Name: Ed Rex

Nationality: Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom

Countries Visited: 33%

Speciality: Handsomeness, expert reviewer, deaf travel, luxury budget travel


About Rexy Edventures:

“Adventures of a Deaf and Handsome Luxury Backpacker Travelling the Unexpected.”

That is, in a nutshell, what Ed’s travel blog is about. His career as a travel blogger did not happen by chance, Ed comes from a long line of adventure seekers.

His father was a scout leader, taking Ed at a very young age to the mountains and hills of Europe. His Mother’s travel bug was equally as strong, centred around travelling on the cheap; crazy long bus journeys from the UK to Italy did not faze her in the slightest, this in itself was an adventure for her!

Furthermore, his Uncle’s tales of the old Soviet Union and interrailing through Europe closes the case of why Ed’s fate as a travel blogger was chosen before he was born.

Yet his blog is more than just a travel blog. He is a role model to many, who might not realise just how easy it actually is to travel with a hearing impairment. Ed himself put off travelling for 8 years because of his degenerative hearing loss.

His first taste of adventure travel was after university when he went to Uganda. Equip at the time with a hearing aid, he had to constantly rely on his friends for support. Although he was destined to explore the world and share his experience with the world, his confidence to travel solo was at an all time low, because of his dependence on others for support.

This all changed when Ed received cochlear implants. With a switch of the button, the world of sound reopened. At 25, he left his full-time steady job and finally decided to go explore the world and he did this for 4 years straight6 continents and 40 countries later, he works and resides in the UK, yet, continues to Edventure around the world.

Rexy’s Edventures:

Deaf Travel Inspiration

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My Roman Holiday

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