Have you ever been in the midst of a busy bar only to spot a lone woman, leaning on the bar, sipping on a beer and wonder “is she on her own?” For some of us it’s hard to believe that plenty of women travel solo. It can seem so brave for those who struggle to eat alone without the make-believe feeling of everyone taking pity on you.

Eradicate the feeling. We at Omio believe everyone is capable of exploring the world, solo. So we’ve knitted together ’10 Reasons Women Should Travel Solo (at Least Once)’ to inspire the ladies out there to pack your bags and begin your adventure!

“Being scared is totally normal. I’ve been there. But treat travelling the world the way you first entered college/University — scary and full of uncertainties, but you survived.” Trisha Velarmino, PS I’m On My Way.

10. Travelling alone gives you time to reflect


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“I learned more about myself and others in the past 23 months than I could ever have learned reading a book, taking a class, or working in a cubicle.” – Kristen Addis, BeMyTravelMuse.   Solo trips offer you space to evaluate all the big things (and little things) in life.

The time and space that travelling solo offers you while going from one place or from town to town allows your mind to wander. You can’t help but begin to think about your life, what you’ve done, what you want to achieve and what you’re grateful for, giving you a whole new perspective on life.

9. It teaches you to enjoy the present


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“When you travel with a companion, however compatible, you see the world, in part, through your companion’s eyes. Your attention is split between your experience and perspective and those of your companion. When you travel alone, your focus is undivided. You can be more engaged in and more attentive to the place you’re in.” – Kate Convissor, Wanderlust and Lipstick.

When we travel with someone we can often get distracted by the beauty which surrounds us. It’s within those quiet moments such as enjoying a picnic by the Seine on a cool spring day that allows us to truly appreciated the world we live in.

8. It’s easier to stay on budget


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“… Your travel companion might prefer more convenient and expensive way of traveling and it’s sometimes awkward to say “Sorry, it’s too expensive for me.”Agness Walewinde, eTramping.   Avoiding messy situations such as splitting the bill after a scrumptious paella in Seville, lending money to your travel companion and dividing your budget with different itineraries are all wonderful perks of travelling alone.

It makes the practical task of budgeting your money easier and makes more room for flexibility within your trip planning so you can do more on your travels.

7. You learn to love some time alone


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“I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.” — Oscar Wilde

But what am I to do by myself? There’s a common belief that travelling on your own may be really boring, in reality, it’s quite the opposite.

Jumping on a solo trip away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life is a rare occurrence, it’s a time in which you reconnect with yourself. How you spend your time defines you as a person, it’s as simple as knowing you prefer history museums to kayaking, minimalist coffee spots to cosy brasseries, or city skyscrapers to quaint alpine towns. It’s all about getting to know more about who you are.

6. Climbing out of your comfort zone can actually be the best thing for your confidence


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“Who is the kind of woman who goes and orders a glass of champagne for herself, on her own, assuming it’s not a wedding or New Year’s? A confident woman. A chic woman. A woman who enjoys the finer things in life. A woman who deems any day a reason to celebrate.” – Kate McCully, Adventurous Kate.

Surely the thoughts of you venturing across Europe can be a little daunting.

But what if you could do it? You can. Anyone can. Getting yourself out of your usual surroundings by embarking on a solo excursion will give you a huge confidence boost along with the sense that you can do anything. The first step? Pick a place you’ve always to visit and just go.

5. Collect friends from all over the world


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“The biggest reason I still choose to travel solo is because I find I have more time to see and do all the things that interest me, spend time just being independent, and it’s also a great way to meet new people” – Brooke Saward, World of Wanderlust.

You’d be surprised at how friendly other solo travellers are, there’s a mutual feeling of we’re all in this together, so even the shiest person can acquire a friend or two over the course of a trip.

You can bump into new friendships while admiring the mighty Danube river or on the coach to Versailles Palace. Sharing those kinds of moments together can have a profound effect before you even get to know each other.

4. Find your eyes open wide


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“It wasn’t until I took a walk down to the water for a solo dinner and sunset and discovered the magic of going it alone: no one but myself to please, and that sensation is not one to take lightly — especially for women.” – Jen Duchene, YourTango.

When you walk around an undiscovered place on your own you explore with you eyes wide open.

The surge of excitement leaves you feeling giddy inside as you venture across unknown territory, whether it Prague’s Old Town Square or the Tirol’s mountainous terrain, it’s a sensation you can easily get addicted to.

3. Do whatever you want too, whenever you want too


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“When you’re travelling on your own, you get to whittle down the activities down to only what you want to do, including skipping the popular sights if they don’t happen to appeal to you.”Kate McCulley, Adventurous Kate.

A very practical thinking perk, but certainly a big perk of a solo trip. You have the choice to just go with the flow or stick to a strict itinerary. Do whatever tickles your fancy, that could be eating like a pig in Italy (which no one can blame you for), maybe you want to spend an extra night in Madrid? De nada. You can plan your itinerary as you like without uprooting anyone else’s travel plans.

2. Become the master of planning


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“Remember to build rest days into your itinerary. You may think you can do three overnight train journeys in a row but your body may think otherwise. You’ll be thankful for a day to recover.” – Lisa Imogen Eldridge, Girl About the Globe.  

Travelling alone also means you don’t have anyone else to rely on for train times or basic information, but the time you spend researching the travel times between accommodation and bus station, which route is the quickest and how to get from Riga to Berlin will make you the master of planning your travels.

This skill transitions into other fields of life, you’ll find yourself managing your time better both professionally and personally while having a better idea of what is and isn’t worth your time.

1. You’ll be so happy you did it, alone.


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“I wholeheartedly believe that every girl should go on a trip alone at least once in their lifetime. While it may not be your thing to roam alone around the globe, or even to travel at all, it’s important to try new things and above all, become independent and self-reliant.” –  Liz Carlson, Young Adventuress.

With the combination of the experience, the confidence boost and the sense of achievement you’ll feel more sturdy in your own skin.

Your profound sense of independence and wanderlust will have you keeping an eye for travel deals, leave you willing to get out of your comfort zone a whole lot more!

Start your solo adventure here with Omio!

Catherine Munnelly

Born and bred in Dublin, Catherine left the Emerald Isle in pursuit of exploration. Her hobbies include spending countless hours planning her next trip, travel blogging and Google deep diving.
Catherine Munnelly