Dive into the Alpine city of Innsbruck. A quaint and colourful town surrounded by mountainous terrain, hidden away in the reclusive Tirol region of Austria. It is most famous for skiing, but little do people know that Innsbruck offers a unique culture, gourmet food and natural beauty in every direction.

With more and more available flights from the UK to Innsbruck we decided to compile the perfect 2-day guide to Innsbruck, so you can make the most from this Tirolean city.

Day 1

Breakfast in the Sky Restaurant on the Berg Isel Ski Jump

Awake in the Alps and indulge in this delicious buffet breakfast: fresh pastries, bread and locally sourced meats. Whilst embracing the full continental feast feel free to take in the sights of the encapsulating alps, Tirolean architecture and the Inn river. Divine.


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Want to get a better view? Head up to the observatory deck on top of the ski jump! The elevator ride is an experience in itself as many of the world’s most famous ski jumpers have taken the same lift, from Sven Hannawald to Heinrich Mayerl!

Culture Point Can’t get enough of the view? Head over to Tirol Panorama! Here you’ll have a stunning view over the city and the Nordkette, the name given to the mountain range north of Innsbruck.


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Combine beauty with history: you’ll find one of the few panoramic paintings in the world here too! At almost 1000m² in size, with a 360 ° view you can delve into the historic battle of freedom, a rebellion of the Tirolean people against Napolean at Mount Isel.

Kulturstätte- the Ambras Castle

Take a 30-minute skip through the town to take in the beauty of Ambras Castle. Not only a visually appealing establishment but home to extensive art collections, exhibitions, spotted with renaissance art, offering you an opportunity to embrace your artistic side.


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Afterwards, be sure to unravel the beauty of the palace gardens. These magnificent grounds boast some serious natural beauty, as you weave through perfectly trimmed hedges you’ll feel lost in a fairytale.

Lunch at Café Strudel Kröll


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Catch a sightseeing bus back into the centre of Innsbruck for some scrumptious lunch. Café Kröll offers an array of delicious sweets and savoury strudels.

Cultural point of Golden Roof and Innsbruck’s Old Town

Strengthened by the traditional Austrian delicacy, you are now refreshed and ready to explore the town of Innsbruck. First stop is located just around the corner – a visit to their landmark, the Golden Roof. The canopy was named because of its golden shingles.


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From there you can quickly and easily hop to all other points of interest, such as the radiating castle of Ottoburg, Innsbruck’s Cathedral, the Hofburg Palace and St. Anna’s Column. Wind down your day of sightseeing with some window-shopping at Kaufhaus Tirol.


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The oldest department store in Innsbruck offers six floors of shops, cafes and it’s very own Lindt store, where you indulge in a huge range of rich chocolate. Perfect.

Dinner at La Taqueria

An authentic Mexican restaurant located in the middle of the Alps? Never. Believe or not the owner came to au pair in Innsbruck over a decade ago. She, like most people, fell in love with the place and opened her own business, La Taqueria. 


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Its colourful interior, authentic food and refreshing margaritas will (temporarily) whisk you away to the sandy shores of Mexico. The great part? When you return to reality you’ll still be in one of the most beautiful towns in Europe. The best of both worlds really.

Nightlife in Innsbruck

Innsbruck has to offer a lot for the night owls among you. Since it’s a student town there are a fruitful array of small bars and pubs.

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Anyone who wants to enjoy his drink in style with views of the city can do this in our own Penthouse bar hotel Adler, as well as the 360 ° in the Rathausgalerien.


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Delicious cocktails with locals attached can be found in the Café Dinzler. Those who prefer to shake a leg fret not. The city is also home to hot spots like Weekender Club near the Western Railway Station, the club Aftershave in the heart of Innsbruck, or the Club Hofgarten in Volkspark park.

Day 2

Breakfast in Breakfast Club – For a cosy, and likely late breakfast, Breakfast Club near the Triumphal Arch is a good place to kickstart the day.


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From the traditional Tirolean breakfast, fresh bread, rejuvenating juices and the best omelettes in Innsbruck, this place has anything you need after a night on the town.

Culture Point: Hungerburg

Time to discover the mountains! The Hungerburgbahn is a high funicular connects the centre of Innsbruck with the Nordkette in the mountains.


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Start in its futuristic design base station at Court Garden and embrace the view as you climb to the district of Hungerburg, where you’ll begin a wee, but glorious hike. Walk to Arzler Alm – Don’t worry, this isn’t an intense hike with few steep paths, well signposted and is very much designed for visitors.


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The approximately hour and a half hike will bring to a view not just across Innsbruck, but across the Tirolean Alps, so make sure you’re camera ready! Not to mention, there’s a relaxing sun terrace where you can simply sit back, re-hydrate and enjoy the view.

Dinner at Stiftskeller

When you eventually tire of stunning Alpine views, you can make your descent down from Arzler Alm to treat yourself to a well-earned dinner at Stiftskeller.


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Located in the old town of Innsbruck, it’s the perfect place for good hearty food, a rest and to wind down the weekend. Tuck into traditional Tirolean dishes such as Kasspatzen, an Austrian take on mac and cheese, so you know it’s good.


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Catherine Munnelly