Despite all the great things our capital has to offer, late night openings are not often one of them. The throngs of booze-hungry northerners looking lost around Soho will tell you that much. So, if you’re never quite ready for last orders, check out these late-night London gems as we welcome the long-awaited arrival of London’s Night Tube.

Starting August 19th 2016 Victoria Line and Central Line will be running every 10 minutes overnight. For full information on which stations are not being served, you can check the website. For late night waterholes all you have to do is scroll down.

1. The Dolphin

I’d say there are few people left in London who haven’t lived through, and more impressively survived, a lock in at the Dolphin. This grimy little grotto has all the charm of your drunk aunt at Christmas; but, in the best way possible. There is also something extremely impromptu about trips to the Dolphin, you don’t know quite how you ended up there but you’re delighted you did. Oh, and there is Karaoke.

late night london

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2. Biegels

Because let’s face it, sometimes all you want to do is go down to your local bagel shop at 4 in the morning just because you can. There is really no better place than this East End institution and what’s more it’s ridiculously cheap and horrendously fresh. It can often be unbearably busy during the day, so making use of these nocturnal hours could be just the ticket. It’s been around for donkeys as well so you can get a little glimpse into the area before the gentrifiers arrive.

late night london

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3. Crate Brewery

Ale and pizza. Pizza and ale. To really appreciate Crate, it’s supremely superior to go when the weather heats up a tad so you can sit outside. Officially it closes at around midnight, but more often than not it’ll stay open later and if you’re really lucky you might end up ending your night partying on a barge.

late night london

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4. Little Nan’s Tropical Paradise

This could possibly be the most quintessentially British thing that has happened; cocktails in tea-pots. It’s just like going over to your nans for a cuppa; if your nan looked like an amalgamation of Pat Butcher and Ziggy Stardust plying you with Gin. It’s pretty small and is known to have lock-ins if you linger around long enough.

late night london

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The introduction to this blog was updated on August 19th 2016.

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