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Tell us something about yourself:
A full-time job doesn’t mean you can’t pursue a hobby or something you have been wanting to do forever. It is YOUR life and you can do whatever you want to do with it. So start doing it now.

No. of countries visited:
22 but by the end of next year, I’ll be at 29 🙂

Blogging speciality:
Travel and Berlin Lifestyle


What inspired you to start traveling the world?

I guess it is the fascination of feeling and being free, doing whatever you feel like doing and learning so much about other cultures. The key moment that really made me addicted to traveling was when I moved to France after I graduated from high school. Meeting so many amazing people from all over the world was just such an amazing experience to me.

What motivated you to begin your own travel blog?

I was and still am really fascinated by the earth and the human beings that live on that planet that is why I travel so much. and I just recently discovered my passion for photography and writing, that is why I decided to start to publish it on the world wide web – that was in June 2016, when I really started my blog. I also have many friends who don’t travel much because of different reasons and it makes me really happy to show them what else is out there.

What are you trying to achieve through your travel blog? What is your message to your readers?

I just really want to show people that there is so much out there – and you don’t always need much money to explore a placePeople often ask me how I pay all of my travels and I always reply that travelling isn’t that expensive. Sometimes it is even less expensive than living your normal life. So I guess my goal is to show people that it is actually pretty affordable. And I also love to spread positivity and love – even if I put a smile on just one person that reads my blog it would be the world to me.

Which three tips would you give to someone who is about to start their travels?

Just go for it and don’t over think things. Don’t try to do every touristic attraction that is out there – rather go for something spontaneousGet in contact with local people. Talking to them and really getting to know the culture is always the most rewarding part of traveling.

Which travel bloggers do you look up to? Why?

I actually do not have a travel blogger that I look up to. I just rather do my own thing – and I know you can’t please everybody, but that is also not what I am aiming for. I just like making people happy and I try to do so while writing about something that I love.

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Catriona Megahey

Catriona (known correctly as Ka-tri-na or mistakenly as Ka-tre-o-na, but has given up trying and adheres to both) grew up in Hannover, Germany to Northern Irish parents. Spends her time trying to be active either cycling, playing football, GAA or drums.
Catriona Megahey