Finding where to stay in Prague needn’t be tricky. The Czech capital has a lot to offer in terms of vibrant, exciting neighbourhoods, all adjacent or with easy access to your must-see’s and -do’s. Sift through our selective insider’s guide to find the best area to stay in Prague.

Note: Technically speaking, Prague is divided into ten numbered districts (Prague 1-10). But these districts and the neighbourhoods within them have their own Czech names. We list both to make it easy.

Prague 1: Classic & Classy

Prague’s Old Town is the fairest of them all. If you stay in Staré Město, everything will be on your doorstep. Old squares, the Charles Bridge, and the old Jewish quarter are just around the corner.

where to stay in prague

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But if you don’t want to be thrown into the thick of it straight after breakfast, Prague 1 does still have one other historical, yet calmer neighbourhood up its sleeve. The tranquil Mala Strana is the best area to stay in Prague if you like strolling through beautiful gardens and are a massive Kafka fan.


Prague 2: Historical & Hip

Nové Město may mean New Town, but really it’s a lovely mishmash of everything from the Middle Ages to Art Nouveau.

It includes Wenceslas Square, which witnessed the declaration of Czechoslovakia’s independence in 1918, a face-off of Soviet tanks and Prague’s citizens in 1968, and protests against communism in 1989. For history nerds, this is the best place to stay in Prague.

where to stay in prague

Now: we call Vinohrady “hip”, not “hipster”. The alternative side of Prague 2 was once full of vineyards and is now full of independent, well-designed, special places. Expect to eat artisan, international food every day.

Prague 3: Alive & “It”

Žižkov is kicking all right. Not only will this be the first area you find yourself in, being home to Prague’s main train station, it will most likely be where you’d wind up if you like unrefined cool with a dab of untainted Czech culture.

where to stay in prague

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Traditionally working class and with awkward undulations, the district missed out on the pretty building works in the centre. Instead, it got a boxy TV Tower in the 80’s and some baby sculptures crawling up said tower in the 2000’s, which is a pretty cool substitute actually.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Prague for more than a couple of nights, you’ll come to love this district – if not for its looks, definitely for its local charm.

Prague 5: Cosy & Convenient

Smichov is affordable, welcoming, and has everything you could need. It’s got enough cool places to eat and drink to justify staying there, but it’s also “normal” enough to get a sense of where people actually live in Prague aside from the fairytale centre.

where to stay in prague

This is also one of the many places to stay in Prague which is within easy reach of the city centre. Either a few stops on public transport or, from the north of the district, a run or walk along the river will take you to the main sights.


Prague 7: Hills & Heavenly Views

If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Prague in the summertime, Letná is without rival. Two stunning parks lovingly sandwich the peaceful neighbourhood together.

where to stay in prague

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The riverside Letenské sady feels both like the heart and soul of the city, and yet at the same time a haven far away from it; maybe the beer garden perched on a hill with a stunning view of the city may have something to do with that. Meanwhile, a little further north, Královská obora is a leafy sprawl with a tangle of ponds at its core.

Prague 8: Off the bus & into the cafe

After a tumultuous political past and a flood, Karlin shouldn’t be looking as good as it does now. But with just enough development and some casual flair, it offers up some of the best coffee you can find in the city.

where to stay in prague

With close proximity to Florenc bus station and the Old Town located just a few blocks away, you can’t go wrong with Karlin’s central location.

Where to stay in Prague? More like where to live forever.

Despite the bafflingly bland numbering system, each neighbourhood has its own, uniquely formed character. The question of the best area to stay in Prague has ensnared many a traveller into the downward spiral of asking: when can we come back again?

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