Name: Laura and Tanby.

Nationality: English and German.

Speciality: Couple travel, adventure travel, luxury travel and house sitting.screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-4-39-27-pm

About Travelling Weasels:

Meet Laura and Tanby, a young couple that found their passion for adventure and luxury travel and travel blogging through the means of house sitting!

Laura and Tanby met in London, whilst Tanby was working in retail and Laura was studying mathematics. After years of complaining about high rent prices, Tanby decided to finally proactively do something about it, which is how he discovered the travel method of house sitting. After Laura graduated with an admirable 1st class honours in maths, Laura and Tanby flew all the way to Australia and travelled the country through housesitting (as well as pet sitting) for 9 months. This is when the travel bug caught them. After returning to England, they quickly fell back into their old routine and both started working 9-5 jobs, yet very soon realised that this was not the lifestyle for them.

This is why they decided to turn to travel blogging as a career. The Travelling Weasels spent their first year of travel blogging exploring Europe. Reviewing hotels, restaurants, and various cities across the likes of Spain, Greece, and Italy. Their blog posts are fun, colourful and more importantly make you want to read and find out more about the city as well as them as a couple!

By the end of their first-year, they had already been featured in various newspapers and the TV! Their blog started to earn more and more fans, so they expanded their travels and brand even further. Tanby and Laura now run a travel youtube channel beside the website. Starting the youtube channel has allowed us, their fans, to gain an in-depth and holistic sense of their experiences. The videos bring us closer to them as well as given us a better understanding and insight into the cultures and traditions of the countries they visit.

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