November is a liminal time. It’s too early to celebrate Christmas, but the Halloween festivities have come and gone. This piggy-in-the-middle month can leave us feeling a little lost. Time to shake off those winter blues and take advantage of the off-season travel prices!

Where to go in November? We’ve compiled a list of November holiday destinations. Whether it’s a city break, beach holiday, or cultural escape, we’ve got you covered.

Tenerife, Gran Canaries

tenerife where to go in november

Average temperature: 20°C

How to get there: Catching a flight is a breeze as there are regular direct flights from the UK to Tenerife. Start planning your trip by finding flights to Tenerife.

Tenerife is the pinnacle of paradise for those looking a winter escape. Enjoy miles of sandy beaches without the summer crowds. This benefit arguably makes this Canary island is the best November holiday destination. If you’re not a beach fan then head to UNESCO protected Teide National Park!

mount teide where to go in november

This stunning natural space offers views over the Atlantic Ocean, unique wildlife and not to forget, Mount Teide. Standing at 12,198 ft it is the tallest peak in Spain.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon where to go in november

Average temperature: 14°C

How to get there: Finding a direct flight to Lisbon is easy as there are good connections from the UK. Start your search and travel to Lisbon!

One of Europe’s more colourful destinations, Lisbon’s eccentric atmosphere attracts visitors all year round. But what makes Lisbon a suitable candidate as a November holiday destination? Its geographical location is perfect for stocking up on vitamin D. Not to mention scenic hill walks in the city’s old town will keep that winter body at bay. But what’s a city break without a memorable day trip?Sintra castle where to go in november

Catch the train from Lisbon to Sintra, taking just under an hour, to visit Pena castle. This majestic blend of architecture was inspiration taken from Bavarian castles, Islamic and Medieval designs. The blend of neo-architecture was inspired by Bavarian castles, Islamic and Medieval designs. Pena Palace is a UNESCO site and is one of the most popular sights in Portugal.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest where to go in november

Average temperature: 5°C

How to get there: There are direct flights to Budapest from major UK airports. Search for your ideal dates to travel to Budapest.

We wanted to remain open-minded when building our “Where to go in November” guide. Embrace the final days of autumnal-joy in Budapest! The city is home to big parks, gorgeous scenery and world-famous thermal baths. Everything you need for a cheeky weekend getaway.

Gellert hill where to go in november

If you’re in need of a culture fix, why not dive into the city’s past with a free tour? Hungarian history has a tremendous past of conflict, royal scandals and inventions! Discover all things unique about this destination.

Marseille, France

Marseille where to go in november

Average temperature: 11°C

How to get there: There are daily direct flights available from Manchester airport and major London airports to Marseille. Check out the best dates to travel to Marseille.

The largest city on the Mediterranean coast plays host to an excellent art scene, edgy culture and soap. That’s right, the region is famous for its olive oil based soaps. If you’ve got space in your hand luggage, you can buy up to 40kg of soap! 

soap marseille where to go in november

But if it’s not a lifetime supply of soap you’re looking for, we would recommend checking our Marseille’s most vibrant quarter: Cours Julien. Explore streets aligned with art galleries huddle beside hand-crafted jewellery stores. Embrace the bustle of the crowds bouncing to the sounds of the street performers.  So why not make Marseille your must-do November holiday destination?

Lavender fields france where to go in November

If you want to take a longer trip, why not take advantage of Marseille’s location and check out the rest of the Côte d’Azur region? Discover the beauty of Montpelier and/or childishly-frolick through lush lavender fields, French wine in hand. Check out more about the magnificent Côte d’Azur region.

Catherine Munnelly

Born and bred in Dublin, Catherine left the Emerald Isle in pursuit of exploration. Her hobbies include spending countless hours planning her next trip, travel blogging and Google deep diving.
Catherine Munnelly