Are you currently studying but dream of travelling the world but don’t know where to start? We asked award-winning student travel blogger Lucy Ronan from for her insights and top tips as a student traveller.

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Student Travel blogger Lucy Ronan. Image Via.

What motivated you to start your own travel blog?

Growing up my 5 main hobbies have been reading, writing, design, photography and videography. I’ve been doing all these things from a very young age so starting a blog kind of felt natural to me.

It combined all my favourite skills and passions into one thing. Blogging has since fostered my love for the business, marketing and social media side of things as well.


What are you trying to achieve through your travel blog?

That it is absolutely possible to travel as a student, whether it is across the globe or just down the road.

A lot of people overlook travelling in their own area/country, so I also like to encourage staycations as much as possible (especially as they are far cheaper!). In the past year, I’ve visited Ireland, Northern Ireland and Cornwall, and all are amazing.

student travel

Cornwall, UK. Image Via.

How do you juggle travel blogging whilst being a full-time student?

Students have a lot of free time on their hands, but this time can slip away if you don’t prioritise your time on what matters most to you. For me, this is blogging.

As I can’t afford to travel too much, I write a lot about staycations and local travel. If you’re struggling to come up with new content because you’re stuck in the same city expanding your blog’s niche is also a good way to overcome this!


How do you afford travel whilst being a full-time student?

For me, it’s a matter of prioritisation. I’m a pretty terrible “student” as far as stereotypes go; I practically never go out and drink alcohol, and I’m always saving my pennies for my next trip!

student travel

Are there any cities you would recommend to students? (in terms of cheap costs, good nightlife, etc.)

I got back from a trip to Bratislava a few days ago and I completely fell in love with the city. It’s not somewhere I’ve ever thought about visiting before but after a quick search for cheap flights, I was on my way there. I don’t know what the nightlife is like in Bratislava, but as a city break, it is cheap as chips.

If you’re looking for great nightlife you’ve got to head to Berlin and Amsterdam. Two of my favourite cities in Europe.

You’ve mentioned on your blog that you learn to only travel with the essentials. What would you recommend to leave behind and what to pack?

You should leave behind several changes of clothes, especially if you’re going away for a weekend trip. I’ve made this mistake on too many occasions.

Odds are you won’t need five pairs of shorts and four jumpers. It’s more likely you’ll wear one or two of each. After all, the lighter your suitcase/backpack, the better.

You should always bring a camera (be it your phone or something else) to capture the experience. As a blogger, this is so important and I love having photos to look back on. But at the same time, try not to live behind a screen!

student travel

Which three tips would you give to someone who is about to start their travels?

Decide how you want to budget your money. Ask yourself, what you want to spend very little money on and what you want to splash out more on?

For example, I find cheap fares but then spend a bit more money for a private room in a hostel because that’s more important to me. I never buy alcohol abroad and try not to spend too much money on food either!

And if you can’t afford to go on holiday, make the most of our long student holidays by volunteering, getting an internship abroad or study abroad. There are so many options for students.


If you could give one final piece of advice for students who want to travel, what would it be?

Prioritise, prioritise, prioritise! I like this word, don’t I? If something isn’t a priority in your life, it will always get left behind.

Travel is the one thing I spend my money on, and in order to travel, I have sacrificed other aspects of my life. In turn, it’s made me become extremely disciplined and frugal in the process.

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Catherine Munnelly

Born and bred in Dublin, Catherine left the Emerald Isle in pursuit of exploration. Her hobbies include spending countless hours planning her next trip, travel blogging and Google deep diving.
Catherine Munnelly