In the last few years, the popularity of sushi restaurants in the West has gone through the roof. Nowhere is this more obvious than in Berlin, where lovers of this Asian dish can relish in the extensive selection of savoury snacks on offer. With so much choice, it’s easy to get lost in this vast landscape. To help in your search for the tastiest tempura and unbeatable unagi, we’ve listed our 5 favourite Berlin sushi restaurants below.

1. Sushinumberone

With two locations in Prenzlauer Berg, Sushinumberone boasts both an excellent selection of sushi and equally delicious Vietnamese cuisine. The beautiful decor and excellent service make this restaurant stand out above the rest. The daily “Deal of the Week” discount is available between 12:00 and 17:00 with amazing discounts and vegetarian options. Take-away and delivery service are available from 50 Euros. If you happen to find yourself on Stargarder Strasse or Oderberger Strasse, make sure to pop in for a treat.

2. Izumi

Izumi not only won the Gastro Award for the best sushi in Berlin, but has also had the pleasure of serving such well known personalities as Joschka Fischer in its time. The price is reasonable considering the quality and quantity of the sushi. In the “Chef’s Choice” section of the menu you’ll find some incredible specialities such as the mehoko and unagi rolls ( some of our personal favourites). Izumi focuses exclusively on sushi and Japanese dishes. The delivery service is reliable, but if you want to pop in, you can find the restaurant on Kronenstrasse near the U6’s Stadtmitte station.

3. Mikoto

Mikoto prides itself on the philosophy that good food must not be overly expensive. If you find yourself in this fine establishment around lunch hour, make sure to take advantage of the 5 Euro deals. Throughout the rest of the day, the menu isn’t much pricier, with 6 to 12 Euros being more than enough to leave you sufficiently satisfied. The Tokyo rolls from Mikoto are particularly delicious and the large rolls are deep-fried, leaving them perfectly crispy on the outside yet still juicy on the inside. The best part about the menu is that it forgoes the typical surimi, tofu and cucumber makis and you get real fish sushi for your money. There are 3 locations spread throughout Berlin on Bergmannstrasse, Pappelallee and Skalitzerstrasse.

4. Kuchi Mitte

Kuchi Mitte is an excellent destination for sushi fans. Though it may pull a bit at the purse strings, Kuchi offers such amazing creations as “My Best Friend’s Roll”, with home-made speciality sauces and a delightful atmosphere. The restaurant itself is in an artsy courtyard that has been beautifully furnished. If you’re lucky enough to take a seat at the bar, you can watch the sushi chefs at work and even manage to squeeze in a couple of requests. The yakis (sautéed starters) are also well worth a try. You can find the restaurant on Gipsstraße.

5. Seoulkitchen

Seoulkitchen in Prenzlauerberg is still relatively new and offers an interesting and unique combination of Japanese and Korean food. The combination makes it a truly delicious option, especially when dining in the company of the non-sushi eater (elusive as they may be these days). The menu is rather expensive, but the prices always include two nigiri and the barbecued squid is just amazing. Seoulkitchen is on Rykestraße, Prenzlauerberg.

This article was updated on 14th November 2014.

Feature image edited from Flickr: Yuri Samoilov

Madeline Sinclair

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