More than ever, students and graduates are feeling pressure to make use of their all too precious time off. Whether this is baggin’ that internship, earning some well-needed cash or travelling.  However, this needn’t be an either-or scenario, by combining work and travel you can get the best of both worlds. Surprisingly the later option is easier that you think and are perfect for anyone seeking a change of environment or something new and exciting. To show you just how easy it is, we’ve compiled three fantastic routes that combine work and travel so effortlessly you may end up tempted to make it your full-time vocation.

Route 1Groningen | The Hague | Antwerp | Freiburg | Bologna | Bolzano | Vienna | Prague | Warsaw |
Route 2Chaumont | Reims | Calais | Dover | Bath | Bakewell | Dundee | Edinburgh | Belfast |
Route 3Bordeaux | Biarritz | San Sebastian | San Vicente | Gijón | Vigo | Gran Canaria


Route 1

Metropolitan Moments

The first trip is for the urbanites among us and provides the perfect mix of must-see capitals and smaller cities that are more under the radar; creating the ideal context for off the beaten track exploration. When on the hunt for work, check out Student Job for an overview of some the opportunities that are available to you.

1. Stop: Groningen


When you think of The Netherlands it can often be difficult to look past its capital city of Amsterdam. However, with a population of under 200,000, Groningen offers its inhabitants all the canal, cafes, and nightlife, but in a smaller, more chill package. On top of that, it’s been named one of Europe’s safest cities. Accessing Groningen is probably easiest from London, but can also be accessed by major UK cities like Liverpool, Manchester, and Birmingham.

  • Getting there: Travel to Groningen from £42 by bus (direct), train or flying.
  • Selling point: One of the safest cities in Europe and a major student city.
  • Jobs: Bars, cafes or the fish market.

2. Stop: The Hague


This coastal corker is the third city of the Netherlands and is perfect for those wishing to take leisurely walks or peruse around museums. As with any Dutch city, cyclist take precedent over anything else mobile; therefore the city is littered with bike shops that any weary traveller can work at for some much-needed pocket money.

  • Getting there: Travel to The Hague from just £20.
  • Selling point: 7 miles of coastline.
  • Jobs: Check out Student jobs , whether you’re a graduate or student for more opportunities.

3. Stop: Antwerp


Cross the border into Belgium and you’ll arrive at the cultural metropolis of Antwerp, which in recent years has not only been highly regarded as the capital of culture but also a hub for fashion. An abundance of treasures and trinkets are waiting to be found in its many flea markets and pop-up stores.

  • Getting there: Travel from The Hague to Antwerp from just £4.
  • Selling point: Antwerp Central train station is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe.
  • Jobs: Flea market, pop-up stores, try selling your own trinkets!

4. Stop: Freiburg


From Antwerp, it’s just a hop, skip and a 14 hour bus journey to Freiburg; a university town in the south of Germany full to the brim with vibrancy and  a backdrop of the Black Forest! As is true with many university towns, Freiburg is home to bars and pubs that are not only an excellent way to spend your spare time, but can also be a potentially lucrative employer.

  • Getting there: Travel from Antwerp to Freiburg from just £30.
  • Selling point: Student city
  • Jobs: Bars and clubs

5. Stop: Bologna

bologna blog

This Erasmus city exudes Italian flair and elegance at first sight; not least, with its imposing historical buildings. Bologna is home to the first university in the world and also boasts delectable gastronomy,even lending its name to the quintessential Italian dish, spag-bol.

  • Getting there: Travel from Freiburg to Bolgna from just £27.
  • Selling point: Some of the best tortellini and lasagna in Itlay.
  • Jobs: Tour guides, cafes.


6. Stop: Bolzano


Located in the south of Tirol, our next working destination is Bolzano. This Italian delight is nestled between beautiful valleys and is often considered the gateway to the Dolomites with a climate that rarely falls below 10 degrees all year round. The bilinguality of Bolzano gives this city a cross culture that is rarely felt in other Italian cities, with both German and Italian being readily spoken; this is also reflected in its education system with its university offering courses not only in German and Italian, but English as well.

  • Getting there: Travel from Bologna to Bolzano from just £11.
  • Selling point: One of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe.
  • Jobs: Vintage shops, hospitality and vineyards.

7. Stop: Vienna


Vienna could be regarded as the perfect hybrid of new and old; combining postmodern architecture with imperial grandeur like an art form. However, as well as being quite pretty to look at,  quirky coffee shops, markets and no shortage of bars gives Vienna its real charm.

  • Getting there: Travel from Bolzano to Vienna from less than £30.
  • Selling point: Know as both the “City of Dreams” and the “City of Music”

Jobs: cafes and bars, tour guide and at the night market


8. Stop: Prague


From one capital city to another, our next stop is Prague. Often unbearably touristy, particularly in the summer, drifting out of the old town will reward you with a plethora hidden courtyards amidst the the maze of cobbled streets. Prague also has a burgeoning art scene which can felt by the numerous galleries and pop-ups, The MeetFactory is great example of this.

  • Getting there: Travel from Vienna to Prague from £11.
  • Selling point: Home to largest castle in the world dating back to the 9th century.
  • Jobs: Bar and café, hotels and hostels, tour guides

9. Stop: Warsaw


With the Vistula River flowing directly through the city, the capital city of Poland differs slightly from others in the country. Warsaw is now considered a bustling metropolis with no shortage of art and historical attractions. Additionally, Warsaw is one of the most multicultural cities in Poland having the highest number of foreign-born inhabitants, meaning you’re bound to come across people from all walks of life.

  • Getting there: Travel from Prague to Warsaw from £13.
  • Selling point: Only city in the EU with a nature reserve located directlyin the city centre.
  • Jobs: Tour guides and at nightclubs

Route 2

For a Breath of Fresh Air

This trip, starting the south of France, is for lovers of the great outdoors. Famed for their production of wine the world over, Champagne-Ardennes has so much more to offer its visitors than beautiful vineyards. The route, spanning through central France up to the south of England and finishing up at Scotland and Northern Ireland, is dream for hikers or just appreciators of natural beauty.

1. Stop: Chaumont


Famed for its fairy tale-esque castle, Chaumont is also an ideal starting point for exploration with its vast forestry and close proximity to the river, which plays a major role in the day to day city life; where you can behold the impressive viaduct, one of the cities main attractions.

  • Getting there: Changing in Paris, travel from London to Chaumont.
  • Selling point: The castle is one of France’s largest and most impressive historical sites.
  • Jobs: Agriculture.


2. Stop: Reims


Reims is where you can truly immerse yourself in everything wine related and get an insight into the entire creation process, including the consumption of the delightful fermented fruit. Farmers are always looking for a helping hand where you predominantly work for your keep. It is the ideal context to make long lasting friends, making for an unforgettable experience.

  • Getting there: Travel from Chaumont to Reims from £23.
  • Selling point: Centre of the Champagne industry
  • Jobs: Farm work at a vineyard 


3. Stop: Calais


By utilising the high speed train network in France you can travel from the south to north of the country in next to no time. The imposing cliffs form an impressive view of the coast, where, on a clear day you can even see England which is just 20 miles away!

  • Getting there: Travel to Calaise from Reims from £42.
  • Selling point: Almost 20 millions people from the world over pass through Calais every year
  • Jobs: Horse farms

4. Stop: Dover


It’s not hard to see why there is a song paying homage to the beautiful chalk cliffs of Dover; this, along with its medieval castles gives Dover a great mix of history and nature. The people of Dover are also very conscious about preserving their environment and the employment opportunities reflect this.

  • Getting there: Travel from Calais to Dover for just £11 with a coach, via the channel tunnel.
  • Selling point: The white cliffs of Dover reach over 300 ft and stretch for 10 miles.

Jobs: Landscaping and conservation projects

5. Stop: Bath


The city famed for its Roman baths, Jane Austen and its abundance of greenery is out next stop. Bath itself won’t look too dissimilar than it did in yesteryear with much of its grand Georgian architecture still very much intact; the best example of this can be found at the Royal Crescent.

  • Getting there: Travel from Dover to Bath from £33
  • Selling point:Filming location of such Hollywood films as The Duchess, Les Miserables and Jane Austen’s Persuasion.
  • Jobs: Farmers markets

6. Stop: Bakewell


Bakewell is a small civil parish located slap bang in the middle of England and is famed for its delectable Bakewell tart and pudding. Given its rural location in the Peak district, there are no shortage of fun fueled activities on offer for the ramblers among you. It is also in close proximity of many famed country estates, most notably Chatsworth house; which was one of the grand locations for the 2005 adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel, Pride & Prejudice.

  • Getting there: Travel from Bath to Bakewell  from £29
  • Selling point: Largely untouched; great example of English Baroque architecture.
  • Jobs: Agriculture

7. Stop: Dundee


Arriving in Scotland, you will be greeted and,  no doubt charmed, by the fourth city of the country, Dundee. The city is blessed with one of the more unique locations in the country, sprawling along the Firth of Tay with its historically significant and imposing bridge. It’s also within close proximity of the quaint seaside town of Broughty Ferry where outdoor activities are ripe for the picking.


  • Getting there: Fly from Bakewell to Dundee from £37.
  • Selling point: Home of Marmalade
  • Jobs: Family owned accommodation

8. Stop: Edinburgh


In no time from Dundee you can find yourself in the capital city of Edinburgh. This historical little gem, aside from being a great city in itself, is also fortunate enough to be engulfed by gorgeous Scottish countryside; none so imposing than Arthur’s Seat, an extremely manageable mountain located just on the periphery of the city, that rewards its visitors with a cracking panoramic view of the entire city.

  • Getting there: Travel from Dundee to Edinburgh from £20
  • Selling point: Edinburgh Castle is built on the grounds
  • Jobs: Bars, cafes, hotels and agriculture

9. Stop: Belfast


The final leg of this route is Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland. In addition to its pleasing botanical Gardens and historical sites, Belfast is home to the Titanic Quarter, which is one of the world’s largest urban-waterfront regeneration projects. Never one to rock the boat in terms of stereotypes, Belfast is littered with authentic Irish pubs and Whiskey Distilleries.

  • Getting there: Travel from Edinburgh to Belfast from £27
  • Selling point: Since 2001, 5 new cultural quarters have been constructed
  • Jobs: Bar, pubs and whiskey distilleries 

Route 3

Make Some Serious Waves

Last but not least, we have a route for the sports enthusiasts to earn some moolah while they travel. We’ve gathered 7 stops along the Atlantic coast to allow you to surf the waves of some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches and experience the Mediterranean culture while setting aside some pocket money. Click here for more information on useful tips, tricks and important guidelines regarding your trip abroad.

1. Stop: Bordeaux

Bordeaux (2)

Located along the river Garonn,e Bordeaux is the first stop on our final work and travel route. Aside from being famed for its production of wine, this southern French city is home to a rare phenomenon called Tidal Bore and is something surfing enthusiast the world over dream of. The entire city is also, essentially, one large UNESCO Heritage site, being one of the largest Urban heritage sites in the world.

  • Getting there: Travel from London to Bordeaux from £25
  • Selling point: Home to world’s foremost wine festival, Vinexpo .
  • Jobs: Tour guide and work at a vineyard


2.Stop: Biarritz

Biarritz has long been considered a mecca for surfers with tourist flocking from all bounds of life to experience the waves. The small city is home to countless surfing schools and international competitions that cater to a wide demographic, irrespective of skill.

  • Getting there: Travel from Bordeaux to Biarritz from £4
  • Selling point: Home to some of the highest waves in the region
  • Jobs: Surfing schools and camps


3. Stop: San Sebastian


Close to French border, we now enter the Spanish city of San Sebastian. Similar to its French counterparts, San Sebastian host several surfing competitions and camps; with Playa de la Concha being its main beach, that rivals any you’ll find in Europe. San Sebastian is also a city to indulge in, with countless fine eateries and decadent bars.

  • Getting there: Travel from Biarritz to San Sebastian from £6
  • Selling point: European Capital of Culture 2016
  • Jobs: Tapas bars or fish market

4. Stop: San Vicente de la Barquera


The ancient fishing village of San Vicente, a small island surrounded by two creeks, is our destination. The island is located extremely close to many beautiful beaches that are considered optimal for surfing. It has a rustic charm that invites its visitors to discover the area at their own chilled, relaxed pace.

  • Getting there: Travel from San Sebastian to San Vicente de la Barquera from £14
  • Selling point: Widely regarded to be one the most picturesque areas on the Cantabrian coast
  • Jobs: Surf camps or one of the many campsites.


5. Stop: Gijón


On the northern coast of Spain, more specifically the Costa Verde, you arrive at Gijon. Nowadays the city is more famous for water sports, but traditionally it is grounded in historical significance as one of the first human settlements on record. More recently, Gijon is also renowned as a hub for Eco-activity where a helping hand on such projects is always welcomed.

  • Getting there: Travel from San Vicente de la Barquera to Gijon from £9
  • Selling point: In the summer time the atmosphere of the beaches have been compared with that of Coney Island
  • Jobs: Ecological projects


6. Stop: Vigo


Vigo, known for being the economic powerhouse of Galicia and the most populous city of the region, has no shortage of economic opportunities within the city. It is also considered the gateway to theCíes Islands, a beautiful group of islands that are home to a national park known for its unique landscapes.

  • Getting there: Travel from Gijon to Vigo from £30
  • Selling point: A city home to three islands
  • Jobs: Surf schools and camps

7. Stop: Gran Canaria


At the last stop on this route, we arrive at Gran Canaria. The picture perfect island not only offers its visitors a plethora of nature, but also some wonderful little surf spots. The natural landscape of the areas even makes wind and kite surfing possible.

  • Getting there: Flights from £60
  • Selling point: Closer to Africa to Europe 
  • Jobs: Animation, housekeeping, water sports school


These three routes prove that you dont need to go half ways accross the world to such destinations as Australia to work while you travel. Staying closer to home, you can experice a great Euro trip while saving, and as we’ve shown here, earning money.

Erin Mullen

Erin's originally from the UK and currently living in Berlin which is gently soothing her impending quarter life crisis! She loves cycling and all things veggie!