Whenever visiting a new place researching the cuisine is a must, trying different foods is one of the best things about travelling. Although, while exploring it becomes clear that people think food in the UK is ‘strange’, well – we happen to think it’s delicious. Cornwall is one of our favourite regions for tasty treats, and below are some dishes everyone should try.

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Cornish Pasties If you’re a foodie, you simply cannot miss trying a pasty, a hearty and comforting savory pastry, perfect for the winter months by the seaside. Pasties, locally also known as an oogy, used to be both a savoury or sweet pastry filled with jam and fruit, now it is widely savoury filled with meat, potatoes and vegetables. If you want the best quality pasties then definitely head down to Cornwall, although they are now popular all over the UK.

Where to eat: The annual world Cornish pasty championship takes place in may and in 2015 the winner was The West Cornwall Pasty Company for the second time running. The competition is a big date in the Cornish calendar and participants come from all over the world. The West Cornwall Pasty Company shops can be found dotted around the majority of cities in the region of Cornwall.

cornish food

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Clotted Cream and Ice Cream – Clotted Cream is now popular all over the UK but is originally made in Devon and is also known as Devonshire Cream. This, paired with freshly cooked scones makes for the perfect British cream tea. Clotted Cream is also used in Cornish Ice Cream, which may be the reason that it’s so irresistible.

Where to eat: The bay restaurant, Penzance. Not only does cornish cream tea but also traditional british afternoon tea with finger sandwiches and cakes.

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Cheeses – Cornish Blue – Slightly different to the British stilton, this blue cheese is supposed to be eaten young, instead of aged. There is only one place that a cheese lover can find the Cornish Blue, and that’s at the Cornish Cheese Company which has won a number of awards.

Yarg A well known Cornish cheese made from an ancient recipe made using only the local milk of Friesian cows. Yarg is easy to spot as it is wrapped in edible nettle leaves which harden as the cheese matures. Visitors shouldn’t be put off by its unusual name, it’s hard to find a cheese fan that doesn’t enjoy a Cornish Yarg.

Where to eat: Country Cheeses has a wide selection of cheeses and they will keep any purchases in the fridge until the end of the day while you continue shopping.

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Fudge The origin of fudge is sketchy, although a lot of people believe that it was invented in America, the culture in Cornwall believe this region is the birthplace and is made using the famous clotted cream, giving it an extra creamy texture.

Where to eat: Rebecca’s Cornish Fudge Shop in Perranporth is a cute little shop to try all types of fudge.

cornish food

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Stargazy Pie Being so close to the sea there’s no surprise that the amount and quality of the seafood in Cornwall is great, but one of the more well-known traditional holidays in the region is Tom Bawcock’s Eve, when the Stargazy Pie is eaten.

Locals and tourists gather in pubs to celebrate the legend of Tom Bawcock – a fisherman who survived an extremely stormy winter, returning with a large catch and saving the village of Mousehole of starvation. It is said on this day the first Stargazy Pie was eaten, filled with pilchards, eggs and potatoes. But the star of the show is the way the pie is presented, the fish heads should be protruding out of the pie so as to seem they are gazing up at the stars.

Where to eat: The Ship Inn Mousehole Hotel and Restaurant is the place to experience this holiday, especially as it is located where the story is said to take place. Visitors should be sure to book far in advance and takes place annually on the 23rd December.

Cornwall has got some great food to offer, for more information on where to eat, take a look at Cornwall Guide Online. If you want to know more about travelling to Cornwall, check out our region guide.



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