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I’m a blogger, YouTuber & PR consultant from Berlin! I love the diversity of Berlin; it's bustling yet calm & a green city to live in.

3 of the Best Lakes in Berlin

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Berlin like a local

Want to experience Berlin like a real local? Just follow the advice below

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1 Day in Berlin

Do you have 24 hours to spend in Berlin? Here are some insider tips to help you experience the city like a local from Berlin, Mia.

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3 Beautiful U-Bahnstations in Berlin


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3 Picnic places in Berlin

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3 Summer Day Trips from Berlin

As it slowly but surely now finally gets warmer again, I will show you some of my favourite trips to escape the city on warmer days. All places can be reached with public transport.

A walk through “Little Venice” in Berlin

My favourite from last summer: a small but nice walk through "Little Venice" in the middle of Berlin, located in Tiefwerder Wiesen in the district Spandau. The area itself, although not that big, is a bit hidden away but definitely worth a visit. The landscape conservation area aims to protect rare animals and plant species, wet meadows, and small canals. You can also see water buffalos which were settled here to preserve the wet meadows. Also, I highly recommend that you rent a boat and go paddling through Tiefwerder Wiesen!

Tiefwerder Berlin

How to reach Tiefwerder Wiesen: take bus Nr. 49 to Pichelswerder or take the S-Bahn, getting off at Pichelsberg station and walk a bit.

Idyllic paddling in the Spreewald

My second recommendation, which I have experienced twice, is kayaking in the Spreewald. This is an absolute must for all Berliners and tourists who want to explore the surroundings of the capital! The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is located around 100 kilometres south-east of Berlin. There is a large number of waterways that meander through a dense forest area - hence the name, Spreewald. On the way, I recommend stopping at one of the restaurants along the canals. Try some regional food such as ‘Spreewaldgurken’ which are pickled cucumbers or ‘Himbeerbrause’, a sparkling raspberry drink.

Spreewald Berlin

How to get there: it is incredibly easy to reach Spreewald with the regional train, RE2, from Berlin to Lübbenau / Spreewald. From there, it’s about 15 minutes by walk to the boat rentals.

Driving handcar

For nature lovers who don’t necessarily have to be close to water, how about a trip with a handcar? Powered using your own muscle power, you can go through beautiful dirt tracks and forest paths. Originally, hand cars were designed as a four-wheeled or three-wheeled railway utility vehicles. They were used to inspect railroad tracks or to transport tools, for example. Nowadays they allow visitors to try it out there and pedal through idyllic landscapes - like on a bicycle. It looks more exhausting than it is; if you go with a group you can always take turns! This is also a really good thing to do with a group because you can drive with several hand cars along one route.

One possibility is to explore the area called Uckermark, at Draisine Fürstenberg with the handcar. To get there: take the RE5 to Fürstenberg / Havel station. From there, it’s just a 15-minute walk.