Casa de los Bates in Motril, Spain, is a verdant oasis, perfect for relaxation. Credit: We Are Hype Agency

Adopt a Town: Motril

Discover the charming Southern Spanish town and help the local food bank

by Shandana A. Durrani

In 2020, just before we entered the third wave of the pandemic, Omio launched an initiative to help cities in Europe that had been most affected by the initial COVID lockdown. First up: Bergamo, Italy.

With the help of the local tourism board and influencers, we created a unique itinerary to the Northern Italian town to entice travelers to visit when the pandemic was over. Omio donated part of ticket proceeds to COVID-19 recovery funds in the area. Thus Adopt a Town was born. 

Now, beyond what seems to be the fourth (and hopefully last) wave, and with vaccination numbers climbing, Adopt a Town wants to drive travel to the Southern Spanish town of Motril. For every trip booked to Motril this July and August with Omio, we will donate part of the proceeds to the local food bank, the Banco de Alimentos de Motril. 

We’ve joined forces with Granadan local Ana Hernández, a.k.a. @azul_mistico, whose family hails from this charming corner of Andalusia. Hernández crafted a unique itinerary, complete with a boat ride, some guided visits to museums and parks, and plenty of tapas! Here’s her take on why you should visit Motril this summer. 


Inés Díaz: You’ve traveled all over the world, so what excites you and makes you most proud of your hometown of Motril?

Ana Hernández: The locals! In Motril, people seem to always be in a good mood and love to make you laugh. Everyone knows how to stop and take their time to enjoy the little things—from the food, to a day at the beach. It’s so easy to switch off from everything else and just live in the moment!

I.D.: Why should people visit Motril this summer? What are some fun things on the calendar should restrictions ease further?

A.H.: The subtropical climate of Motril makes it perfect all year round, but especially in the summer, there are plenty of events and music festivals in the area [such as Motril en Vivo, a pop music two-day event in mid-July, or Kiskilla Urban Festival on July 10], and the beachside bars come alive! The very special surroundings make it great for hiking, and the watersports are not to be missed either! But my favorite thing about Motril is definitely the amazing food. I’m already hungry just thinking about it!

I.D.: How did COVID-19 affect Motril? How do you think the Adopt a Town initiative can help?

A.H.: COVID-19 had a devastating effect on the tourism industry, and Motril was not an exception since it’s a popular beach destination. I’m hopeful that Adopt a Town will help put Motril on the map again, and show people this lovely city and everything it has to offer.

I.D.: How can you relax and unwind in Motril?

A.H.: The question is how can you not? Motril is the perfect place to switch off and take a proper holiday, but my favorite way to do it would have to be enjoying a day at the beach, and eating some typical dishes in a chiringuito [beach bar]!

I.D.: Your second Instagram account showcases your passion for interior design. How does this love of aesthetics influence your choices when traveling?

A.H.: When I plan a trip to a new destination, I always try to put some time aside to enjoy some museums or exhibitions—I’m a big fan of modern art! I also like to visit places with interesting architecture…but what it affects the most is definitely my choice of accommodation. Modern, quirky or bohemian, I always go for the prettiest, strangest or most authentic accommodation I can find!