Snow, mountains, skiing and hiking are just a few things that spring to mind when someone mentions Tirol or Austria in general for that matter.

Yet the picturesque Alps are full of hidden gems and wonders all year round. Sandwiched between Germany and Italy, this small 4,900 square mile region enjoys a natural and social diversity unique to central Europe; that can only be described as a cocktail of culture, traditions, and foods.

To get a better insight into this rugged region we asked 7 well-seasoned and experienced travel bloggers from around the world to share their Tirol insider tips on cuisine and must-do activities.

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Must See Destinations

1. Tirolean National Parks

From Laurel, Monkeys and Mountains

“My must-see places in Tirol are the 5 national parks! Hohe Tauern National Park, the largest national park in all of Austria really stands out! It’s also home to the Grossglockner, the highest peak in the country. If you’re more of a city-slicker, you can’t go wrong with Innsbruck, a mix of medieval charm and contemporary architecture!” – Laurel, Monkeys and Mountains

2. Ambras Castle, Innsbruck


“In the old city of Innsbruck, in addition to visiting the Hofburg and the Hofkirche, where 24 larger-than-life-size statues flank the cenotaph, be sure to also visit the fascinating and beautiful Ambras Castle, a 16th-century Renaissance masterpiece (home of Archduke Ferdinand II) outside the city. Visit it via the “The Sightseer,” Innsbruck’s hop-on/hop-off bus, since the public tram leaves you far away from the gate.” – Jim, Never Stop Traveling

3. Swarovski Kristallwelten

From Marcela and Felipe, Fotostrasse

If you’re like me and in love with rich and interactive museums that display a huge variety of pieces that blow your mind, then this place is for you. The modern art exhibition is named Chamber of Wonder and is inside a giant face carved into the rock; definitely a must while in the area. You’ll see Brian Eno, Salvador Dalí, Andy Warhol and many others inside this incredible museum. Besides the Chambers of Wonders, Kristallwelten has the amazing Crystal Clouds installation and the Mirror Pool. Make sure you get the full experience.” –  Marcela and Felipe, Fotostrasse

4. Achensee

From Amandine, Les Berlinettes

“Achensee is a magical place in the North of Tirol and an absolute must see in winter and summer. There is a lot to do around Achensee, for example in the summer you can go fishing. In the winter, since Achensee is in the center of many mountains, it is possible to do a variety of winter sport, although Achensee is perhaps best known for its cross-country ski slopes.” – Amandine, Les Berlinettes

5. The Golden Roof, Innsbruck


“I strongly suggest visiting the city of Innsbruck, the capital, which is known for its splendid architecture, churches, and palaces. A must-see is the golden roof, located in the center of town with its sculpted reliefs and murals.” – Bino, iWander

Culinary Tips

6. Kasspattlzn and Kaiserschmarren

From Amandine, Les Berlinettes

“Food in Tirol is amazing and perfect after a busy day in the mountains. My favourite is Käsespätzle, or as they say in Tirol, ‘Kasspatzln‘. It is a soft egg noodle with grated cheese and sprinkled with fried onion. if you don’t feel adequately satisfied, you should give Kaiserschmarrn a try!” – Amandine, Les Berlinettes

“If you only try two Tirolean foods, let it be Käsespätzle – homemade noodles baked with cheese and topped with fried onions; the Tirolian mac and cheese- and for dessert, you can’t beat Kaiserscharrn; a shredded pancake topped with icing sugar and served with a side of applesauce that was a favourite of Austrian Emporer Franz Joseph I.” – Laurel, Monkeys and Mountains

7. Die Wilderin, Innsbruck


“Innsbruck is a wonderful place to sample Austrian cuisine. Try die Wilderin, a restaurant not too far from the major attractions of the city center. All the ingredients are sourced locally so the menu is subject to change due to seasonality.” – Bino, iWander

8. ‘Bier und Wurst’


“A good place for ‘bier und wurst’ is the Stiftskeller across from the Hofburg in the Old Town in Innsbruck. More upscale is the restaurant Europa Stüberl in the Grand Hotel Europa across from the railroad station. Divided into five rooms with typical Tirolean wooden furniture, it serves delicious regional specialties and great Austrian wines. It’s definitely worth the splurge one evening. Go for lunch instead if you want to keep the cost down.” – Jim, Never Stop Traveling

9. And if you get hungry at the Kristallwelten…

From Marcela and Felipe, Fotostrasse

“If you’re hungry, the restaurant inside the Kristallwelten is one of the best meals I had in Tirol, there’s a super hip and modern-looking restaurant in the complex with food ranging from simple sandwiches to full meals. I had the coq-au-vin and it was to die for. For the sweet lovers, the desserts are also spectacular.” – Marcela and Felipe, Fotostrasse


10. The Wilder Kaiser Alpine Sports Week

From Heather, Heather on her Travels
HOHT_Sport Week

“If you want to try out a range of outdoor activities in Austria’s Tirol at a very affordable price look out for the Wilder Kaiser Alpine Sports Week where you can try your hand at activities such as mountain-biking, Via Ferrata and canyoning for a week in June for only €139 for 6 different activities. I tried it last year and had a fantastic time on the zip-wire at the Horn Park and went mountain biking (using an e-bike to take the strain). Of course you can try all these activities throughout the summer too; the whole Wilder Kaiser Valley is an adventure-lover’s playground.” – Heather, Heather on her Travels

11. Nordpark and Patscherkofelbahn


“Innsbruck is a great place for outdoor activities. Areas such as Nordpark and Patscherkofelbahn are wonderful for hiking in the summer and serve as ski destinations in winter. The Partscherkofelbahn is to the south of Innsbruck. In winter it is a magical ski region, with forest ridden slopes that were once used in the Winter Olympics.” –Bino, iWander


From Laurel, Monkeys and Mountains

“Tirol is a paradise for lovers of the great outdoors. It ranges from day hikes to serious climbs – like the Grossglockner, which requires mountaineering skills! There are also Klettersteigs – climbing routes where you have a harness, but don’t require a rope. There’s even a route that takes you right over Stuiben Waterfall  – the highest waterfall in Tirol!” – Laurel, Monkeys and Mountains

13. Nordkettenbahn

From Jim, Never Stop Traveling

“Don’t miss riding the Nordkettenbahn, a cable car that departs from a futuristic-looking station in the old city. It takes you to the peak of the 7,400-foot high Hafelekar for a fantastic view out over the valley and the mountains all around you. If you’re a hiker you’ll be in heaven. Back in the city, just wander about the very colorful Old Town for a few hours. As you walk down lanes flanked by buildings painted various shades of yellow, green, rose and blue, you’ll feel as though you’re in another century.” – Jim, Never Stop Traveling

Catriona Megahey

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Catriona Megahey