You might think you know all about your most northernly neighbours, yet, you’ll be surprised just how much Scotland is packed full of history, culture, geographical wonders and questionable, yet delicious, cuisine.
The choice of places to see in Scotland is so vast and extreme that we left it to the experts to guide you through your journey of the mountains, glens, lochs and cities of Scotland. We had the privilege to pick the brains of top travel bloggers and Scotland specialists, who shared with us their top tips for things to see in Scotland, things to do and things to eat when visiting. Below are the best places to visit in Scotland.

21. Journey out to the hamlet of Kilmahog

The perfect reward after a hike.

places to visit in scotland
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…”Stop by the Trossachs Woollen Mill and admire the incredible Highland cattle.” – Marissa,

20. Go seal-sighting in Portgordon, Moray

One of the best places to see seals up close.

places to visit in scotland

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“Watch seals from the Portgordon beach carpark. Must be the easiest place to see seals close-up anywhere. Lots lie around just by the main road east of Portgordon village. Hear them sing, too. (Actually – howl).” – Gilbert,

19. Kagyu Same Ling, Buddhist Temple

After a day of sightseeing this Temple is perfect for tea.

places to visit in scotland

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“Go down to Eskdalemuir to see Kagyu Same Ling, the largest Buddhist Temple in Western Europe. While there try the amazing Tibetan tea they serve.” – Alex,

18. Take in the views from the Sound of Rassay

One of the most beautiful places in Scotland.

places to visit in scotland

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“The Scottish Highlands are remote, rugged and alluring. Take the time to hike to the Old Man Of Storr, an awe-inspiring rock formation on the Isle of Skye. On a Clear day, the views of the surrounding Sound of Raasay are stunning.” – Brian and Noelle,

17. Visit The Kelpies in Falkirk

One of the more unusual attractions.

places to visit in scotland

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“At 30m high, they are the world’s largest equine sculptures.  Towering over the Forth and Clyde Canal, you can even take a tour inside them.” -Susanne,

16. Visit Culross in the Kingdom of Fife

Spend a lovely little afternoon exploring here, one of the top places to visit in Scotland. 

places to visit in scotland

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“Over the Forth bridges from Edinburgh – It’s unique because once you’ve parked the car and walked towards the village it’s like you are stepping back in time. It’s been used recently in the filming of the Outlander TV series and you will immediately see why. A perfect and original example of a 17th-century burgh with cobbled streets, winding alleys and features such as the Town Hall (built in 1629) and the Market Cross. Don’t miss a wander around the mustard coloured Palace.”  – Nicola,

15. Visit Perthshire

Not sure what to see in Scotland? Don’t skip Perthshire!

places to visit in scotland

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“Don’t just dash for the Scottish Highlands as you will miss out on the lochs and glens of ‘Bràghaid Alban’ (the High Ground of Scotland). From Loch Tay to Glen Lyon, Perthshire is wild and beautiful.” – Kate,

14. Climb the Tap o Noth, Aberdeenshire

For some great views over Scotland.

places to visit in scotland

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“Follow a track to a mysterious ruined hilltop fort at 563m. Plenty of atmosphere and unanswered questions from Iron Age Scotland. Who ‘vitrified’ the walls? Who chose to live there? Great views too.” – Gilbert,

13. Ghost Tour of Mary King’s Close

A city that’s pretty spooky at the best of times, a ghost tour should be on your list of things to do in Scotland.

places to visit in scotland

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“One of my favourite Scotland memories was doing a ghost tour at Mary King’s Close. The tour takes you underground, where you get to see Edinburgh from the 1600s and learn about why they built the new city on top of the old one.” – Marissa,

12. Fly over Argyll and Bute

One for the more adventurous among us!

places to visit in scotland

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“If you’re into something more adventurous board a plane in Oban for a scenic flyover above Argyll and Bute, great views guaranteed.” – Alex,

11. Sightseeing boat tour of the Forth Bridges

…And one for the more relaxed.

places to visit in scotland

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“Take a sightseeing boat tour of the Forth Bridges from South Queensferry and sit on the open deck for a unique view as you sail under these giant feats of engineering.  You can also spot local wildlife, including seals, and stop off to visit the historic abbey on Inchcolm Island.” – Susanne,


10. Take a walk along the Fife Coastal Path

Ah beautiful Scotland, complete with beaches.

places to visit in scotland

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Culross is situated right on the coast of the Firth of Forth and the Fife Coastal Path runs along the seafront. It is 118 miles of gorgeous Fife scenery stretching from the Kincardine Bridge up to the Tay Bridge. You can start at the waterfront in Culross and head towards the magnificent Forth Rail Bridge. The beaches are lovely.” – Nicola,

9. Climb a Munro

One of the 282 Scottish mountains over 3000ft high.

places to visit in scotland

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“Climbing a mountain over 3000ft is no easy task, but despite the exhaustion when you get to the top, the spectacular views are worth all the effort – plus you will feel totally and utterly proud of yourself.” – Kate,

8. Road trip through the Highlands

One of our favourite tips and best things to do in Scotland.

places to visit in scotland

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“If you’re looking for something to do, take a car and roadtrip through some of the magnificent countryside and wind through the stunning Gap of Glencoe.” – Brian and Noelle,

7. The Boathouse, Isle of Ulva

One for the family.


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“Call the ferryman over to Mull by showing a red square. Five minutes later you’re at the Boathouse on Ulva. Cup of tea or three -course meal. Everything local, totally fresh and friendly. A real find.” – Gilbert,

6. Dine in Edinburgh’s oldest pub

No list would be complete without a traditional pub.

places to visit in scotland

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“Claiming to be Edinburgh’s oldest pub (and also a haunted one), The White Hart Inn is one of my favorite places to eat and drink. If you’re in Scotland and have yet to try haggis, this is a good place to start as they offer haggis nachos, a safer option for your first haggis tasting.” – Marissa,

5. Eat the best Aberdeen Angus burger

After all that sightseeing, take a break.

“Our recommended place to eat and drink must be Brown Sugar café in Jedburg. That is the most amazing cafe we ever been to, and no doubt they serve the best Aberdeen Angus speciality burgers on the planet.” – Alex,

4. Join the locals for a pint at the Clachaig Inn

No trip would be complete without treating yourself.

places to visit in scotland

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“Reward yourself with a heartwarming meal and a pint at the iconic Clachaig Inn. Locals and their dogs will join you inside – it’s the perfect place to unwind after a day in the Highlands.” – Brian and Noelle,

3. Freshest seafood in Scotland

Number three on our list – more food!

places to visit in scotland

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“The Oban Seafood Hut is the place to go for the freshest seafood at very reasonable prices. Watch the deliveries arrive from the local fishing boats and then enjoy the catch of the day as you watch the boats set off again from the harbour.” – Susanne,

2. The Biscuit Cafe, Culross

One of the best places to visit in Scotland. 

places to visit in scotland

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Grab a cuppa and some lunch in the gorgeous little Biscuit Cafe, hidden around the back of the Culross Pottery shop. A cute, wonky and extremely popular place to relax, the food is homemade, the cakes are to die for and the building itself dates back an age (hence the wonky-ness)” – Nicola,

1. Take a dram (a shot of whisky in Scots)

And, of course, no trip would be complete without some whisky!

places to visit in scotland

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“It is said there is a whisky for everyone and with over 100 distilleries in Scotland to visit, you are sure to find a favourite ‘water of life‘. I love Dalwhinnie; you can taste Scottish heather and honey in each sip!”  – Kate,

Comment below if you have any more opinions on the best places to visit in Scotland. If you’re looking for places to experience real Scottish food, then check out our best restaurants guide, or plan your trip the right way with our travel guides to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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