Sweden’s capital is a cosmopolitan city with a perfect blend of ancient architecture and modern sophistication. The sprawling greenery and endless open water help Stockholm stand apart from other capital cities. Whether you’re a fan of architecture, natural scenery or simply enjoy hanging out in cool places, you’ll find something to float your boat. We’ve put together our top ten things to do in Stockholm.

ABBA The Museum

things to do in stockholm

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Take to the stage and live out your Eurovision-inspired dreams in this interactive museum dedicated to Stockholm’s finest export. Visitors can sing and dance along with holograms of Sweden’s fab four, and even download videos and pictures of the experience to share on Facebook later!
ABBA fan or not, the collection of memorabilia and footage is well worth a visit. As the museum is situated in the Swedish Music Hall of Fame, those looking to broaden their horizons with something other than ABBA will still have plenty to explore.


Old Town of Stockholm

things to do in stockholm

This perfectly preserved medieval part of the city is like a museum in itself. With winding cobbled streets oozing history and character, one could be forgiven for thinking they’d landed in the setting for a storybook.
Boasting one of the largest Royal Palaces in the world, Sweden’s national cathedral and the oldest square and street in Stockholm (not to mention a fine selection of eateries and shops); there’s a real danger of spending far longer here than planned!

Drottningholm Palace

things to do in stockholm

The private home of Sweden’s royal family, Drottningholm Palace was Sweden’s first UNESCO national heritage site. Visitors can explore the residence and its gardens all year round, while in the summer catching a performance at the beautifully preserved 18th-century theatre, the Slottsteatre, is an absolute must!
Without a doubt the best way to reach the palace is by a cruise through Lake Mälaren. The journey takes about one hour in total, so settle in and enjoy the beautiful views and landscapes as you coast along the water.

Vasa Museum

things to do in stockholm

Dive into the 17th century with this preserved wreck of the Vasa ship. Recovered over 300 years after sinking on its maiden voyage, the vessel was salvaged in the 1960s and decorated with unique carvings and sculptures.
With different exhibitions and displays about life on the Vasa, there’s plenty to keep visitors of all ages occupied here. Don’t take our word for it? With over one million visitors a year, the Vasa Museum is the most visited in Scandinavia!


Take a boat trip to the Archipelago

things to do in stockholm

Did you know there are over 30,000 islands waiting to be explored 20 minutes away from Stockholm? In fact, a world of stunning cliffs, beaches, coves and the deep blue sea is accessible for; even the most rushed visitor.
Visitors on a tight schedule can embark on a day trip. While those with a little more time on their hands can take advantage of the guesthouses scattered around the islands. Whether you’re looking for hiking, art, shopping or even the spooky stories of yesteryear, you’ll find it in the archipelago!

Drinks at Skansen

things to do in stockholm

Skansen is technically a museum and not exactly a typical drinking place but stick with us on this one. This open-air ‘folk museum’ is a recreation of a centuries-old Swedish village. Complete with actors playing the roles of its citizens and is far from your average museum.

Any self-respecting village should have a few restaurants, cafes and bars and Skansen is no exception. The Stora Gingham (also known as The Big Swing Tavern) and the Tre Tyttor Tavern are two options for a tipple, with the latter being a recreated 18th-century Swedish pub.
If you’re lucky enough to be in Stockholm around the time of the Midsummer festival then Skansen is a must-visit. At this time of year, the village turns into one big party with traditional dancing, music and entertainment throughout the day.


Get your adrenaline fill at Gröna Lund

things to do in stockholm

Located right next to the city on Djurgarden Island, Sweden’s oldest amusement park is the perfect place for adrenaline junkies looking to get their fix.

With over 30 attractions, including the not-for-the-faint-hearted rollercoasters ‘Insane’ and the ‘Free Fall Tilt’, as well as the tamer ‘Funny House’, there’s no shortage of things to see and do here.

In addition to the rides, Gröna Lund also plays host to concerts and performances from both international stars and local acts throughout the summer; with Elton John, Alice Cooper and Biffo Clyro being just three names pencilled in for the 2017 lineup.


Bergianska Tradgarden

things to do in stockholm

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If hair-raising rollercoasters aren’t your cup of tea, then these stunning botanical gardens should provide a more relaxing time.

Sitting on the edge of Lake Brunsvikken, this lush gathering of trees, plants and vegetation is the perfect place for a casual stroll in the summer sun. Oh, and it’s also home to the world’s largest water lily – how’s that for a claim to fame?

Check out Underground Art

things to do in stockholm

A city’s subway network is perhaps not the first place you’d expect to find an art-lover’s haven, but with 100 kilometres of art to be discovered there are few better places for aficionados in Stockholm.

Over 90 stations are kitted out with mosaics, paintings and sculptures, meaning there’s plenty to explore on Stockholm’s subway network. Even the most uneventful areas can be worth a visit; why not hop off the train at a random station, take in some art, grab a coffee and hop back on? You never know what you might find.

Themes range far and wide, from the two-metre-tall bronze tulips of Muhr, to the more hard-hitting themes of women’s right, peace and environmental issues at Ostermalmstorg.


Warm up at Tipsy Tea

things to do in stockholm

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After a hard day’s sightseeing, why not wind down and warm up with a spot of tea? Well, tea with a twist!

This popular afternoon tea in the cocktail bar of the art design Hotel at Six isn’t just any old tea – rather uniquely, it’s served with a splash or two of gin! With the elegant decor, modern art and 1970s vinyl spinning away, there are few better ways to relax after a day of sightseeing or even start a night out. Just keep an eye on the clock, and remember that there’s a healthy serving of gin in your tea!

As we said, Stockholm really is a unique destination and the perfect choice for a city break in Europe. We’re fairly sure we’ve covered all bases, but if you think we missed anything with our top ten then be sure to let us know in the comments section below!


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