There is no better way to explore the world and gain insight into destinations you would like to travel to than through the experiences, stories,and advice from travel bloggers.

It is through them that we can explore foreign and exotic lands, and feel like we have been sucked through the screen by their tales of local urban voices.

Here at Omio we whole-heartedly love travel bloggers as we both share the same fundamental passions. Wanderlust. Travel. Exploration. To give back a little thank you to the world of travel bloggers we are highlighting a travel blogger a week, who we feel are inspiring, adventurous, benevolent and humble. Our travel blogger that we feel fit this, this week is:

Clemens Sehi, Anekdotique


Berlin-based, travel blogger and photographer, Clemens Sehi left behind his successful 9-year career in advertising in Germany for a life of exploring the world.

His travel ‘blogzine’ takes on a deeper, more precise and quite sophisticated read. Just like the name suggests, he emphasises the anecdotes of the bigger stories of his travels.

It is the little moments, like the basic interactions with locals, in shops, on the street or the first smell and taste of a foreign food that stick with us for the long term. And it is also those moments that help us, his readers, fully immerse ourselves in the story and almost claim it as ours.

Clemens does just this. A big bonus point is that, he writes in both German and English, sharing is experiences and explorations with a wider audience.

Writing stories in two languages takes a lot of time, making sure that his message, emotions, and feelings are transparent in both languages takes additional effort. However, he seems to do this with ease.

Dive into Clemen’s stories and let him take you to places you have dreamed of.





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