Paris has one of the best skylines in the world, so enjoy it from a rooftop bar. Credit: Le Perchoir Marais

The Best Rooftop Bars in Paris

Discover the chicest places to enjoy the City of Light’s most stunning views

by Becky Mumby-Croft

Paris at any time of year is a glorious thing, but its picturesque streets, which are beloved by so many, can get incredibly busy come summer: Buzzing with chic Parisians enjoying an afternoon glass of wine or dashing to the latest vernissage not to mention the throngs of tourists who try their best to see every nook and cranny in Paris.

But the most popular pastime in Paris right now is to get high—no, not like that! Rooftop bars in Paris abound, with boites atop many chic hotels, industrial buildings and galleries across the city. With Paris’ stunning skyline, it’s no wonder Parisians want to enjoy their evenings in the shadows of the Eiffel Tower or Sacre Coeur.

But where can you find the best rooftop bars in Paris? While they might not be the easiest to spot, we’ve scoured the City of Love’s eaves to find a range of bars that’ll suit every traveller and give you those stunning views of Paris.

Best Paris Rooftop Bar for Dancing: Bar à Bulles 

Parisian nightlife is second to none, with plenty of trendy clubs hidden beyond the touristy Haussmann architecture. Not only is Paris groundbreaking for dance music, but it has a long history with more risque entertainment, such as cabaret and burlesque, thanks to venues such as the Moulin Rouge in the popular Montmartre district.

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Although many tourists know the famous windmill exterior of the Moulin Rouge, few know that behind its wings is a riotous rooftop bar.

Bar à Bulles is part of the La Machine du Moulin Rouge, a club in the old boiler room of the original Moulin Rouge. The boite takes inspiration from the original venue’s plush decor, with vintage lampshades, red lights and rustic seats but its sea green walls give the bar a fresh, modern feel. Bar à Bulles boasts “Le Roof,” where sophisticated patrons sip on a variety of Lillet tonics.

Bar à Bulles hosts a variety of events, from chilled bar evenings to open-air cinema nights. When La Machine hosts a full-on club night, the venue stays open until sunrise, allowing partygoers a moment of respite under the starry sky.

Best Paris Rooftop Bar for Food: L’Oiseau Blanc

Famous for its sidewalk cafes, bistros and brasseries, Paris is a food lovers mecca with a plethora of food and dining options that few cities can rival. If you’re a foodie, treating yourself to haute cuisine in Paris is a necessity. After all, Paris has one of the largest number of restaurants with Michelin stars in the world (108 if you’re counting).

If you’d like to indulge in a meal to remember, visit L’Oiseau Blanc in the Peninsula Hotel. As of 2022, L’Oiseau Blanc has two Michelin stars to its name. Head chef David Bizet takes a sustainable approach to his menu, using the highest quality seasonal produce to create simple but flavoursome dishes. If you want to indulge, opt for the restaurant’s tasting menu, which gives you a tour of France’s finest produce. The menu changes seasonally but dishes include blue lobster with salted praline taramasalata—fresh coconut and tarragon offset the salty sauce.

What makes the experience at L’Oiseau Blanc so special is the location. The restaurant is on the seventh floor, so as you eat, you’ll be spoiled with panoramic views of the Parisian skyline. Unlike other rooftops, floor-to-ceiling windows envelope L’Oiseau Blanc, so bad weather can’t ruin any of the delicate dishes or the elegant atmosphere.

Best Rooftop for Cocktails: The Shed

Is there anything chicer than sipping on an ice-cold cocktail in the pink glow of Paris’ setting sun? 

The Shed might sound humble, however, it’s anything but. Unlike fancier Parisian rooftops, The Shed is decidedly egalitarian and welcoming. Set atop the Hotel des Grands Boulevards, a trendy boutique hotel in the second arrondissement, The Shed offers effortlessly plush decor with comfy pink and red sofas, luscious plants that drape over trellises and warm lighting. The atmosphere is super cosy—being compact, it’s recommended to reserve a table!

While plenty of rooftop bars in Paris offer delicious cocktails, none can quite top The Shed. The bar boasts a short but curated menu—which changes seasonally—of delicious cocktails that come in three categories. The “No Shed” cocktails are a range of carefully crafted non-alcoholic cocktails. The “One Shed” and “Two Shed” categories feature alcoholic options including wine. Drinks like the ​​De Notre Potager, a crisp, botanical but potent cocktail featuring homemade pickled produce from the hotel’s vegetable garden, will keep you refreshed on a hot late summer night.

Best Paris Rooftop Bar for Relaxing: Brach Paris

For all of Paris’ splendour, trying to see its many stunning sites can be exhausting. And after touring its landmarks such as the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre, you are going to need some downtime.

Need a moment to relax? Head to the top of Brach Hotel for a tranquil rooftop moment. Credit: Brach Paris

What you need is to unwind on the rooftop of the Brach Hotel, which has been transformed into a peaceful, urban garden. Leave the crammed streets behind and ascend to a rustic, country getaway that sits above the streets of Paris. What makes this rooftop so special is that it doubles as a vegetable patch and chicken coop—yes, you read that right—for the hotel’s restaurant. We can only describe the vibe here as wholesome.

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As the aromatics of the herbs and flowers waft over you, you’ll be transported to the idyllic French countryside. Take a pew by the wooden raised vegetable patch and let the gently clucking of the chickens replace the car horns of the streets below. You’re never far from the city, as Brach offers 360-degree views of Paris. Before returning to the city, enjoy a small snack of grilled piquillo peppers served with homemade bread. For those who really want to let go, there’s a Norwegian bath available to rent so you can wash away your tourist fatigue.

Best Paris Rooftop Bar for Culture: Georges Restaurant

Paris isn’t just home to incredible cuisine and chic fashion, it also offers world-class museums and galleries. One of the city’s most famous cultural hubs is the Pompidou Centre. The Pompidou is famous for being one of the first “inside-out” buildings due to its infrastructure appearing on the outside. Designed by influential architect Richard Rogers, the Pompidou houses world-class contemporary art exhibitions, several libraries, a boutique and a rooftop bar.

On level six of the Pompidou Centre sits Restaurant Georges. Designed by Dominique Jacob and Brendan McFarlane, who took inspiration from the industrial feel of the Pompidou, the bar boasts aluminium and sleek lines, with large windows that stretch the height of the bar. This creates an atrium feeling making views of Paris marvellous. Outside, you’ll dine underneath the iconic metal beams that support the Pompidou Centre itself.

You don’t have to eat to enjoy Georges—simply savour a Champagne cocktail at the bar after seeing the latest exhibition. Alternatively, you can skip the art completely and take the lift directly up from street level. In the evenings, DJs soundtrack your Parisian nights with tranquil beats.

Best Paris Rooftop Bar for Shade: Auteuil Brasserie

Enjoying a Paris rooftop bar doesn’t mean you need to get sunburnt during your visit. Luckily, we know the perfect spot to keep you in the shade. Auteuil Brasserie is a restaurant that aims to give you a slice of la dolce vita in the 16th Arrondissement.

Auteuil Brasserie sits in an old station house on the Petite Ceinture, an abandoned railway that envelopes Paris. The two-story building boasts high ceilings and large iron windows with the bar exuding a light and airy feel, thanks to its spiral staircase heading to Auteuil Brasserie’s charming year-round terrace. Covered with timber beams and corrugated plastic, this Paris rooftop bar offers respite from the endless summer sun. In winter, heaters abound.

Sit on one of the comfortable rattan chairs as the olive trees transport you from the buzzing Parisian boulevards to a quaint Italian town. Auteuil Brasserie serves a range of dishes that are inspired by Italian cuisine, so expect pizza, pasta and a plethora of burrata dishes. Our favourite is the Puglian burrata with summer truffle—it’s pure indulgence in a dish.

Best Paris Rooftop Bar for Views: Le Perchoir Marais

As we’ve discovered, most rooftop bars in Paris have gorgeous vistas. But some offer a point of view that has a little je ne sais quoi.  

The city’s most beloved shopping centre, BHV MARAIS, sits on Rue de Rivoli. After a long day of splurging on Breton tops, head to the top floor to its secret rooftop bar, Le Perchoir Marais, part of a chain of establishments found throughout Paris—shout-out to the original Le Perchoir, another very hip rooftop bar, which boasts views of the Sacré-Coeur.

Marseille’s seaside location inspires Le Perchoir Marais’ decor, so expect sea blue walls, potted lavender and comfy rattan furniture. Le Perchoir Marais offers a range of Asian-inspired small plates and an extensive drinks menu to help you ease into living the highlife—although we say embrace the Provence spirit with a salmon-coloured Campuget rose.

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Le Perchoir Marais affords stunning views of Paris, including the hallowed Eiffel Tower, which stands proudly not too far away. Not only do you get a front-row seat to Paris’ most iconic landmark, but you can also enjoy the Seine from above and the incomparable Hôtel de Ville. You’ll also be so close to Paris’ archetypical zinc roofs, you’ll think you can touch them.