Name: Angela Corrias

Nationality: Sardinia

Countries Visited: 20+

Speciality: Exploring cultures, customs and traditions of countries.

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About Chasing The Unexpected:

If you are looking for the true meaning of ‘Travel Blogger’ then look no further than Angela Corrias. To truly understand a country and its culture, you really have to ‘live’ it. This means spending some time there, learning about the countries traditions, food, geography, and history – to name a few.

Angela has spent years living in the likes of Ireland, England, and China in order to fully immerse herself and share with us genuine stories and insights into foreign cultures and countries.

Rather than just going to restaurants or staring at landscapes, I like observing daily life and people, digging up their past, to better understand the present. – Angela Corrias

Born in Sardinia, the need to travel and discover the world set in at an early age with Angela. More specifically this desire was at the tender age of 13 when she crossed the equator. Since then her choices in life have been made with this desire strong in mind.

She holds two masters, one in Journalism and one in International Relations. Through this, she has been able to work as a professional freelance journalist and at the same time explore the lesser visited countries in the world.

Her academic background is something that to a reader might easily forget or overlooked, yet this knowledge that she gained and so welcomely shares allows us to view cultures in ways that we might never have had a chance to without visiting ourselves. This is more powerful than words can explain.

Her articles continuously break cultural barriers, questions ones ‘norms’ and brings to light unawareness of cultures we think we know. This is the true meaning of a travel blogger.

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