Venice is probably one of the one cities that is on everyone’s bucket list, be it because of the romantic beauty, quirky architecture or because they want to see Venice before it sinks! In all its glory, the little capital of the Veneto region is still an underestimated city, there is an abundance of things to do in Venice, aside from the usual tourist stops.
We have put together The Ultimate Venice Guide to help you on your journey through the little alleyways and over the 400+ bridges that connect Venice. With the help of 7 travel bloggers we set out to give you advice on what to do in Venice, what authentic Venetian restaurants to eat (and drink) at, and where to unearth hidden gems across the islands.

Things to see in Venice

23. Visit the Peggy Guggenheim Museum 

The Peggy Guggenheim Museum is such a jewel in the city that two bloggers recommended this as a must thing to do in Venice!


Via. Instagram: @atelier12

“Peggy Guggenheim Collection – Located right on the Grand Canal, in the Dorsoduro area, it is set in the villa where she lived for many years. “- Karen,

“The Peggy Guggenheim Collection proves that the modern art scene in Venice is just as incredible as the Italian one. This canalside museum is palatial and a site to see of its own. Not only are the views stunning but the sculpture garden is also noteworthy. Not only is it Peggy’s final resting place but there are works by famed artists like Moore, Giacometti, Brancusci and Kapoor.” – Katie,

22. Sunday stroll and visit San Francesco della Vigna

The Cloister San Francesco della Vigna lies in the North-East of Venice, a much more quiet area compared to the bustling centre. For a relaxing Sunday stroll this is undeniably perfect.


Via. Instagram: @al_nume

“The peaceful cloister of the church of San Francesco della Vigna in the sestiere of Castello (Venice).” – Erla,

21. Visit a Quirky Bookshop

Forget the typical souvenir shops, browse the old dusty books of this quirky bookshop to find hidden gems within the bathtubs and boats.


Via. Instagram: @libreriaacquaalta

“The Libreria Acqua Alta! It is a gorgeous bookshop that backs onto the water and uses repurposed boats and bathtubs as bookshelves!” – Lela,

20. Rio di Sant’Anna Market

This is one market you will never forget. But caution, don’t fall into the water!


Via. Instagram:@rodolphesobesky

“Explore the colorful Floating Market on Rio di Sant’Anna – Via Garibaldi. There’s even a peach tree growing on a boat!” – Iris and Lina,

19. The Bevilacqua Factory

The factory is hidden inside what one would think is a normal house, once inside the place opens up into a maze of wooden machines. There is so much to see in this factory that hours will go by within minutes! 


Via. Instagram: @frando03

“For those who are into home decorating, fashion, or antique Venetian history, stop by the Bevilacqua Factory to see how two-dimensional velvet is made by hand. The staff will take you through the factory free of charge for a personal tour to see the wooden machines and showrooms of fabrics that decorate the walls of the royals, and the runways of Dolce & Gabbana fashion shows.” – Jessica,

18. Visit the old Venice Jewish Ghetto

A must thing to do in Venice for every history enthusiast! You will not be disappointed as you meander the streets of the first ever ‘ghetto’, in which the Jewish community were forced to live in during the Venetian Republic in 1516.


Via. Instagram: @antoniettacapaccio

“Move away from the crowds of Venice and step back 500 years in time! Discover the oldest Ghetto in the world in one of the quietest areas of Venice. Visit the 5 old synagogues and the Jewish museum, the art galleries and the tiny antique shops.  Don’t miss a visit to Panificio Volpe, the only kosher bakery in Venice and sample some amazing cakes, like their Empade and the Bisse, S-shaped cookies made with oil and flour.” – Monica,

17. Venture off into the Venetian Lagoon

Escape the hustle and bustle of Venice and relax on Venice’s biggest and least populated island. Used for agriculture, the landscape is dotted with farms and beautiful scenery.


Via. Instagram: @the.real.slim.drago

“The Island of Sant’Erasmo. Enjoy sweeping views of the lagoon while sipping local wine on the ‘garden island’”. – Marjorie,

Things to do in Venice

16. Dress-Up in a Renaissance Costume & take a Cooking Class

Influenced by the coast, the plains, and the mountainous regions of Veneto, Venetian cuisine really has the best of each category. Learn how to cook polenta the real way and you’ll return home ready to enter Masterchef.cook-in-venice

Via. Instagram:@Cook in Venice

“Experience the Venice Carnival at any time of the year and a Venetian cooking class with a twist: shop in the Rialto market, learn to cook authentic Veneto food with the help of two Venetian local cooks from Cook In Venice. Then dress up in a Renaissance Carnival costume to lunch and sample the hard labor of your lesson, accompanied by lots of local wines. All in the setting of a stunning 15th century Palace.” – Monica,

15. Venice is a Photographer’s Playground

If you fancy yourself as a photographer or if you don’t dare to put yourself behind the lens, Venice’s beauty will turn anyone into a professional photographer!sari22087-min

Via. Instagram: @sari22087

“Crack out your biggest, baddest camera! Venice is incredibly beautiful. On my first visit, I didn’t see any of the traditional tourist attractions but took photos of everything and anything.” – Lela,

14. Become a Venetian Artist for the Day

Named after the island it was created on, Murano glass is believed to have been created back in 8th century Rome. Ever since, Venice has since lead the way of glass making across Europe.


Via. Instagram: @thejinkai

“Take a lampworking class. Try your hand at the most famous Venetian art: Sculpting Murano Glass.” – Marjorie,

13. Take a tour out of Venice

Venture out of the city of Venice and visit the surrounding towns and villages to discover the Veneto region.


Via. Instagram: @kseniasheshenina

“Visit the mountain town of Bassano del Grappa, one hour away by frequent trains.  Frescoed houses, local majolica ware, beautiful scenery.” – Erla,

12. Discover the Real Venice

Nothing more has to be said. If you want to know what the real Venice is like during the high season, then this is the place to go.


Via. Instagram:@gattoneone

“Campo Santa Margherita is nearby and this lovely piazza is authentically Italian. Children play and old folks sleep on the benches; it is always full of life.” – Karen,

11. Uncover the True Art of Coffee Roasting

Need an energy boost whilst strolling the streets of Venice? Then make sure to stop by this traditional Venetian Cafes.


Via. Instagram: @veneziaunica

“Learn how to roast coffee in the Venetian dark & artistic manner at Torrefazione Girani’s – Campo della Bragora. A reminder of the first European cafes that opened in Venice in 1580.” – Iris and Lina

10. Visit the Colorful Island of Burano

Don’t forget there are so many more things to do in Venice and see than the centre itself! Take a journey up North and visit the islands of Burano and explore the more local areas around the centre of Venice.


Via. Instagram: @mrs.thebest
“Burano is an archipelago of four interconnecting islands just north of Venice’s main hub. It’s famous for its rainbow buildings and lace business. There is even a lace museum! It’s a very authentic and less touristy than other parts of Venice – it’s still inhabited mostly by locals rather than tourists.” – Katie,

9. For the kids – Ludoteca Santa Maria Ausiliatrice

Taking a family trip to Venice? Make sure that this is in your itinerary of what to do in Venice with the kids!


Via. Instagram: @ignazio_pagani

“For those with babies or small children finding a sanctuary out of the heat or rain can be a life saver. This play center is in the Castello quarter and has tons of toys, games, art supplies, and instruments to keep kids busy.” – Jessica,

Things to eat/drink in Venice

8. Try Something Unique – Asian Inspired Venetian Cuisine

A trip to Venice is not complete without a romantic dinner and authentic Italian food and if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it in style. The Bauers Collection Venice is a group of luxury hotels, suites, restaurants, and spas in Venice.thebauersvenice-min

“De Pisis restaurant at The Bauers hotel is incredible. This gem brings Asian influence to Venetian dining. The outdoor terrace is on the Grand Canal with spectacular views of gondolas passing by as well as the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Salute. It’s so romantic.” – Katie,

7. Venetian Season Specialities

Surprise yourself with a Venetian season specialities in this restaurant – a favourite with the locals – and an ideal place to eat if you want to escape the crowds.


“Trattoria Storica, 4858 Cannaregio. Have a generous lunch of seasonal specialties in this friendly, off the beaten path, eatery.” – Marjorie,

6. Have Cake for Breakfast

Holidays are a good excuse to put on some pounds, you might as well do it the proper way and eat cake for breakfast! Although you might not want to go down this root every morning of your holiday, it should be on everyone’s list to try.cucinaspeziata-min

“Taste a Venetian torta greca – Almond cake baked especially for breakfast at Pasticceria Alla Bragora‘s during the golden morning hour. This is the oldest recipe for almond cake in Europe, picked up by Venetian merchants in Persia 1,200 years ago.” – Iris and Lina,

5. Favourite dish of the locals

Delve into the palettel delights of Venitian locals and discover the types of dishes that are enjoyed by them on a daily basis.kazumasaimai-min

“Sarde in saor (sardines in sweet-sour onion sauce); Raboso red wine or Bianco di Custoza white wine.” – Erla,

4. Spaghetteria A le Tole

Spaghetti and a piano player – that is enough to guarantee anyone a good night. You will not be disappointed in this popular Spaghetteria. Be sure to book in advance to guarantee a seat!sikaspock

Via. Instagram: @sikaspock

“Unique among others with a modern atmosphere and a piano player in the corner, A le Tole makes fresh pasta in the window for all to see. This is no tourist trap as prices are on point for the quality of the food.” – Jessica,

3. Veneto Wine Tasting

Now you can’t really go to Venice or the Veneto region without sipping some wine. Veneto produces about 20% of Italy’s wine, including Merlot, Garganega and Prosecco.


Via. Instagram: @nicoemmanuelli

“Veneto produces the highest quantity of wine in Italy. Find out about all the varieties and quality wines the region has to offer by taking a wine tasting in one of the many bars of the city, like Vineria All’Amarone. Make sure to try Valpolicella and Amarone for red and Malvasia and Lugana for white and to accompany them with some delicious Cicchetti, the local snacks readily available in all corners of the city in places called bacaro.” – Monica,

2. A Favourite of the Locals

Enjoy the fresh pastries and passionately crafted cappuccino at this standing coffee bar in Cannaregio. It is also a great opportunity to practice your Italian as locals outnumber tourists whatever the season.


Via. Instagram: @kiomatsu151

“Torrefazione Xannaregio! It is  a local coffee roastery that serves some of the best-caffeinated tipples I’ve had anywhere.” – Lela,

1. On a Budget, but want Good Quality?

Your meals out do not always have to be on the costly side! Eat out at this Pizzeria and you will have plenty of pennies left in your pocket to tick off your itinerary of things to do in Venice!biteofthebest-min

“In this lovely piazza, take a seat at the Ai Sportivi Restaurant and Pizzeria.  There is wonderful food and they have a tourist menu for 12 euros!” – Karen,



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