Omio’s Open Travel Index helps travellers plan their journeys depending on what country they are in. Credit: Annie Spratt/Unsplash

Omio Launches the Open Travel Index

by The Window Seat

As a result of COVID-19, travel rules and regulations are in a constant flux. Omio has gathered all the latest updates on travel restrictions across Europe in the Open Travel Index. This online resource serves as an interactive discovery tool where vital information can be filtered according to the latest regulations and safety guidelines.

The guide offers up-to-date info about the latest safety restrictions based on the chosen country’s guidelines. This includes information about travel rules (such as the use of face masks), relevant refund policies for major travel companies and entry tips for non-residents. Travelers can access a map in 36 nations that signals the chosen departure country’s open status.

Travelers keen to reunite with family and friends can use the index as an overview to discover their travel possibilities based on their current locations. “We wanted to create a tool knowing that each country is working at their own pace to lift restrictions, and the first question on everyone’s minds is ‘where can I go to safely?’” says Justin Wang, Director of Brand at Omio.

Omio Launches the Open Travel Index
The new online resource showcases where to travel safely in 36 countries based on your country of origin.

The Open Travel Index also shows where travelers can go based on their location using a system that color codes destinations by three categories: restricted (red), partial opening (orange) and fully open (green). This helps travelers feel calmer in the current environment, according to Wang.

“With so much information being updated at different times, we hope that the index will help travelers feel confident and safe to travel, and, most importantly, inspire travel in our hearts again,” Wang says.