Statistics show that people are settling down later in life, with every generation staying single for longer than the one preceding it. Meaning, there has never been a better time to be young, free and single! So, let’s take a look at some of the liveliest, most welcoming cities for singles!

Glasgow, UK

Wiki Commons: Jane Lindie

Glasgow skyline: Wiki Commons: Jane Lindie

Glasgow is one of the biggest cities in the UK and, home to 3 universities, it’s evolved into a real social hub for young singles all over the country. In recent years, Glasgow has transformed into an exciting, vibrant city with a unique nightlife and is no longer just living in the shadows of the Scottish capital, Edinburgh.

  • Cool Stuff to Do on Your Own: Glasgow is fortunate enough to have quite the collection of museums and art galleries, often with free entry; the best of which include Kelvingrove Art Gallery and the Burrell collection. However, for a more authentic look into Glaswegian culture, head to SubClub; one of the UK’s leading electronic music clubs.
  • Good Places to Meet People: Students and young professionals alike tend to gravitate towards the fashionable West End area. The district is jam packed with cafes, bars and cultural events that are full of opportune moments to meet fellow singletons. Some of the best include Nice N Sleazy, Avenue G, Rio and anywhere on Dumbarton Road, just off the West End.
  • Singles Stats: Glasgow has a population of 598,830, and a staggering 49% are single; one of the highest in the country. Like the rest of the UK, Glasgow’s well and truly part of the Tinder surge, with a high proportions of singles using it and other dating Apps.

Regensburg, Germany

Regensburg is a charming city in Bavaria, located on the River Danube. At the heart of it is a beatuiful Medieval centre, and it’s brimming with gardens and parks giving you plenty of opportunities to meet all varieties of people in a nice relaxed setting. Recent studies have even show it has the highest proportion of singles in Germany, with over 50% in single-person households.

  • Cool Stuff to Do on Your Own: Regensburg is full of things to do and see from cycling along the vast Danube River to hiking around the Oberpflälzer Jura area of the city. In addition to the great outdoors of Regensburg, you can also enjoy a great selection of cinemas, theatres and museums to truly soak up the atmosphere of the city.
  • Good Places to Meet People: Regensburg caters for its youthful demographic with a great selection of bars and clubs for all tastes – Suite 15 and Carlitos are both great places to start
  • Stats About Singles: Over 50% are single, and the city’s home to 70,000+ single-person households.

Leuven, Belgium

Flickr user: San yun Lee

Leuven Square: Flickr user: San yun Lee

Leuven is home to one of the biggest universities in Belgium, KU Leuven, With about 40,000 students studying there, in addition to several other schools adding to the tally of students. Its safe to assume that where there is a high proportion of students; singles and plenty of alcohol will follow and Leuven is no exception with it being branded the ‘Beer Capital’ of Belgium.

  • Cool Stuff to Do on Your Own: Leuven has an abundance of shopping districts ideal to peruse at your own leisure – the Bondgenotenlaan and Diestsestraat areas are a great place to start. Galleries and museums are also dotted across the city, make sure you check out M-Museum or STUK.
  • Good Places to Meet People: Some of the best places to meet new people include bars and clubs, and fortunately for those in Leuven there are a great deal of reasonably priced places to do so. If you’re headed to Leuven to study, then the library is a perfect place to spot guys and girls, and it is made all the more simple with dating Apps like Tinder and Facebook pages solely dedicated to finding potential matches with KU students; the group currently has over 4,000 members.

Groningen, The Netherlands

Flickr user: Bert Kaufmann

Groningen Canal: Flickr user: Bert Kaufmann

Groningen has been pegged as the ‘Metropolis of the North‘ by many in the Netherlands, which is partly due to its prominence in the Dutch art and music scenes. Groningen’s also a university town, with 30,000 students making up the 200,000 population, contributing massively to the youthful vibrancy of the city.

  • Cool Stuff to Do on your own: The beautiful aesthetics of the city and the surrounding national parks makes Groningen an ideal area for a long walks to admire the unique architecture and nature. For a glimpse of what life was like in the early 20th century, head to the Het Hoogeland open air museum or visit the Groningen Museum which is currently exhibiting works of modern art on Neo-expressionism in the 1980s.
  • Good Places to Meet People: Bars and clubs are of course a great place to meet people – try Hasret for starters! – and what’s great is that most don’t have a fixed closing time, meaning you can meet new people on your own timetable. Grote Markt and the Poelestraat are some other popular spots to hang out and meet new people.

San Sebastian, Spain

Flickr user: Hebe Aguilera

San Sebastian pier: Flickr user: Hebe Aguilera

San Sebastian is home to some of the best beaches, mountains and restaurants in the world, meaning its brimming with activities and places to explore on your own. It’s also been named the European Capital of Culture for 2016, spurred on by such events as the San Sebastian international film festival which draws in crowds from all over the world.

  • Cool Stuff to Do on Your Own: The main beach in San Sebastian, Playa de la Concha is considered to be one of the most beautiful urban beaches in Europe. Taking a dip (weather permitting), or simply wandering across the coastline is ideal for a lazy afternoon. Or spend some time strolling around the old town, soaking up the Basque history and culture.
  • Good Places to Meet People: Like most metropolises, San Sebastian has plenty of great bars and clubs: Cafe Palace is the best place to start, particularly on a Friday night when there’s never a shortage of interesting and friendly people to meet. Also, every Sunday morning groups of people meet in front of the central train station for a short hike, followed by free salsa lessons at Gros Borough!

Imperia, Italy

Flickr user: Umberto

Imperia Coast: Flickr user: Umberto

Imperia is a coastal city famous for their cultivation of flowers and olives, and despite being a relatively new city (having been founded less than 100 years ago as a fusion of 11 villages), it has an interesting and fruitful history to explore at its many museums and beautiful Medieval centre. Imperia’s also got a bulging student population, meaning it’s not short on young, interesting people looking for a good time.

  • Cool Stuff to Do on Your Own: Discover the city at your own pace by walking around the Medieval city centre, checking out the great panoramic views from the castle and take a walk along the seafront. You can also go trekking, climbing, sailing and windsurfing in some of the cities oldest districts such as Onegila and Porto Mourizio.
  • Good Places to Meet People: Due to Imperia’s youthful population, there is no shortage of  bars, clubs and cafes to visit every day of the week. However, Friday night is the most popular night to go out, The Dreamers being a spot where all the students and expats will spend the evening eating and listening to live music.

Lille, France

Lille is the biggest city located in the French Flanders, close the border with Belgium. The city is home to 3 major universities and has a student population of over 100,000. And of course, where there are students, bars, restaurants and all kinds of cultural activities will follow.

  • Cool Things to Do on Your Own: The former factory turned shopping centre Usine de Roubaix, is full of quaint cafes and independent boutiques, making for a great place to mosey around one afternoon. If you’d rather stay closer to the old town, you can soak up the Flemish character by exploring the charming cobbled streets, the Cathedrale Notre Dame de la Treille, and the birthplace of Charles de Gaulle.
  • Good Places to Meet People: The majority of the city’s bars can be found in the Vieux Lille, particularly worth checking out are Le Dandy and Bartown. There’s also a fantastic gay scene in Lille, and it was recently the location for coming of age love story ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’ and therefore has a great deal of gay bars clustered around the Old Town.

Graz, Austria

Flickr user: fooosl

Graz Skyline: Flickr user: fooosl

Graz is one of Austria’s youngest, most dyanmic cities, with almost 60,000 singletons living here; and it’s good news for those looking for strapping single men as there’s an extremely high proportion in Graz! It’s also one of the cultural capitals of Austria and attracts some of the country’s most creative and educated, making it a great alternative to the rather pricey capital.

  • Cool Stuff to Do on Your Own: Surrounded by beautiful snow-topped mountains, Graz has got plenty of great outdoor activities on offer. If sport’s not your thing, the city’s also home to a host of theatres, operas and museums, and its old town is full of charming cafes and shops.
  • Good Places to Meet People: Although Graz has all the traditional offerings of bars and clubs you’d expect from a major European city – some of the best being TamTam and Postgarage – it’s also got plenty of great activities to get involved with on your own or with a group, including dance courses, cooking courses and hiking trips.

Ayia Napa, Cyprus

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Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is one of the most famous Cyprian islands and its crystal clear shores attract young travellers in flocks. Ayia Napa is also famous for its lively nightlife, so you’ll never be at a loss of things to do in the evenings.

  • Cool stuff to do on your own: Due to the abundance of beaches and water parks, water sports is an extremely popular past time, which you can enjoy whilst taking in the unspoiled landscape of the island. One of the oldest attractions on the island is the Ayia Napa Monastery; this relic was built in 1100 and is reminiscent of a time when Ayia Napa was simply a humble fishing village.
  • Good places to meet people: The main point of interest in Ayia Napa is the Square; this is where you’ll find the majority of the island’s bars and clubs and it’s where most travellers gather before a night of drinking and hedonism. Every Saturday, there’s a variety of competing boat parties which include live DJs playing into the early hours, a free bar and drinking games.

Feature image courtesy of Flickr user: Mathias Ripp


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