Situated in England’s South West, Dartmoor is an idyllic moorland composed of vast open spaces, rugged valleys, ancient granite tors and flowing rivers. The atmospheric surroundings have long drawn tourists, whether for hiking, cycling, or purely for pop-culture kicks!

Whatever you’re into Dartmoor offers the perfect location for it, not convinced? We’ve put together some pretty convincing points!

1. Wistmans Wood

It’s been reported that this ancient bit of woodland has been around since around 7,000 BC. Stunted trees, branches entangled and entwined and a thick carpet of moss – there’s a real sense of fantasy in these woods.

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2. Miles of land to roam and explore

The vast moorland that is Dartmoor National Park covers 368 sq miles, full of dramatic landscapes, rolling hills, tors, and rivers. Most of this area is free for the public to roam and explore by foot.

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3. Tors

For the geography fans and geomorphologists amongst us, Dartmoor is full of exciting rock formations, known as Tors. It’s estimated that these were caused by erosion some 280 million years ago, needless to say, they’re pretty impressive.

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4. Scraggy landscape for Mountain Biking

Dartmoor is a hotspot for adventure sports, with rocky downhill trails, a bike is a great way to explore. You can find some downloadable routes here.

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5. Quiet, straight roads for road cycling

If you’re a road cyclist, Dartmoor is full of smooth roads, scenic views, and challenging climbs.

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6. Protected National Park Beauty

Home to impressive scenery, archaeology and wildlife, Dartmoor is a protected National Park.

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7. Dartmoor Brewery – Jail Ale

Dartmoor Brewery has been brewing some tasty specimens since 1994, winning various awards across the South West. In 1996, Prince Charles was photographed enjoying a pint of their signature beer – Jail Ale. The name refers to Shawshank-Redemption-Looking, Dartmoor Prison, which is situated close by.

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8. Cream Teas

A trip to the British countryside would not be complete without enjoying, at least, one Cream Tea. The Two Bridges Hotel, near Princetown, is a great place to grab one!

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9. Vast History

Prehistoric remains can be found in Dartmoor that date back to the Bronze Age. Some remains can be seen at Grimspound, a site which was first settled in 1300 BC.

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10. Wildlife

Being a protected national park, the area is full of somewhat undisturbed habitats for wildlife.

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11. Sherlock

For the Sherlock fanatics, you’ll be happy to know that the famous crime novel from 1902, The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is set in Dartmoor. More recently, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman shot some of the series Sherlock on Hound Tor.

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We think Dartmoor is one of Britain’s many gems and well worth a visit, if you haven’t been already. For more information on what to do and see, where to stay and where to eat, check out the official tourism site – Visit Dartmoor.



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