The winter months can be a little tough to get through in most parts of Europe, many of us are over the snow as soon as we’re done scraping the ice off the car windshield. Thankfully there are a couple of gems not so far away that let us escape for a long winter beach weekend to worship the sun again. 

Malaga, Spain


Malaga shore line | Photo credit: Mffoto

Average winter temperature: 18°c
During the summer, the young ones flock to Malaga to make the most of the nightlife and the beach, but this southern Spain city quietens down in the winter months. With the crowds dispersed visitors are left with empty, relaxed beach settings and a city to explore all to themselves.

The sea is a little too cold to swim, but sitting on the beach with local Spanish tapas and wine is definitely up there as a way to pass the time.   

Amalfi Coast, Italy 

amalfi coast

Amalfi Coast | Photo credit: eFesenko

Average winter temperature: 13°c
With its colourful fishing villages full of charm this stretch of coastline is perfect for a winter weekend break. As a UNESCO site it is still a popular destination in the winter, but much quieter and relaxed than when sharing it with the summer crowds.

If you have time, be sure take a trip along the coast’s only road and see the spectacular views along the cliff edge while you’re here too.

Lagos, Portugal


Lagos, Portugal | Photo credit: Sergei Aleshin

Average winter temperature: 20°c
In Lagos there’s no need to snuggle up by the fire with average temperatures still around 20°c in winter. Some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe are in this part of Portugal so it’s not difficult to see why the country is so popular all year round.

Lagos, like the other destinations, empties of tourists during the winter, so it’s the perfect time to explore the golden beaches. If you look hard enough you can even find a secluded cove to chill by the sea in peace.



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