Name: Savi and Vid

Nationality: British

Countries Visited: 65+

Speciality: Visa applications, couple travelling, fashion, bohemian!


About Bruised Passports:

Travelling does not get more romantic than with these two high school sweethearts! You know it’s true love when you can travel to a foreign land without killing each other! Savi and Vid have travelled to over 65 countries and are still both alive and madly in love.

They are each other’s perfect travel companions. But travelling for them was not enough, they wanted to share the joy they get from discovering the nooks and crannies of the world with all of us.

It’s their little baby, and celebrates everything they love, from freedom, having fun and living a bohemian lifestyle.

Why Bruised Passports? Although they reside in the UK both Sadi and Vid have Indian passports, meaning visas for almost every country they visit. A lot of planning and documentation needs to go into every trip!

If you have the same issues, Sadi and Vid are happy to answer any questions you have, 65 countries later, they are well versed in how to smoothly receive a visa!

Savi and Vid are living their dream of the simple life and celebrating the everyday. When reading their travel blog you can’t help but feel warm, cosy and just happy!

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Catriona Megahey

Catriona (known correctly as Ka-tri-na or mistakenly as Ka-tre-o-na, but has given up trying and adheres to both) grew up in Hannover, Germany to Northern Irish parents. Spends her time trying to be active either cycling, playing football, GAA or drums.
Catriona Megahey