation into an exciting adventure from the get-go. Europe’s ferry services offer abundant choices and a comfortable way of travel.

Our team of travel experts has carefully researched ferry routes focused on comfort, entertainment, and excellent service, making them ideal for families with children. We’ve analysed the top 50 ferry routes in Europe, noting key amenities onboard. The result? A comprehensive ranking of the most convenient ferry connections for everyone.

Europe’s top 50 ferry connections

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1 Mediterranean Palermo–Genoa Car ferry £188 £0.22 ✅ Included ✅ Included 100.0
2 Corse Livorno–Bastia Car ferry £77 £0.39 ✅ Included ✅💲 ✅💲💲 99.3
3 Sardinia Genoa–Porto Torres Car ferry £115 £0.29 ✅ Included ✅💲💲 92.5
4 Sardinia Genoa–Olbia Car ferry £144 £0.37 ✅ Included ✅💲💲 92.2
5 Italy Livorno–Golfo Aranci Car ferry £121 £0.42 ✅ Included ✅💲💲 92.0
6 Corse Genoa–Bastia Car ferry £96 £0.49 ✅ Included ✅💲💲 91.7
7 Irish Sea Belfast–Cairnryan Car ferry £113 £0.75 ✅💲 ✅ Included ✅💲💲 90.5
8 Baltic Sea Stockholm–Turku Car ferry £40 £0.12 ✅💲 ✅💲💲 86.1
9 Scandinavia Oslo–Copenhagen Car ferry £96 £0.20 ✅💲 ✅💲💲 85.7
10 Baltic Sea Stockholm–Helsinki Car ferry £101 £0.25 ✅💲 ✅💲💲 85.5
11 North Sea Newcastle–Amsterdam Car ferry £145 £0.28 ✅💲 ✅💲💲 85.4
12 Baltic Sea Travemünde–Malmö Car ferry £85 £0.29 ✅ included ✅💲💲 85.4
13 Irish Sea Liverpool–Belfast Car ferry £103 £0.36 ✅ Included ✅💲💲 85.0
14 Sardinia Civitavecchia–Olbia Car ferry £102 £0.46 ✅💲 ✅💲 84.6
15 Baltic Sea Kiel–Klaipeda Car ferry £111 £0.09 ✅💲💲 79.0
16 Baltic Sea Karlskrona–Gdynia Car ferry £82 £0.26 ✅💲 ✅💲💲 78.3
17 Sardinia Livorno–Olbia Car ferry £121 £0.40 ✅💲💲 77.7
18 Baltic Sea Helsinki–Tallinn Car ferry £46 £0.56 ✅💲 77.0
19 Baltic Sea Gothenburg–Kiel Car ferry £108 £0.27 ✅💲💲 71.0
20 North Sea Harwich–Hoek van Holland Car ferry £120 £0.38 ✅💲💲 70.6
21 Baleares Barcelona–Ibiza Car ferry £107 £0.38 ✅ 💲 70.6
22 Baltic Sea Warnemünde–Malmö Car ferry £75 £0.41 ✅💲💲 70.5
23 Sicily Naples–Palermo Passenger ferry £141 £0.42 ✅💲💲 70.4
24 Baltic Sea Warnemünde–Trelleborg Car ferry £67 £0.42 ✅💲💲 70.4
25 Scandinavia Frederikshavn–Gothenburg Car ferry £70 £0.44 ✅💲💲 70.3
26 English Channel Newhaven–Dieppe Car ferry £93 £0.63 ✅💲💲 69.5
27 Irish Sea Holyhead–Dublin Car ferry £108 £1.01 ✅💲 ✅💲💲 67.9
28 Baleares Denia–Ibiza Car ferry £228 £2.15 ✅💲 62.9
29 Baleares Valencia–Mallorca Passenger ferry £163 £0.59 ✅💲 62.5
30 Baleares Valencia–Ibiza Passenger ferry £164 £0.75 ✅💲 61.8
31 English Channel Dover–Dunkirk Car ferry £77 £0.88 ✅💲💲 61.2
32 English Channel Dover–Calais Car ferry £81 £0.92 ✅💲💲 61.1
33 Strait of Gibraltar Algeciras–Tangier Passenger ferry £77 £1.24 ✅💲 49.4
34 Amalfi coast Piombino–Portoferraio Car ferry £97 £3.61 ✅💲 47.7
35 Baleares Barcelona–Mallorca Car ferry £194 £0.70 ✅💲 40.8
36 Corfu Sarande–Corfu Passenger ferry £64 £2.29 ✅ Included 40.1
37 Adriatic Sea Split–Dubrovnik Passenger ferry £194 £0.78 ✅💲 40.1
38 Aegean Sea Mykonos–Athens Car ferry £128 £0.79 ✅💲💲 34.4
39 Canarys Tenerife–Gran Canaria Passenger ferry £228 £2.11 ✅💲💲 29.9
40 Adriatic Sea Split–Hvar Passenger ferry £145 £1.49 ✅💲💲 29.1
41 Strait of Gibraltar Tarifa–Tangier Passenger ferry £64 £3.34 ✅💲💲 27.9
42 Aegean Sea Santorini–Mykonos Passenger ferry £103 £1.94 ✅💲💲 27.6
43 Amalfi coast Capri–Amalfi Passenger ferry £229 £2.02 ✅💲 26.3
44 Amalfi coast Naples–Amalfi Passenger ferry £67 £2.32 ✅💲 25.6
45 Gulf of Naples Naples–Capri Passenger ferry £88 £2.87 ✅💲 23.9
46 Baleares Ibiza–Formentera Passenger ferry £74 £3.21 ✅💲 22.4
47 Amalfi coast Salerno–Amalfi Passenger ferry £80 £1.76 ✅💲 21.5
48 Amalfi coast Positano–Capri Passenger ferry £76 £3.53 ✅💲 21.0
49 Amalfi coast Sorrento–Capri Passenger ferry £30 £4.86 ✅💲 15.3
50 Sicily Trapani–Favignana Passenger ferry £78 £5.07 ✅💲💲 0.0
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Europe’s most scenic ferry journeys

Ferry travel is more than a mere point-to-point journey; it kickstarts your vacation from the moment you step onboard. Whether passing through scenic landscapes like the White Cliffs of Dover, the fjords of Scandinavia, or the picturesque islands of Greece, you’ll experience unique perspectives of the world by the water.

Amalfi coast
The Amalfi Coast is renowned as one of the most beautiful places in the world. The one-hour passenger ferry ride from Amalfi to Salerno in Italy takes travellers through clear blue waters, past fishing villages nestled among wild rock formations, and into beautiful bays. Exploring the Mediterranean countryside of the Amalfi Coast by ferry is the best way to experience this stunning destination.
mykonos greece ferry
The ferry ride from Santorini to Mykonos or vice versa is a memorable island-hopping experience that unveils the captivating landscape of the Greek islands. The picturesque journey through crystal-clear waters, passing breathtaking islands such as Ios, Paros, and Naxos, feels like stepping into the shoes of Odysseus on a mythical tour.
Copenhagen Denmark
The ferry voyage from Oslo, Norway, to Copenhagen, Denmark, serves as a scenic link between two bustling Scandinavian capitals. As travellers traverse the shallow waters of the Kattegat Sea, they will be treated to breathtaking coastal views and charming seaside villages, making it a unique and unforgettable journey.
Dover white cliff
One of the world's busiest ferry routes connects Calais in France to Dover in the United Kingdom. This short yet remarkable journey through the English Channel offers stunning views of the iconic White Cliffs of Dover and the picturesque coastline of Northern France. It's a truly memorable route that bridges two fascinating European countries.
The ferry connection from Split to Dubrovnik in Croatia isn't just a practical choice—it's also a scenic journey through the stunning Adriatic Sea. Given Dubrovnik's location nestled amidst mountains and water, this ferry ride provides a delightful alternative to the more tricky overland routes. It's an unforgettable experience for travelers seeking to explore the beauty of the Croatian coast.

A family-friendly way to travel

For families choosing to travel by ferry, the journey itself starts their vacation immediately. With plenty of space for luggage and the freedom to bring their car, camper, and everything they need, the ferry creates the ideal beginning for a relaxing getaway.

Numerous top destinations on the British Isles, as well as France, the Netherlands or the islands of Corsica, Sardinia, Mallorca and more, are easily reachable by ferry. Many ferry operators prioritise comfort and convenience, offering vessels that resemble small cruise liners. These ferries come equipped with a wide range of onboard services such as shopping arcades, entertainment venues, restaurants, and even spa facilities. Travelling overnight? No problem. Private cabin options ensure travellers arrive at their destination feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Ibiza Spain

Limitless onboard entertainment

Ferry rides can turn your vacation into an exciting travel adventure, especially on longer journeys like the 20-hour Mediterranean voyage from Genoa to Palermo in Sicily. Ferry operators focus on providing extensive comfort and onboard amenities, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience throughout your trip.

The ferry “GNV La Superba” is one of the largest and most impressive ships, with a capacity for nearly 3,000 passengers and 1,000 vehicles. It offers private cabins with ocean views, first-class dining, and a wide range of shopping choices. The ship also provides spa services, live entertainment shows in the atrium, and designated play areas for children.

ferry boat

Safety first

European ferries are widely acknowledged as one of the safest public transportation options worldwide. They adhere to strict safety standards, undergo daily inspections, and are operated by highly skilled crews, providing passengers with the utmost confidence during their journey. Additionally, each ferry is equipped with the latest safety gear to further bolster passenger security.

Tranquil waters and short distances add to your comfort and safety, reducing the likelihood of seasickness. Modern ferries also feature stabilisers to minimise rocking during the voyage, making travel a breeze.

men on ferry

Save money by booking early

Ferry rides offer a cost-effective alternative to air travel, as shown on this page. During summer, travellers and families can save significantly by booking journeys and tickets early. Flexible departure times can also lead to cost savings, as ticket prices may vary based on demand. Note that popular routes can fill up quickly, especially during peak vacation seasons.

Vehicle size influences costs, with larger and heavier vehicles incurring higher fees. Unlike air travel, ferry passengers don’t need to worry about luggage weight restrictions, as all luggage is included in the ticket price.

Just a few reasons to travel by ferry

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Ferry triumphs over air travel

Ferry connections are frequently a cost-effective alternative to flights, as shown in the accompanying image. We conducted a detailed price analysis of fourteen selected routes, and in 12 out of 14 cases, the ferry was significantly more affordable compared to flying—sometimes up to 86% cheaper. This was notably the case for the popular Scandinavian route from Frederikshavn in Denmark to Gothenburg in Sweden (as opposed to Aalborg–Gothenburg by air).

The ferry service from Dover in England to Calais on the French coast even surpasses the Eurostar train by 6%. On average, the price difference between flying and taking the ferry was a whopping 49%, indicating that passengers can save significantly by considering a ferry journey.

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