With the number of self-proclaimed foodies on the rise, there is clearly no shortage of food festivals taking place around Europe! For a small continent, Europe’s culinary talents run far and wide and this is reflected in not only the diversity of European cuisine but in the great representation of food from across the world! Check out our picks for the 10 food festivals to visit this summer.

Food Connections, Bristol


food festival in europe

Image via. Bristol Connections.

Food connections is Bristol‘s premier food festival, with the perfect hybrid of experimental gastronomy paired with local, sustainably sourced ingredients! The festival is aiming to change the way we think about and experience food and takes place for one week in the newly instated green capital of Europe. The festival encompasses 6 themes in keeping with the ethos of sustainable living: land and growing, well-being, feasting and festivities, get cooking, brain food and families.

  • Dates: June 2018.
  • Price: Free entrance; price of food varies in accordance to the stall
  • Most popular food or drink: With all the food stalls coming from independent vendors across the Somerset area, the festival offers an abundance of stylistically diverse cuisines which are bound to satisfy even the pickiest of foodies. However, in typical Somerset fashion, the toast of the festival will invariably be cider! Of which there will be 12 vendors, all offering their own interpretation of the fruity classic!


Barrio Cantina, Ghent


food festival in europe

Image via. Barriocantina.de

In addition to the initial appeal of tasty food, the Barrio Cantina offers a little something extra. The aesthetic of the venue resembles a large outdoor restaurant with several small kitchens to choose from, and whilst sampling your food there are also DJs and other forms of light entertainment on hand to liven up your day!

  • Dates: May in Ghent, Ostend, Antwerp and Bruges also host the festival for a weekend; more information regarding the dates can be on their official website.
  • Price: It’s free!
  • Most popular food: Mexican burritos, Vietnamese spring rolls, American hamburgers, Thai dumplings, Polé Polé Mojitos – all at affordable prices! Ghent is also the veggie capital of Belgium, so there’s plenty of choice for the herbivores among you.

Gouda Cheese Market, Gouda

The Netherlands

food festival in europe

Image via. Welcometogouda.nl

The Gouda Cheese Market is a historical, nostalgic festival which takes place every Thursday between the Fairy Tale City Hall and the historical De Waag building which was constructed in 1668. Reminiscent of days gone by, farmers and traders barter for the best cheeses and local produce of the area. In addition to selling and buying cheese, there are also workshops on offer to make the cheese and learn the about the history of the cheese which gives the market its name: Gouda.

  • Dates: From April until the end of August, the market takes place every Thursday from 10.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.
  • Price: Free entry.
  • Most popular food or drink: An abundance of cheese variants including cheese soup, cheese croquette and cheese fondue.


Feria Internacional del Queso de Trujillo


food festival in europe

Image via. Feraidelquesotrujillo.es

Another Festival that is dedicated to the delectable delight that is cheese! At Feria Internacional del Queso de Trujillo, master cheese-makers from the world over participate in this festival, promoting their local cheese. As well as tasting cheese; workshops, talks and competitions take place during the days of the festival. Each year there is an invited country and for 2015 it will be Netherlands, with around 31 different kinds of cheeses being sold.

  • Dates: Late April to early May in Trujillo (Cáceres)
  • Price: It depends on the stand. This year TBA.
  • Most popular food: Cheese, of course!

Slow Fish Festival, Genoa


food festival in europe

Image via. Slowfood.ie

The festival is fundamentally about fish and the sea. It aims to educate, inform, promote a more sustainable way to eat and consume aquatic products while sampling the fresh fish caught at the Old Port of Genoa, which has long been a significant fish port.

  • Dates: Mid-May 2018.
  • Price: The entrance to the festival is free.
  • Most popular food or drink: Trapanese Seafood Cous Cous/A super tasty Sicilian paella.

Copenhagen Cooking


food festival in europe

Image via. Copenhagencooking.com

Copenhagen cooking’s aim is to promote Danish gastronomy and to spread awareness of Nordic cuisine through a variety of high-quality culinary events. All cooking events are divided into different categories, which include several samples of seasonal Nordic ingredients, cooking for kids, organic food and liquid meals.

  • Dates: Mid-August 2018.
  • Price: free.
  • Most popular food or drink: Nordic food.


Erin Mullen

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