Name: Kiersten

Nationality: California, USA

Countries Visited: 50+

Speciality: FAQ (responds within 48 hours), solo travelling, vlog and Instagram star!


About The Blond Abroad:

Kiersten is someone who can teach us a lot about courage, guaranteed to inspire us to pursue our dreams we are too scared to even dream about.

The Blond Abroad’s first instinct to travel came when she saw a flyer on her campus about a study abroad program in Spain. Having only been on one flight her entire fly, Kiersten was off to Europe. After 2 months studying in Spain and travelling Western Europe, she was hooked. Fast forward 4 years, Kiersten, now a honours business graduate, working with a prestigious financial firm in LA, establishing a prosperous career in corporate finance. Yet, Kiersten was living someone else’s dream. She felt empty and came to the realisation that her ‘happiness would not be found in a cubicle’, so she quit her job and started travelling.

Kiersten’s self-belief, will-power to pursue her own dreams and going against society’s norm has allowed her to live life, her way.

The Blond Abroad is more than just documentation and stories about the lands she has visited. Kiersten provides us with insider guides, tips, and is running a great community-led faq section. Whether you want more information on solo travels – or more specifically solo travel in Iceland, if you are tight on cash, or have a pressing question on female travel, yet don’t know who to ask – Kiersten’s got it all covered.

We can guarantee there will be more than a handful of useful travel advice you will take from The Blond Abroad – or your money back 😉

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Catriona (known correctly as Ka-tri-na or mistakenly as Ka-tre-o-na, but has given up trying and adheres to both) grew up in Hannover, Germany to Northern Irish parents. Spends her time trying to be active either cycling, playing football, GAA or drums.
Catriona Megahey