Yes, hot places in February exist. And we know where to find them.

Once Christmas is over, winter is no longer as fun or cuddly. January hits hard with all its chill and resolutions, so it’s no surprise that people are looking to escape to hot places in February.

Now, there are several ways to plan your escape to the best places to go in February. You could jet off for the classic island beach getaway. Or you could surprise yourself with some of our other suggestions for holidays in February where winters usually drop to -30 °C, but where the locals have found ways of banishing the cold that is simply genius.

1. Tenerife

Let’s start with the standard-setter for hot holidays in February: a Canary Island, complete with a volcano (dormant, phew!) and beautiful black beaches. They have gold ones too, but if you want to be hot and hipster at the same time…

hot places in february

There’s one more reason that makes Tenerife one of the best places to go in February that has nothing to do with the heat: Carnival! For about 15 days, Santa Cruz is overtaken by a pre-Lent blow-out. Parades, open-air concerts, political cabaret, dance performances, and – the highlight – the “Burial of the Sardine” attract hundreds of thousands of people. Pack sequins.

With weather hitting averages of 17 °C to 20 °C and cheap flights, it is one of those comfortable February holiday destinations.

2. Lanzarote

Another fail-safe choice for hot holidays in February. But like its sister Canary Island, Tenerife, there’s more to do than just sun-tanning. It is a great place to drink in the power of the Earth: the volcanic creation, Timanfaya National Park, has the vibe of a sunny Mordor.

hot places in february

Lanzarote has been making headlines lately, making it one of the best places to go in February this year: January 2017 marks the opening of Europe’s first underwater museum, Museo Atlántico. Artist Jason deCaires Taylor co-founded the project and cast many of the over 500 sculptures from locals to create eerie, sub-aquatic installations. It is called a museum, but one of the main aims of the museum is to look to the future: by encouraging marine wildlife to grow on the artificial reefs intertwined in the art, and by making humans rethink their relationship with the planet.

Whether it’s an epiphany or a mental switch-off, Lanzarote can take you there.

3. Budapest

And now, a journey to one of the least suspected hot places in February: Budapest. Normally winters creep down into the minuses, but this doesn’t bother anyone in Budapest. Their secret weapons are the stunning and historical public baths, thanks to the natural thermal powerhouse in the labyrinth of caves under the city.

hot places in february

The bathing culture in Hungary’s capital is strong, but by no means singular or boring. You can choose from Roman, Turkish, or Art Nouveau baths, inside under an arched roof or outside with a view.

4. Iceland

The irony of recommending “Ice”-land as one of the top hot places in February is not lost on us. But really, those hot springs though.

hot places in february

The most famous of Iceland’s hotspots is the Blue Lagoon, which is very blue and feels like you’re bathing in the laps of mountains (which, really, you are).

But as any Icelander will tell you, there are so many more to choose from, including infamous Grjotagja which is said to be the setting for Jon Snow’s naughty dip in Game of Thrones. Spoilers: only the entrance is used for Ygritte dashing tauntingly inside. But we can still dream.

Many of Iceland’s idyllic springs are within reach of Reykjavík – if you’re driving yourself, just be sure to check the weather on the roads and that your vehicle is hardy enough to handle them.

5. Finland

There are people in Finland who took their first breath of life in a sauna. Not while it was on, of course. Many years ago it was simply the most sterile place in town. Yet even in these modern times, Finns are obsessed with saunas. Probably has something to do with the -30 °C winter air.

hot places in february

There are roughly two million saunas for a population of just over 5 million, so there’s plenty of steamy spaces to go around. If you’re planning on spending your hot holidays in February here, why not travel to Helsinki and get your sweat on in the 50’s Hermanni sauna, or try out one of the capitals multiple sleek, modern sauna hang-outs?

Whoever said that there are no hot places in February?

Now, take your wisdom about where to go in February and indulge in it. Stay warm!

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