Florence, Rome and Venice are the quintessential cities in people’s minds when it comes to Italy. But too few outside of the boot-shaped country are aware that the peninsula is dotted with countless unique destinations which are off-the-beaten-path and are definitely worth exploring once in your lifetime! But be careful… there is a high risk of falling in love with one of these places which may make you seriously consider relocating there. Here is our list of Italy Insider Tips.

Langhe: Rivers of fine wine in Piedmont

For the wine lovers amongst us, Le Langhe in northern Italy’s Piedmont region should be on the travel bucket list. Known for its rural charm, hills lined with vineyards roll across the region. You’ll find exquisite food and a fine selection of world famous wines including Barolo and Barbera.

As well as it’s rolling hills and vineyards the region is home to many medieval castles and historic hamlets. With stunning panoramas, if you get the chance to visit Le Langhe with your partner, do not miss ‘the romantic route’ through the typical hilly landscape which you can follow by car or bike.

Ascoli Piceno: The town of the elegant travertine and hundred towers

The beautiful town in Le Marche region is one of Italy’s best kept secrets. Historically and culturally rich, it’s marvellous porticoed main square, piazza del Popolo, (drawing room of Italy), and its surrounding landscape competes with the famous Tuscan countryside.

Conveniently situated, you can also visit and experience the many ancient hamlets rising on the hills nearby. Each of which has something extraordinary to offer, like Ripatransone which is home to some of the smallest alleyways in Italy. Just a few minutes drive from Ascoli Piceno is San Benedetto del Tronto, a beautiful sea resort, making it an ideal summer location thanks to its gorgeous sandy beaches, its romantic palm-lined promenade and  nightlife.

shutterstock_561688519Civita di Bagnoregio: The dying city that dates back to centuries before Christ’s birth

The ancient hill town of Civita di Bagnoregio sits atop a plateau overlooking the Tiber river valley. Earth’s natural forces has left its mark on the town with erosion and wind carving the landscape nearby, leaving the town in danger of destruction. Thankfully, in 2004 steel rods were implemented to help prevent further damage. The town is only accessible via a footbridge, connecting it with the modern world.

Take a stroll through the medieval streets of the town as well as taking in the breathtaking panorama views.

Barrea Lake: The heart of Abruzzo

Barrea Lake is a small yet enchanting lake surrounded by pinewood forests in Central Italy. It is one of the country’s best kept secrets, offering fascinating panoramas, both in winter, when it’s covered with snow and you can go skiing in the nearby typical mountain town of Pescasseroli, and in summer when you can rent a pedalo and go sunbathing at one of the three beach clubs rising along its shores.


Gallipoli: the pearl of the Ionian Sea

With its long wild beaches, crystal clear waters and affordable prices, Gallipoli is a hot-spot for many Italian tourists. Situated in the sun-kissed south of Puglia, at the heel of Italy’s boot, it welcomes folk music and pizzica festival-goers who flock to the Salento area for festivals in the summer.

From Gallipoli you can easily explore the surrounding area. Just head to Lecce, “the Florence of the south”, or Otranto which is home to some spectacular architecture.


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