Name: Kach, The Little Brown Monkey and Jonathan, The White Monkey + 20 Travel Bloggers

Nationality: Philippines and United Kingdom

Countries Visited: 50+

Speciality: Community support, Do-It-yourself tips, life inspiration, meditation, yoga twomonkeystravel

About Two Monkeys Travel Group:

Before meeting, both Jonathan and Kach had the same idea that they would quit their 9-5 jobs and started backpacking the world. It was by chance in Laos that they met. Jonathan was on a motorbike trip, whilst Kach was

It was by chance in Laos that they met. Jonathan was on a motorbike trip, whilst Kach was travelling with her brother and sister. After a few days exploring together, their paths went separate ways again. Jonathan left to teach English in Hanoi, whilst Kach went to a yoga retreat in Thailand. But they stayed in touch.

Soon enough after Kach went to visit Jonathan in Vietnam for 2 weeks, the 2-week visit turned into 4 years travelling together and now marriage!

A lot has happened in Kach and Jonathan’s life together in these 4 years. The beauty of their blog is that you really get the sense that you are learning and growing with them in their journey.

Before starting their blog in 2014, they worked as English teachers, yoga instructors and Ayurveda massage therapists, which was how they funded their travels. It was late into travelling that Jonathan and Kach actually found out that travel bloggers existed!

They were experienced world travellers before they started their blog, which has given Two Monkeys Travel a much different angle on the world of travel blogging. The blog is for the community of travellers.

With over 20 travel bloggers participating in Two Monkeys Travel, allow us as readers to really dive into the diverse perspectives people have on places, accommodations, travel gear, travel companies…the list goes on.

If you seek a blog that is an open book, providing different perspectives on issues and questions around travel, then Two Monkeys Travel is the one for you.

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Catriona Megahey